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Cliff Cliff Notes for Tantra Theater's "What's Your Story?" show

Aug. 21,22, 2010 Tantra Theater Presents: What's your Story.
This was our final performance at the Red Lotus Society downtown. We had 108 friends and lovers in the house (again!)
We opened the ritual with a homage to master Shakespeare. "All the World's a Stage."
Keith starts with the story of how a corporate Nascar fan leaves his secure job, has an existential crisis and comes to find deeper intimacy in the world of Tantra. Brande anchors the scene with an original song "Hello, welcome to tantra, Sacred circles, incense, consciousness fully present..."
Shawn Roop shares how he got the "Gift of Jealousy" at a Love-in (Sex Party) with his tantric girlfriend. At first he thought he'd be OK watching his lover be with someone else, then he discovered he was not, and then with the help of a dakini he moved into an even deeper place of love and trust. The experience of compersion that he got that night, is eternal.
Akasha Rose explores the deep, complex and nontraditional love relationships between client and provider. The love she explores is universal and unconditional.

Rita Mooney performs an original monologue about Monogamy in Shakespearean style. She goes on to coin the term: Poly-thespian. Where a performance artist is monogamous in relationship but is allowed to have many lovers onstage or onscreen.

Rae NewWoman has a gift for turning her pain into song. This is the story of how she divorced her cheating husband and found a new empowering lover to support her while she raised her kids.

Swami Maha Lingam is a tantric avatar who is able to lay eggs and produce lingerie from his talented penis. This piece was originally inspired by Steve Martin and played by Michael McClure.

Brande Faris sings "Let's Talk about Sex" as she gives sex ed. lectures at kids camps. As a tantrika she is able to raise the vibration for the next generation of lovers.

In "Reclaiming my voice," Viraja PreMa tells the deep intimate story of how her family supported her (or not) in becoming an empowered sexual healer. The final scene is a touching farewell to her Father who passed this February. In this photo Shawn anchors the Divine Masculine Archtype to hold space for Viraja's healing.
By sharing his personal narrative of how he broadened his own sexual identity, Wayne gives voice to a silent minority of bisexuals in the military. Here we watch him self pleasure to a virtual reality recording of gay sex.
In "Sitting Buddha, Standing Buddha, Lying Buddha" Kamala Devi embodies Shakti to share tantric insights about the holy trinity. In this photo Kamala plays Mary Magdalene to her lover's Christ's consciousness.
Keith Davis anchors the show with an original rap entitled "Tantric Journey" in the tune of "Ice, Ice, baby."  "Check out the junk you need to be solving, while the earth's revolving."
Afterwards, we got a standing ovation!  As an Encore, we offered an improvisational encore called "Audience Awakening" This is where we interview an audience member about a sacred sexual story and then, without any preparation the troupe will improvise the scene onstage.
Goddess Joy Phoenix shared a story about a hot tantric affair in Puerto Rico which actually changed her hair color from Red to Blond. On Sunday, We offered a Sweet Matinee to over 30 people at the the Emerald Temple and we did two new awakeings: Shawn shared a story about the ever-changing nature of love, and Mikey talked about the healing power of touch at a cuddle party. For details about upcoming Tantra Theater performances go to:

Thank you Electric Rick and Tracey Lontos for these beautiful photographs!

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