Thursday, August 26

For Writers Only: Audio Recording of Top 10 Tips...

Kamala Devi offers 10 of her most powerful writing practices in this fun introduction to her upcoming class: How to write a book in 90 days. Her teachings are based on successful coaching strategies, proven writing technologies, and spiritual principle!

"I've done it for two of my own books, and helped dozens of students become authors within record time and minimal cost."
Dear soon to be Authors- Tired of talking about a great book idea that never actually makes it onto paper? Do you want to experience the excitement, accomplishment and prestige of completing a book? Even if you're a complete novice and have no formal writing training, Kamala Devi will coach you through her proven formula.

Join me for this FREE tele-class to see if you have what it takes to finish your book before the Holidays 2010!"

Dear Writer,
No matter what type of book you want to create, whether it's fiction or non-fiction, I'll guide you step-by-step to turn your dream into a reality. My students learn to tap into their spiritual inspiration and channel more in three month than most authors do in a whole year... all while working from the comfort of home!
What makes me so sure I can show you how to write a book in 90 days?
Because I've not only done it for my own books: Don't Drink the Punch and Sacred Sexual Healing, but I've helped dozens of other authors -- many of them first-timers -- turn their ideas into books (read on for proof.)
In college I learned to write quickly because I was a playwright. Like Shakespeare in Love, I had a whole team of actors and directors breathing down my neck to get my pages finished. Then, I went to India and got clear calling to write a novel. But I didn't know the first thing about how to write a book.
Yet I knew I had a message I wanted to share with others, so I went to every crash course I could on how to write, edit and publish a book. The classes were depressing and discouraging. The process seemed arduous and hopeless.

I was desperate to learn a NEW way to write, so I began combining technical writing tools, with tantric principles and quantum physics...

Almost immediately my book was born! And as I told my friends and lovers about my discoveries, they started using my methods and they experienced nearly overnight success.
Essentially, the formula involves dedicating yourself to write the book in the shortest amount of time. First we begin by visioning and structuring, channeling and downloading then refining and polishing.
To motivate yourself to write book, you restructure your time management, tell everyone you know that you're doing it, and show up to bi-weekly accountability calls. All I ask is that you devote no more than 10 hours per week.

I've been testing and tweaking this 90 day (3 month) class for the last five years and have had amazing results! In just three months, We will cram everything you need to know to Write, Edit, Publish, and Sell, your book in the shortest possible time, be it fiction or non-fiction. One of the biggest benefit of this course is simply surrounding yourself in a like-minded community of talented writers who all want to see you succeed!

Reserve your space now by writing
This Course is offered by phone to anywhere in the world!

NEXT How to Write your book in 90 days Telecourse
Thursdays: 1pm on Course runs: Sept. 9, 16, 30, Oct. 7, 14,21,Nov. 4,11,18 Graduation on Nov. 25th . .
NEW How to FINISH your book in 90 days (REWRITING) Telecourse Tuesdays: TBA!
Write On,
Kamala Devi

Monday, August 23

Cliff Cliff Notes for Tantra Theater's "What's Your Story?" show

Aug. 21,22, 2010 Tantra Theater Presents: What's your Story.
This was our final performance at the Red Lotus Society downtown. We had 108 friends and lovers in the house (again!)
We opened the ritual with a homage to master Shakespeare. "All the World's a Stage."
Keith starts with the story of how a corporate Nascar fan leaves his secure job, has an existential crisis and comes to find deeper intimacy in the world of Tantra. Brande anchors the scene with an original song "Hello, welcome to tantra, Sacred circles, incense, consciousness fully present..."
Shawn Roop shares how he got the "Gift of Jealousy" at a Love-in (Sex Party) with his tantric girlfriend. At first he thought he'd be OK watching his lover be with someone else, then he discovered he was not, and then with the help of a dakini he moved into an even deeper place of love and trust. The experience of compersion that he got that night, is eternal.
Akasha Rose explores the deep, complex and nontraditional love relationships between client and provider. The love she explores is universal and unconditional.

Rita Mooney performs an original monologue about Monogamy in Shakespearean style. She goes on to coin the term: Poly-thespian. Where a performance artist is monogamous in relationship but is allowed to have many lovers onstage or onscreen.

Rae NewWoman has a gift for turning her pain into song. This is the story of how she divorced her cheating husband and found a new empowering lover to support her while she raised her kids.

Swami Maha Lingam is a tantric avatar who is able to lay eggs and produce lingerie from his talented penis. This piece was originally inspired by Steve Martin and played by Michael McClure.

Brande Faris sings "Let's Talk about Sex" as she gives sex ed. lectures at kids camps. As a tantrika she is able to raise the vibration for the next generation of lovers.

In "Reclaiming my voice," Viraja PreMa tells the deep intimate story of how her family supported her (or not) in becoming an empowered sexual healer. The final scene is a touching farewell to her Father who passed this February. In this photo Shawn anchors the Divine Masculine Archtype to hold space for Viraja's healing.
By sharing his personal narrative of how he broadened his own sexual identity, Wayne gives voice to a silent minority of bisexuals in the military. Here we watch him self pleasure to a virtual reality recording of gay sex.
In "Sitting Buddha, Standing Buddha, Lying Buddha" Kamala Devi embodies Shakti to share tantric insights about the holy trinity. In this photo Kamala plays Mary Magdalene to her lover's Christ's consciousness.
Keith Davis anchors the show with an original rap entitled "Tantric Journey" in the tune of "Ice, Ice, baby."  "Check out the junk you need to be solving, while the earth's revolving."
Afterwards, we got a standing ovation!  As an Encore, we offered an improvisational encore called "Audience Awakening" This is where we interview an audience member about a sacred sexual story and then, without any preparation the troupe will improvise the scene onstage.
Goddess Joy Phoenix shared a story about a hot tantric affair in Puerto Rico which actually changed her hair color from Red to Blond. On Sunday, We offered a Sweet Matinee to over 30 people at the the Emerald Temple and we did two new awakeings: Shawn shared a story about the ever-changing nature of love, and Mikey talked about the healing power of touch at a cuddle party. For details about upcoming Tantra Theater performances go to:

Thank you Electric Rick and Tracey Lontos for these beautiful photographs!

The Buddha Rap

Hot, hot, hot! Michael, Shawn Roop and Wayne doing "Tantric Journey" to the Tune of "Ice, Ice, Baby" by Keith Davis.
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Thursday, August 19

Burning Man- Workshop and Performance Schedule

This year at Burning Man, a small but dedicated band of Tantra Theater players will be performing and Kamala Devi will be leading a powerful tantric meditation workshop called: Dynamic Dyads. Kamala and Michael will be free dancing in tents with friends and lovers,and planning to camp nearby 6:30 & D. And they can also be found doing performance art or tantra at the Man at sunset each evening. 
Tantra Theater will be at Bhakti Garden Stage @ Sacred Spaces Village: SATURDAY SEPT. 4th, 2010
from 11-11.30am: Performers: Kamala Devi, Janos, Sarah Wayne & Michael (Swami Maha Lingamanda.)

Dynamic Dyads will be at the 5th Chakra Temple @ Sacred Spaces Village: FRIDAY Sept. 3rd, 2010 from 2-4pm The mindclearing nature of this meditation must be experienced to be understood, but in a nutshell: Start with two people sitting facing each other. Focus together on a question such as "what is Love" or "who am I" for approx. one hour.


Sacred Spaces Village will be located in a special village triangle, next to our sister camps, Entheon Village & Red Lightning, and sharing resources like solar power between the camps.
In this Soul of the City in the Mystic Metropolis, we will offer an astonishing array of consciousness raising and spirited content within a sacred geometric crystalline grid. Wabi Sabi Collective will return to create a magnificent bamboo entrance to the temple.
Sacred Spaces will have 8 performance spaces and art galleries, ranging from 20 ft yurts to a 60 x 60 tent, and a large Mystic Garden Bhakti stage with sound by Rob Rayle/Outersect, and professional stage management from three well known Event/Festival producers.
The 5th Blue Throat Chakra Temple – (Communication Center) a temple exploring communication, language, and the healing properties of sound. Sound workshops, singing, chanting, and verbal self expression can be offered in this space. The decor explores music and sound, winged creatures (birds, butterflies, fairies), clouds, the sky, and various shades of turquoise and light blue.

"Can't wait to meet you, greet you, seat you there!"

Monday, August 16

Rumi says it all...

It’s rigged — everything, in your favor.
So there is nothing to worry about.

Is there some position you want,
some office, some acclaim, some award, some con, some lover,
maybe two, maybe three, maybe four — all at once,

maybe a relationship

I know there is a gold mine in you, when you find it
the wonderment of the earth’s gifts
you will lay aside
as naturally as does
a child a

But, dear, how sweet you look to me kissing the unreal:
comfort, fulfill yourself,
in any way possible — do that until
you ache, until you ache,

then come to me


Saturday, August 14

Bisexual Womens Circle for Ritual and Magic

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As women who straddle two worlds, Bisexual goddesses need a place to belong, relate, share and heal. Last night we created a sacred circle with our dancing bodies and hand-picked flowers. We invoked the Goddess with prayer and sound. We cried and laughed when we recognized ourselves in each others reflections.  In essence, it was a magical Friday the 13th!  Our next gathering: Tantra for Women is scheduled for Sat. the 28th from 10am-2pm. Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered women are welcome. The focus will be Sexual Healing and we will be doing more adept practices where clothing is optional. Space is limited to 12 women. The requested donation is $39  For details write

Thursday, August 12

Taste a Tantra Puja in 7 min.

This is NEW video footage of a deep intimate ritual Francois's Puja at Tantra-Palooza last year.
This is a monumental moment for me. This video is my imperfect attempt to share a sacred ritual that is the foundation of my spiritual path: My mentor and friend, Francoise facilitated this puja to about 60 people at the opening ceremony of Tantra Palooza last year.
I wrestled with my demons about whether or not to "put it out there," but decided I am willing to be judged, misunderstood and even misrepresented in the name of education and enlightenment.

Ultimately, there is no way to know the potential of puja until one experiences it first hand, however, many people don't get the information they need to make their own decisions, because there is so much mystic and mis-information about what Tantra actually is.
Imagine an opulent tantra tent was brimming with beautiful friends and lovers who were dancing in the sacred geometry of a large circle or "chakra" for several timeless hours. However, since only 5 of those tantrikas including me, were comfortable on camera, the video is a very narrow slice of the evening. Thank you to Allen, SaRina Daly-Goode, Robert Silber, and Monique Darling for representing so authentically. Click Here to see the Video.

This is how Francoise describes a puja: In the west, a puja is a celebration of the interplay between Divine male and Divine female energy. Men and women rotate at each exercise. The focus is on honoring and recognizing the highest aspect of each individual. Love, respect and reverence are essential in creating the puja atmosphere. Exercises will vary from eye gazing to nurturing touch, they will include movement, dancing, laughing and sensual moments. A puja is a fun, safe and sensual way to connect, touch and be touched from the heart space. It is the perfect ritual to begin a journey of self discovery with a group of like minded people. For more info. Contact Francoise at

Let me know how you like it,

Kamala Devi

Sunday, August 8

Sacred Snuggle Party in Aug.

     This photo shows about half the attendance of last nights sweet summer snuggle party. I want to know, do you think it's possible that every one of these events could be "the best ever?" Or is that just a function of it's participants living in the moment? It is not uncommon for me to receive glowing emails the day after these gatherings from newbies who want to share with me about the "first" time they got to eye gaze with someone of the same sex, or a massage from the six handed goddess, or had a whole body orgasm while fully clothed. However, it is extraordinary to have so many veteran attendees and even fellow teachers agree that event was the best yet.
     Traditionally, at the end of every Snuggle Party, we do a closing circle wherein we share the evening's highs and lows. My personal high-light was the intensity and depth with which I connected with several amazing snugglers, yet my low-light was that I missed connecting with all the other beautiful beings. In the spirit of "leave 'em wanting more" this just means I look forward to future connections.  Unfortunately, (due to Burning Man) we wont be hosting a Sacred Snuggle Party in September, so my dance card will just have to wait until Oct. 2nd. If you can't wait to connect before then, I hope you'll join me for these upcoming events:
Aug. 12 Tantra Talk: Sexual Creativity 6:45
Aug. 13 Bisexual Women's Circle 6:45
Aug. 26 How to write a book Tele-class 1pm
Aug. 21 Tantra Theater Show: What's your Story? Downtown 7:30
Aug. 22nd Tantra Theater Matinee at the Emerald Temple 2pm
10-10-10 Tantra Palooza: 10 Teachers share on Shamanism
For details go to:
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Saturday, August 7

Costume concept for Final TT Show

Since the theme for Tantra Theater is: What's your Story? And the performers prime directive is to say what they have not been saying, we will be exploring a wide range of topics. To help weave the show together, it's valuable to have a unifying artistic concept. We are a modern troupe of storytellers, reminiscent of the Renaissance storytellers, complete with a court jester, minstrel, muse, wench, knight, belly dancer... The hope is to do a modern, non linear interpretation of this theme. Here are some images to spark your inspiration:

Thursday, August 5

For writers only. Free intro to: How to Write a Book in 90 days

Thurs. Aug. 26th 1pm Free 75 min. intro to "How to Write a Book in 90 days" Telecourse.

No charge for the Intro tele-class. Listen and participate to see if you have what it takes to do the entire course.

In just three months, Kamala Devi will cram everything you need to know to Write, Edit, Publish,and Sell,your book in the shortest possible time, be it fiction or non-fiction. My teachings are based on successful coaching strategies, proven writing technologies, and tantric spiritual principle! Course Runs:TBA. Schedule is subject to change. Imagine Finishing your book by the Holidays! Course fee is only $397. Click for Details.
Congratulations to graduates from last season: "Live Beyond Ecstasy" by Jeanne Lupypciw. "Cougar Season, Now Open" by Amie Lorraine. "How To Reach Your Full Ecstatic and Orgasmic Potential" by Amber St. Germain. and "Self Love, Sacred Relationship and Holy Sex" by Karly Loveling

Sacred Sexual Storytellers share EVERYTHING in the Final Show

     Do you stalk your essential self? Are you in the practice of observing your ego? Do you listen to the stories you tell yourself and others? What affect do these narratives have on your identity and your world view?
      Imagine what you say if you were asked to share your most formative sexual or spiritual story onstage to over 100 people. This is what we do in uncertainty Theater which results in a whole lot of humor, healing and liberation!
     This is our final performance at our downtown location. "Is it really over? What will you do next?"... Inquiring minds want to know. The creative process usually involves periods of gestation, visioning, and a great deal of uncertainty.
      We are looking for new locations and alternative sources of funding to continue a regular show in the new year. Meanwhile we will continue working our craft at upcoming events, festivals and conferences such as Burning Man, Tantra Palooza, New York, Seattle, LA and Sedona.

Here's the Scoop:
Tantra Theater: What's your Story?!

TWO SHOWS: Sat. Aug. 21 7:Aug. downtown and a Matinee on Sun Aug. 22 at the Emerald Temple Backyard Theater.

We will be using song, dance, comedy movement and poetry to explore sacred sexual themes such as: Orgasm, alchemy, devotion, co-dependence, bisexuality, fidelity, free love, motherhood, and embodied enlightenment.

Featuring original work by Shawn Roop, Rita Mooney, Michael McClure, Akasha Rose, Brandé Faris, Keith Davis, Rae NeWoman, Wayne Acciacca, and Viraja Prema. Directed by Kamala Devi. Join our juicy tantra community to celebrate the biggest and best show of the year!

Aug. 21 Show starts at 7:30pm Location: Red Lotus Society/ Ideal Hotel 542 Third St. Downtown San Diego, 3 hour Free Parking with validation at Horton Plaza (Be sure to Validate before the show!!!) Join us at the Brian's Restaurant in Hillcrest for a Cast party afterwards!
Aug. 22 Matinee Show starts at 2pm Location: Emerald Temple. Directions will be sent upon registration.

Tickets are only $20 at the door. For $15 advanced ticket to Sat. Night show go to: For Sunday Matinee go to:

Tuesday, August 3

Big Schedule Changes for Summer and beyond...

I'm shifting time and space around to accomodate the massive storm of creative energy that's been moving through. Please Color your Calendar:
THIS Sat. Aug. 7 Sacred Snuggle Party 6:45

Thurs. Aug. 12 Tantra Talk: Sexual Creativity 6:45

Fri. Aug. 13 Bisexual Women's Circle 6:45

Sat. Aug. 21 Tantra Theater Show: What's your Story? Downtown 7:30

NEW! SUNDAY. Aug. 22nd Tantra Theater Matinee at the Emerald Temple 2pm NEW!

Thurs. Aug. 26th Poly Potluck 6:45

Thurs. Aug. 26th How to write a book Tele-class Free Open House 1pmCourse runs: Sept. 9, 16, 30, Oct. 7, 14,21,Nov. 4,11,18 Graduation on Nov. 25th

Aug. 30- Sept.6th Burning Man

Sept. 9th Tantra Talk: Sexual Healing

NEW! Thurs. Sept. 16th Poly Potluck with Kelly Bryson NEW!

Sept. 23rd Tantra RoundUp in New York
Oct. 2nd Sacred Snuggle Party 6:45

10-10-10 Tantra Palooza: 10 Teachers share on Shamanism Oct. 8-11th
NEW! Nov. 4th Tantra Talk with TJ Bartel 6:45 NEW!

Sat. Nov. 6th Advanced Training for Sacred Sexual practitioners with TJ Bartel 1-6pm

Sat. Nov. 6th Sacred Snuggle Party 6:45

Thurs. Nov. 18th Poly Potluck 6:45

Sat. Dec. 4th Sacred Snuggle Party (Last event of the year) 6:45

Happy Holidays!!!!

NOTE: The following events were CANCELLED or POSTPONED:

Aug. 19 Advanced Sacred Play Party has been Postponed date: TBA

Aug. 19 How to write a book Tele-class has been moved to Aug. 26th at 1pm

Sept. 9th How to write a book Tele-class has been moved to Sept. 30th at 1pm

Sept. 4th Sacred Snuggle Party has been cancelled due to burning Man.

Sept. 11th Advanced Training for Sacred Sexual practitioners with TJ Bartel has been moved to Sat. Nov. 6th from 1-6pm

Sept. 23rd Poly Potluck has been moved to Sept. 16th.

Looking forward to warm hugs when I see you soon,
Kamala Devi

(All events take place in San Diego, unless otherwise noted) or call 858-272-2254
For details go to:
For erotic edu-tainment go to:

Monday, August 2

Sweet Suchness

I sit before the absolute

receiving her most glorious gift:

pure permission

Divine will is not separate from my own

as such, She doesn't give a shit

how I live or die

God simply is

And for the first time,

I flood with sweet compassion

for the atheist.

--Kamala Devi