Monday, September 6

Reverie by Timothy Fullerton

I'm back from Burning Man. Dusty, spent and quivering. I long to speak of my experience, but to savor the emptiness I feel, I will post the words of another Dervish who is dancing with the same oneness. 
Where am I in this dance?
What is the music that moves me?
I see your image before me,
and I disappear into
the mists of this or that
reality of Love.

What then becomes of the moments
we spend embracing
such passions as come,
bearing bliss in outstretched

What are these words we utter,
that, when said, become
grafitti on the Walls of Heaven,
writ large with hands, holy
from the knowing of Love?

Dare I guess?
Dare I even ask, because in the
asking is the answering? I
must be ready to hear such a
reply from the Mouth that knows
only the True and the Real.

Am I willing to risk destruction in
the Fires of the Love that knows no quenching,
the Burning that leaves one like
polished brass, and rendered gold?

I swallow all fear and throw myself
utterly and forever into the
furnace of your Heart,
kissing your lips, I feel myself
dissolving into a million bits
of bliss.

I am become the stars!
I am the night that cradles them.
I am the perfect out breath of Love,
and in that Sigh,
I gather all my life into a diamond,
and place it on the Fingerof God,
in gratitude for

TF (C) 06Sept2010

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