Wednesday, January 28

Erotic Way: Raise your Kundalini

Tantra Teacher Teleclass #2

Here's the 75 minute call, for those of you that didn't make it to Today's class, we talk about our 90 day goals, and visualize teaching successful workshops.
Kamala Devi

Tuesday, January 27

Erotic Way: Evaluate Yourself

Greetings Erotic Entrepreneurs!
This is a 75 minute recording of the first class of the EROTIC WAY 90 day course which started in 2009. Enjoy. I'll talk to you again on Wed. at 1pm PST

Sunday, January 25

"Natalie the Nympho and other 50 word Stories by Kamala Devi

# 17
My A/C went on the fritz again. My landlord sent his daughter over to wait for the electrician. All the tenants call her “Natalie the Nympho.” It was extra HOT when I got home from work and found her on my bed with a geeky dyke who never fixed my A/C.

“So, how many people have you slept with?” He asks between coughs.
“I never counted,” She lies and changes the subject without admitting the growling list she kept hidden in her dormitory night-stand . Ultimately she gave up, not because she couldn’t remember their names, but because she never learned them.

She let the “drunk bastard” sleep on her couch again. This was the last time, she swore. But sometime before 2 AM he slipped under her down comforter and did that thing he does with his pierced tongue. Who couldn’t forgive the father of her son, he could always lick clean any grudge.

He rolled up to the packed night club in his beat-up Cadillac with charred upholstery. That didn’t stop him from smoking. He cut in line, and squeezed into the VIP lounge. He ordered a martini and let her take a few sips, before distracting her and slipping her the ruffies.

She sent her lover away with a fuck he’d never forget. Then cried buckets and marveled at how he’d never cease to make her wet. After months of masturbation she had mastered her etheric cock and when he returned she discovered he was even better in fantasy than bed.
Kamala Devi prays for endangered animals she met at the zoo today...and marvels at how captive animals don't mate unless there's a big tribe to help raise their young!

Friday, January 23

Falling in Love within a Poly Pod -- My first Podcast!

Click Here for a 20 minute raw, informal talk I gave at our monthly "Tantra Talk and Poly Potluck". The topic is: NRE-New Relationship Energy... something that's very alive in my universe ever since I met my New Love.

There were over a dozen friends and lovers who gathered at my home in PB to explore the alchemy of tantra and poly....half way through the talk, our baby finally goes to sleep and Michael joins to offer his perspective on what it's like to be in a relationship with someone who's falling in love. Enjoy my first Podcast...

And now a word from our sponser:

Gamble everything for love
If you'r a true human being.

If not, leave
this gathering.

Half heartedness doesn't reach
into majesty. You set out
to find God, but then you keep
stopping for long periods
at mean-spirited roadhouses.

Gamble everything for love
If you'r a true human being.


Thursday, January 22

Devi is plucking rose petals, lighting candles and running the bath for a long solo soak :0)

Wednesday, January 21

Devi is shaking the trees...looking for local friends and lovers to join her first monthly "Tantra talk and Poly Potluck." 6:45 tonight!

Monday, January 19

Surrender Yoga: My Sadhna

When practicing conscious conception (ritual lovemaking for the purpose of conceiving a baby) I naturally assumed that I would do 'pregnancy yoga.' I even fantasized about leading a class full of new moms. I could see my big round belly growing out of a little yoga tank as I encouraged women to do yoga for two. But during my morning sickness, I tried a number of times to stretch my hips, breath and balance. But even after the nausea subsided, it would magically re-appear during my failed yoga sessions. I far preferred to sit on the couch and eat bon-bons. Sometimes I would drop in on a "pregnancy" yoga classes and when I couldn't get myself to do, I'd sit in the back and watch other women stretch...but my inspiration was simply not there.

And then I was struck with an intense and unexpected NEED to learn how to play the guitar. So I went to music classes and practiced every night, and I realized my was more of a musician than a yogi.

Baby Devin Echo is now two years old, and not only loves to play guitar, piano and drums (sometimes all at the same time) but he's not big on touching his toes. In my post-pardum depression, I haven't really had the call to resume my practice...until now.

I'm ready to Surrender and I've chosen to re-commit to "Sahaja" Yoga. I was first introduced to this sadhna eight years ago when backpacking through Europe, I stumbled on a postcard of Guru Nirmala Devi and had a unmistakable kundalini kriyas. I walked several miles to meet her local cult in the city of Bath, and was introduced into the simple, natural meditation practice which I added to my very classic south indian style hatha practice.

My initiation wasn't complete until my enlightenment master, Yoah transmitted his teachings during the the "exercise contemplation" portion of an enlightenment intensive. I will detail exactly what he taught me in my next blog article.

For now, I offer some basic passages to paint the big picture of Sahaja:

Sahaja Yoga is a unique method of meditation based on an awakening that can occur within each human being. Through this process an inner transformation takes place by which one becomes moral, united, integrated and balanced. One can actually feel the all pervading divine power as a cool breeze, as described in all religions and spiritual traditions of the world. Kundalini is the power of pure desire within us, a motherly and soothing spiritual energy which lies dormant at the base of the spine in the sacrum bone (the ancient civilizations knew that in this bone resides a sacred energy). "It is important for everyone to have that knowledge of the roots within ourselves. SahajaYoga allows the individual to become his own Spiritual Guide." -- Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

Man is born with an instinct for naturalness. He has never forgotten the days of his primordial perfection, except insomuch as the memory became buried under the artificial superstructure of civilization and its artificial concepts. Sahaja means natural. It not only implies natural on physical and spiritual levels, but on the mystic level of the miraculous. It means that easy or natural of living without planning, designing, contriving, seeking, wanting, striving or intention. What is to come must come of itself.

It is the seed which falls in the ground, becomes seedling, sapling, and then a vast shady tree of wisdom and teachings. The tree grows according to Sahaja, natural and spontaneous in complete conformity with the Natural Law of the Universe. Nobody tells it what to do or how to grow.

Sahaja is that nature which, when established in oneself, bring the state of absolute freedom and peace.

It is when you are in your natural state, in the harmony of the Cosmos. It is the balanced reality between the pairs of opposites. As the Bhagavad Gita says, 'The person who has conquered the baser self, and has reached to the level of self-mastery: he is at peace, whether it be hot or cold, pleasure or pain, honoured or dishonoured.' Thus Sahaja expresses one who has reverted to his natural state, free from conditioning. It typifies that outlook which belongs to the natural, spontaneous and uninhibited man, free from innate or inherited defects.

--Shri Gurudev Mahendranth in The Pathless Path to Immortality

Kamala Devi
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Devi is glowing after a powerful sahaja yoga session which she is committed to continuing this year.

Sunday, January 18

"Lesbians love dinner dates" and other 50 word stories by Kamala Devi

Lesbians love dinner dates, the trick is to master one irresistible dish. In college, I’d cook the “eggplant boat” on every first date. After just a few bites, they’d inevitably jump in bed with me. Afterwards, they weren’t as interested in my skills in the kitchen, as my skills in the bedroom.

# 12
The construction worker fetish never did anything for her. She almost didn’t notice the Mexicans on her roof. In their splattered blue jeans and straw hats but when Ricardo strutted onto the job with his overalls and bandana, like her daddy used to wear. Her nipples suddenly stood at attention.

She cradles his balls and uses long strokes to circulate orgasmic energy from his erect penis to his heart, leaving a kiss between his nipples. She concludes the session by offering seamen to Shiva. Afterwards, he presents his police badge and says it’s unlike any therapy he’s ever had.

Despite the casting director’s expert opinion, the writer insists I play the lead. As if her rape-redemption story wasn’t psychotic enough, she says I remind her of herself. I’m sorry but the story stirs up memories I’d rather keep locked within my personal basement than have to relive onstage.

As a kid she rubbed a “magic lamp” and hoped that when she grew up she could walk into a room and everyone would notice her but somehow belly-dancing in a empty Middle Eastern restaurant was not what she had in mind. She hates her job. Stupid second hand lamp.

Sploop! She squirts plain organic yogurt into her cunt with a plastic turkey-baster and lays back on the bathroom linoleum. Painted toenails stretching skyward as she counts: fifty-nine. Mississippi. Sixty. There. That should take care of her Candida. Down with the slippery microscopic bastards so she can finally fuck again.

Tuesday, January 13

Devi is celebrating two years since her beloved baby buddha was born. (He doesn't have the dexterity to hold up two fingers yet.) Adorable!

Sunday, January 11

More 50 word Stories...

Parents are out. I'm stuck home doing chores for my allowance The vaccuume tube accidentally catches my thigh. Like a massage, it pulls. Hmmm, I wonder. Doors locked. Dwars down. Oh God. And again. Three times later I rest. Feeling a little guilty about getting fifty cents.

When she asked for a tantric ritual, I thought, Sweet! she wants to play in my realm. I prepared to worship her every breath and movement. But she couldn't withstand the ego flood that said she didn't deserve. So she shut down. And blamed me.

Innocence surrendered to her first penetrative experience (by something other than her own finger.) He was hot and eager. She was perhaps too trusting. When he said, "I love you," she naively assumed his adoration would withstand the explosion of sexual fluids that henceforth defined her as a female ejaculator.

Our four-way garden of Eden was shattered by a text message which read "this isn't working for us." We left about a dozen messages, begging for clarity. I suspect our intensity freaked them out. At least now my husband will admit we are more than just swingers.

The baby flops around like a live fish, My belly looks like I could've swallowed the whole aquarium. All of this internal movement arouses me. As if there's not enough squirming around, I want to stuff more in. Yet no amount of sex can satisfy me.

Friday, January 9

# 1

Your head on my pillow, finally rests after three days of passionate ego storms since we first met. Love vs. Fantasy. The winds of naked, risk-all romantic possibility ripped through my canyon leaving me wet, baptized and hungry for more. Though future hurricane forecasts are unknowable, nature always prevails.

During my wild New Years escapades with the FreedomCommunity in Joshua Tree, I took an informal workshop with a budding creativity coach Tatyana Brown and she introduced me to Flash Fiction: Mini- Sagas. Or 50 word stories. It's a wonderful new form.and as I write, I have to remind myself it's all about practice. Here's my first week of raw and random stories:

They already know. I rationalize. Why state the obvious? They've pretended their little boy will outgrow his social deviance for over twenty years now. Meanwhile, my boyfriend's sick of being regarded as my roommate. He deserves his proper title. Aha! Maybe a wedding invitation will say it all for us.

She wore an amputated cervix from after her second birth. The day they cut the cancer off, she finally felt free from her childhood abuse, but doctors left doubt inside. Could she ever enjoy pressure, pleasure, passion again? Until, tonight. It melted. By my lightning touch, she became whole.

Mamma commanded me to guard her bath when a Shiva returned from battle calling her name. I drew my sword and lost my head. My useless body crumpled to earth. Inconsolable, she cursed him for killing his own son. With an elephants head I was resurrected and pronounced lord Ganesha.

The farmer felt spited by a defective daughter with three boobs. Yet she knew in her marrow the defect would dissolve upon meeting her love. Shunned to the villiage outskirts, she was the first to spot the skyclad sadhu enrout to teach the elders of God's sick sense of humor.

If you are interested in this form read the following rules, or go to the google group called min sagas and contact Tatyana Brown.

1. Write longhand, 5 words a line, 10 lines down

2. Not titles, but numbers for each day.

3. Take a vacation and get as far away from your everyday life as possible.

4. Use your senses.

5. Start in the middle.

REMEMBER: A "story" counts as some kind of character for the reader to identify with, and some kind of transition. Thank you Tatyana!

Kamala Devi
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Feb. 7th / Sat. 6-10pm Sacred Snuggle Party and Tantra Potluck
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Devi is Baaack! I'm creating a coaching schedule with five new clients who are ready to realize their full expression in 2009!

Monday, January 5

Happy New Year!

Kamala Devi smiles when looking back at 2008, and cries when she thinks of the infinite possibilities of 2009!

Friends and Lovers,

After a life-time of loathing the over commercialized stress of christmanukkah, I'm finally feeling empowered enough to infuse the "holy-days" with my own meaning. Thus, December was a wild reclamation of personal truth and free-expression in Big Bear, Joshua Tree and Julian!

Reflecting on 2008, I'm most proud of the Summer Solstice Book Release party and Variety Show which boasted of over 130 people in our backyard. Michael is surprised by how much gratification he got from building the stage, tantra tent and growing his first organic garden in our front yard. Among Devin's Echo's many incredible accomplishments, we want to note his non-speaking roles on the Tyra Banks show, Inside Edition and several independent documentaries.

Some of the lowlights of the year were, battling the residual vestiges of postpartum depression, my grandfather's transition into the light, and the loss of each moment in which I held back my love out of fear of intimacy.

This year we intend to show our love with fierce abandon. Michael and I are birthing a new Troupe of Tantra Theater performers to grace the stage in our back yard. Also, Michael's building a sacred sweat lodge to deepen his shamanic practice and I'm writing a new book with REiD Mihalko, Free Love, Can You Really Afford it? Devin's goal is to have a terrific time in his "terrible" two's. Wish us luck.

We hope this year gives birth to your wildest dreams! Let us know what they are and how we can help you manifest them!


Kamala Devi, Michael and Devin Echo

P.S. For a full listing of events and offerings check out:


Sunday, January 4

Devi's unpacking and unwinding from a whirl-wind Holiday Retreat.