Thursday, June 24

Tantra Theater Travel Show Shots

Travel Guides: Michael McClure, Rita Mooney, Shawn Roop and Kamala Devi took an open minded audience of about 45 people on a wild wacky adventure during June's Tantra Theater Show.
One of our favorite detours was to visit the oracle where these three heads merged to answer deep spiritual questions from the audience.
In devotion to Michael's Crazy Wisdom, Rita prostrates to the feet of a Nazi Guru...and yes, that is her tongue you see.
One of the audience suggestions for Tantra Cafe was "Boobs" In this scene, Kamala's deadly ta-tas kill AmRita and threaten Shawn and Michael.
Kamala interviews birthday boy Hercules "The Pleasure Coach" about an Alaskan tantric adventure that involved a nude encounter with a grizzley bear.  

The tantra theater troupe plays back Herc's adventure...but Shawn decides to show his Grizzley pubic hair instead of going totally bare.

In another tantric adventure Kamala becomes the white mountains and Shawn is a scientist who explores the terrain.
Special Thanks to the cast and crew for making it yet another unforgettable evening! Special thanks to Monique and Nate Darling for making it down from Utah to be a part of the fun!

Kudos to Adam our handsome CrewMan who works lights and sound!

 ...And to Goddess Tracey who was an official photographer along side Julie Kondor...Thanks for making the evening so memorable!
We Only have two more shows in this great location. Mark your calendar for July 17th and Aug. 21st! See you at the Theater!
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Monday, June 21

Ouch! Farewell to the nightshade family.

   I'm in the "I'll try anything" stage of my healing crisis. For about a year I've been auditioning a parade of healers, therapists, doctors and mystics in attempts to relieve my mysterious thumb pain. Today, my girlfriend Cheri, the reflexology goddess, suggested I stop eating Nightshades. NIGHTSHADES? But I looooove my tomatoes, peppers and potatoes! 

    After a little online research, it became clear that these yummy fruits & tubers may be exacerbating my suffering. So I'm going on a month long fast. Please don't tempt me with your ketchup dipped potato wedges this summer. And if you are prone to arthritis, I offer you the interesting and illuminating article that motivated me to take this drastic dietary fast.

     The name "nightshades" sounds mysterious and even a bit spooky and ominous. Data gathered from noted scientists, horticulturists, medical researchers, and macrobiotic sources provides a look at the facts and fables about these popular plants, their characteristics, history, effects, and their enduring appeal to the world's appetite.

What Are Nightshades?

Tomatoes, white potatoes, red and green bell peppers, the "hot" peppers such as chili and paprika, as well as eggplant belong to the Nightshade Family, a botanical genus called Solanaceae species. This species also includes tobacco, poisonous belladonna, and the toxic plants herbane, mandrake, and jimson weeds. According to nutritional researcher, author, and Cornell University instructor, Norman F. Childers in his The Nightshades and Health, the origin of the word "nightshade" is not clear. He explains that old English writings described these plants as Nightshades because of their "evil and loving" nature of the night.
Used in shamanism, witchcraft, and even poisonous murder, nightshades have a history of both mystical danger and scientific caution. Some nightshade plants are ingredients in potent narcotic medicine and sleeping pills. It is reported that nightshades contain high levels of alkaloids which cause the bones to excrete calcium, other minerals, and trace elements from the body. Many enlightened doctors and nutritionists recommend that those suffering from arthritis symptoms eliminate nightshades. In this article, the focus will be on two of the most favorite "vegetables" in America.

Why Eliminate Tomatoes and Potatoes?

According to macrobiotic theory, tomatoes and potatoes create a natural balance to meat, dairy, fats, and the excess salt found in the Standard American Diet. The chemical and energetic qualities of potatoes and tomatoes produce extreme, expansive effects which can expand and weaken the bones, joints, teeth, gums, and all body organs, especially for those who are sensitive and allergic to them.

In a study published in the Journal of the International Academy of Preventive medicine, of the 5000 arthritis sufferers who eliminated Nightshade, seventy percent reported relief from aches, pains, and disfigurement.

Why Do We Crave Nightshades So Much?

There is a reason why people crave nightshades. Potatoes and tomatoes are very high in potassium and help counter the high sodium of animal foods. Nightshades may aid in the digestion of fatty, dense proteins. Consider America's favorite meals: meat and potatoes, and pizza with cheese and tomatoes. We crave these combinations of foods because our bodies unconsciously strive to achieve balance.

Extreme foods have extreme effects. In macrobiotic terminology, potatoes and tomatoes are extremely yin and expansive. Animal protein is heavy, salty, and yang. Therefore, potatoes help balance the salt and protein of meat. Tomatoes, which are astringent and acidic, assist in the digestion and discharge of dairy products and help counterbalance the greasy query of the fatty, over salted cheese

Consider some of America's favorite meals: cheeseburger, french fried potatoes, soda, and ice cream, or steak, baked potato, coffee, and cheesecake. Each of these meals contains a high protein animal food, served with nightshades and sugar. This is a lethal combination that depletes calcium and other minerals from the bones and body. For those who are sensitive and allergic to nightshades, they can weaken the bones, joints, teeth, and all body organs. More than 50 million Americans have arthritis and more than 60% of women over age 65 have osteoporosis. Add to this statistic the epidemic quantity of Americans with back pain, knee and foot disorders, and tooth decay, which are all due, in large part, to helps prevent bone weakness. The macrobiotic diet contains whole foods that are extremely high in natural minerals and include: grains, beans, vegetables and sea vegetables, sea salt, and miso. Macrobiotic foods strengthen, maintain, and even rebuild bones. Recent theories now have begun to view arthritis as a deficiency and/or depletion of calcium in the body; a theory more in line with the macrobiotic perspective.

How Do I Know If I Am Allergic to Nightshades?
If you have pain, eliminate nightshades. Keep a daily journal and record of your bone and joint pain. Learn to prepare and eat a balanced, high mineral macrobiotic diet. In the popular book Eat Right, Live Longer, Neal Barnard, M.D., founder of The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, outlines an elimination diet in which nightshades are avoided for four weeks. Dr. Sherry Rogers, M.D., tells us that the results take time. In her book Wellness Against All Odds, she states, "For many, no relief comes until the diet has been totally free of all of these (nightshades), for at least 6-12 weeks. So you can appreciate why, if someone gives them up for a couple of weeks and sees no improvement, that he could easily be convinced to abandon the diet and indulge in his favorites again, never to discover the culprit."

Nightshades play a major part in bone and joint strength. Researcher Winifred Conkling states in Natural Medicine for Arthritis, "Eliminating vegetables from the nightshade family can promote cartilage repair." Dr. Collin H. Dong developed arthritis after moving to America from China and adopting a typical western diet. The research in his book New Hope for the Arthritic concludes, "My dramatic recovery convinced me that rheumatic diseases are caused by chemical poisoning put into our food ... and by allergy to certain foods." If you are healing from disease or are in pain, especially in the bones and joints, such as wrists, hips, and knees, or back, teeth, or gums, avoid nightshades. If you wish to have the strongest body possible, then reduce, avoid, or eliminate nightshades.

Lino Stanchich, Macrobiotic Educator, Licensed Nutritionist, (FL), Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist, (NC), serves on the faculty of the Kushi Institute and is a member of the Kushi Institute Macrobiotic Educators Association. Mr. Stanchich, a multi-lingual educator who has established several macrobiotic learning centers in the United States, is the author of the popular book Power Eating Program, You Are How You Eat and can be reached at 828-299-8657.

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Wednesday, June 9

New Poly Personals Website.

Here's a FREE invitation to join this exciting new Poly Website. I want to support more loving connections so I recommend you set up your own account for no charge. When I created my own personal ad. I was excited to see they are asking for specifics of city, smoking, dating and sexual status but don't know how affective their algorythms are until they get enough players. I recommend that everyone go on and start a free account. Following is the invitation. Scroll down to see my new ad. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Hi Organizer;

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About me:

I'm a beautiful bisexual woman (35)who is in a spiritual open marriage with a sexy surfer and environmentalist(40's). I'm seeking, friends, associates and lovers who enhance my household and our abundant and active poly tribe. I'm into deep romantic and meaningful relationships as well as wild hot connections. We are international Poly advocates who travel frequently, but live by the beach in San Diego. We are free agents who date together or apart and are looking for meaningful relationships with sexy spirits to join us in dance, prayer, meditation, theater, yoga, jogging, making love and stimulating conversation (not necessarily in that order.) Are you interested?  

Thursday, June 3

Bit by an Angel

I think I've been  bit. The symptoms are comeplete re-organization of my home. I've been saying I've been bit by the Feng Shui bug, but according to Doreen Virtue she's not an insect at all, she's an angel. Archangel Jophiel.

"This archangel’s name means ‘beauty of God’, and she’ll beautify every area of your life. She’s a ‘feng shui’ angel, meaning that she’ll compel you to clear your space by donating unneeded items, straightening your living or work areas, and filling your space with items imbued with high energy (like crystals, plants, and flowers). Jophiel can help with any aspect of aesthetics, such as guiding your wardrobe, hair, or makeup. Call upon Jophiel if your thoughts become negative, and she’ll instantly beautify your mind with positive ones."
Thus, it would make sense for me to call upon Archangel Jophiel to help me organize...but I'm a little confused because "There is not much written in traditional lore about Archangel Jophiel." Most sources suggest that SHE is actually a HE and that He is responsible for driving Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden.  I'm not sure I want to call on this poisonous hermaphrodite? Can anyone hlep shine a yellow ray of wisdom on this archtype for me?
In the meantime I'm calling on my friend, sister in Truth, Goddess Laura Lee because she is an awesome Feng Shui Consultant and I would recommend her to anyone. She can be reached at I hope to have my house in shape by Saturday's Sacred Snuggle Party.

Wednesday, June 2

Osho on Tantra Theater :-)

God will not give you an audience if you reach there with serious face, long face. You have to go there like an innocent child,playful, joyous. You have to learn something of the sense of humor. All your religion are lacking in that dimension- a sense of humor. They are all serious.
In my village, as happens all over the East every year Ramleela was played - the life of Rama.

The man who used to play the role of Ravana, the enemy of Rama who steals Rama's wife, was a great wrestler. He was the champion of the whole district, and the next year he was going to stand for the championship of the whole state. We used to take bath in the river almost simultaneously in the morning, so we became friends. I told him,"Every year you become Ravana, every year you are being deceived. Just the moment you are going to break shiva's bow so that you can get married to Sita, the daughter of Janaka, a messenger comes running in and informs you that your capital of Srilanka is on fire. So you have to go, rush back to your country. And meanwhile, Rama manages to break the bow and marry the girl. Don't you get bored every year with the same thing ?"
He said, "But this is how the story goes."
I said, "The story is in our hands if you listen to my suggestion. You must have seen that most of the people are fast asleep because they have seen the sam thing year after year, generation after generation -make it a little juicy".
He said, "What do you mean?"
I said,"This time you do one thing I say."
And he did it!
When the messenger came with the message:"Your capital, the golden Srilanka, is on fire,you have to get there soon," he said,"You shut up, idiot" - he spoke in English!.
That's what I had told him! The people who were asleep woke up: "Who is speaking in English in Ramleela?"
And Ravana said, "You go away.I don't care. You have deceived me every year. This time I am am going to marry Sita."

And he went and broke the bow of Shiva to pieces, and threw it into the mountains - it was just a bamboo bow. And he asked Janaka,"Bring......where is your daughter? My jumbo-jet is waiting!"

It was so hilarious. Even after forty years, whenever I meet somebody from my village, they remember that Ramleela. They said,"Nothing like that has ever happened."
The manager had to drop the curtains. And the man was a great wrestler, and atleast twelve people had to carry him out.

That day Ramleela could not be played. And next day they had to change Ravana; they found another person.

By the river, Ravana met me. He said,"You disturbed my whole thing."

I said,"But did you see the people clapping, enjoying, laughing? For years you have been playing the part and nobody has clapped, nobody has laughed. It was worth it!"
Religion needs a religious quality. A few qualities are missing. One of the most important is sense of humor.

They stopped me meeting their actors. They made it clear to every actor that if anybody listened to me or met me, he would not be allowed to act. But they forgot to tell one man who was not an actor.....

He was a carpenter. He used to come to do some work in my house also. So I said to him,"I cannot approach the actors this year. Last year was enough! Although I did no harm to anybody - everybody loved it, the whole city appreciated it. But now they are guarding every actor and they don't allow me close to anybody. But you are not an actor. Your function is some other work. But you can help me."

He said,"Whatever I can do, I will do, because last year was really great. Can I be of some help?"

I said,"Certainly."

And he did it......

In the war, Lakshmana, Rama's younger brother, get's wounded by a poisonous arrow. It is fatal. The physicians say that unless a certain herbal plant from the mountain Arunachal is brought, he cannot be saved, by the morning he will be dead. He is lying down on the stage unconcious. Rama is crying.

Hanuman, his most devoted follower, says, "Don't be worried. I will go immediately to Arunachal, find the herb, bring it before the morning. I just want some indications from the physician how to find it, how it looks. There may be so many herbs on the Arunachal, and the time is short, soon it is night."

The physician said,"There is no difficulty. That special herb has a unique quality. In the night it radiates and is full of light so you can see it. So anywhere you see a luminous herb you can bring it."

Hanuman goes to Sri Arunachal, but he is puzzled because the whole of Arunachal is full of luminous herbs. It is not the only herb that has that special quality. There are many other herbs which have the same quality of being luminous in the night.

Now the poor Hanuman - he is just a monkey - is at a loss what to do. So he decides to take the whole mountain, and put the mountain there in front of the physician to find the herb.

The carpenter was on top of the roof. He had to pull the rope on which Hanuman comes with a cardboard mountain with lighted candles. And I had told him,"Stop exactly in the middle. Let him hang there, with the mountain and everything!"

And he managed it.

The manager rushed out. The whole crowd was agog with excitement at what was happening. And Hanuman was perspiring, because he was hanging on the ropes with the mountain also in the other hand. Something had got stuck on the wheel on which the rope was going to be rolled. The manager rushed up. He asked the carpenter.... and the carpenter said,"I don't know what has gone wrong. The rope has got stuck somewhere."

In a hurry, finding nothing, the manager cut the ropes, and Hanuman with his mountain fell on the stage. And naturally he was angry. But the thousands of people were immensely happy. That made him even more angry.

Rama continued repeating the lines he had been told to say. He said,"Hanuman, my devoted friend...."

And Hanuman said,"To hell with your friends! Perhaps I have fractures."

Rama went on saying,"My brother is dying."

Hanuman said,"He can die any moment. What I want to know is, who cut the rope? I will kill him."

Again the curtain had to be dropped, The Ramleela postponed. And the manager and the people who were organising all approached my father saying,"Your son is destroying everything. He's making a mockery of our religion."

I said,"I'm not making a mockery of your religion. I'm simply giving it a little sense of humor."

I would like people to laugh. What is the point of repeating an old story every year? Then everybody is asleep because they know the story, they know every word of it. It is absolutely pointless.

My approach is to create a world where laughter is good, is healthy, is supported not condemned. I would like our temples to be full of laughter, singing, dancing. I would like our churches to be full of music. I would like all our religious places to be playful.

How strange it is that you continously go on saying that the world is God's leela, and you never understand the meaning of the word "leela". Leela means playfullness. If God is playful, then who are your saints not to be playful? If the whole of existence is divine play, then our lives should also be a part of it, a divine play.

The source of this blogpost is: Life after joining Isha Yoga

If your interested in exploring the leela of life. Please join us for Tantra Theater Auditions/open house this Monday, June 7th at 6:45pm No experience necessary. Call 858-272-2254

Tuesday, June 1

Is Tantra Theater Dead?

We're still ALIVEand Kicking, but...

...but we're in "Transition."
Recently published author, Shawn Roop jokingly defined the term "Transition" as a New Age code used by people who are afraid of "Change" and "Death."

But we're not afraid to admit Tantra Theater is going through serious growing pains as we graduate old troupe members. We are also mourning the death of Dick Dialogues (apparently the topic was so confronting that only a handful of radical artists were brave enough to audition, so we're laying the idea to rest, until it's ready to rise again;)

Many people say that theater is dead. They tell me that I should put my creative energy into film, TV, and the internet. Maybe they're right: performance art died with the sexual revolution of the late 60's & 70's. But isn't that all the more reason to show up and support the arts now?

If you're a sacred sexual visionary like us, and you want to see more live erotic art-- in the flesh, I hope you'll join our revolution.
Sooo, which invitation calls to you?

 WEB UPDATE: We've posted 8 new streaming videos from our last scripted show "Shamanic Storytelling" Check it out and if you like something you see, help us spread the word.

Warm Hugs,
Kamala Devi

P.S. See you soon!

  • For details go to: http://www.TantraTheater.TV or