Saturday, July 30

My Personal Growth Work

Day 7: I'm falling in love with Zegg and share intimate details about my inner process and inviting you to join me and my lovers to SummerCamp in Zegg in

Friday, July 29

Nightlife at Summer Camp


Tuesday, July 26

Teaching Free Love Day 4

Day 4  Kamala Devi discusses the climate of Free Love at Zegg, Germany Kamala reports on her  workshop "Freie Liebe von California"and compares polyamory in Zegg to the environment and community in San Diego.

Monday, July 25

Day 3 at Zegg: What's your lovestyle

Happiness is being able to come and go like a cat.
This is day 3 At Zegg, and many people are asking about my lovestyle and it is not so easy to describe in less than 10 minutes. I talk about how I define my friends and lovers. I try to define my pod of lovers and then ask some heavy questions about group inclusion and exclusion. For more info about Kamala Devi and Polyamory go to:

Sunday, July 24

Video Blog Day 2 at Zegg

‎My first impressions at Zegg: 
1) Listening to the rain makes me wet. 
2. Zegg visionary Dolores Richter embodies self realization as well as "community realization." Thanks for joining me in the journey.

Friday, July 22

Practicing transparency on camera.

Kamala Devi shares her 1st Video From Berlin before she arrives at SommerCamp at Zegg (Free Love commune) in order to study community and bring it back to the San Diego Tantra and Polyamory Community. She intends to get experience in front of the camera for a poly reality show, practice vulnerability by discussing her personal process, and integrate her parenting philosophy with her practice of sacred sexual liberation. This is the first video in a series. Please send any comments or questions if you'd like to engage in the journey.

Tuesday, July 19

European Summer Vacation with my Poly Pod

I'm flying to Europe for a month, I'm taking my son and several poly lovers and we're going on a European adventure. We're starting at the Free Love commune in Germany:
Next we're off to the Alps to vision a charter for our own commune.
Then off to the Italian Riviera to practice sex magic.  
I'll be doing a video blog about my adventures
I look forward to connecting again at the end of August. 

Mark your calendar for these upcoming events when I return to San Diego

Thurs. Aug 25 Poly Potluck 6:45p
Tues. Aug 30 Tantra Theater Auditions and Free open house 6:45pm
Sat. Sept. 3 Sacred Snuggle Party 6:45p
Tues. Sept 13 Tantra Talk 6:45p
Sat. Oct. Advanced Sensual Play Party 6:45p
11/11/11 Tantra Palooza!Weekly blog updates: www.TantraTheater.TV
Dec. 8, 9th "Sack" Religious Holidiay Show 7p

Love you,

Saturday, July 16

How about SD Poly Pride in 2012?!

     Happy Pride Day San Diego!
I'm sipping my morning tea, and reflecting on the last 20 years worth of pride parades that I've participated in, many of which I've met new lovers, or at least 'gotten lucky.' The most memorable was when I directed the Honolulu pride festival in '98 and met my first dominatrix.
     I don't know if I'm going to make it to Balboa park today. I'm packing to go with my poly lovers on a European adventure that includes Zegg, a Free Love commune in Germany.  I have a ton of work to catch up on since the Sacred Slut Show closed.
     Several Tantra Theater players asked if we could do a float, performance or have some kind of presence at pride, which is a fabulous way to share our art while celebrating sexual diversity. However, since tantra theater has not been pursued or marginalized, I'm more inclined to put my time and energy towards liberation and legitimacy for polyamory.
      I've spend so much attention raising awareness for sacred prostitution recently, that one might forget polyamory is my primary cause.
      I am out and proud about my pod of over 9 poly lovers. And it's easy for me to take that for granted since I'm surrounded by over 200 poly people in San Diego who embrace and celebrate my alternative lifestyle. However, I am the exception. There are many triads and pods in San Diego who are hiding in shame, and many more across the globe who are facing daily discrimination and social exclusion. I become especially passionate about this cause when I see that Polyamory is part of my spiritual path, and that there are religions like Muslims and Mormons who's religious right to polygamy is being denied.    
      Today, polygamy is illegal in all fifty states since 1878, the U.S. Supreme Court decided Reynolds v. United States, which upheld the constitutionality of a law banning polygamy. It is estimated that there are 30,000 practitioners in the West. (a figure often thrown around by gay marriage activists.)
      In fact one of the big arguments against gay marriage, is if we let the gays get married, what's going to stop us from letting polygamy groups get married? Poly families are denied access to the same rights that same-sex couples are denied. Which is more than 1,138 federal rights, protections and responsibilities that automatically granted to married heterosexual couples. But you don't generally hear poly people complaining. In San Diego we're too busy at potlucks or pool parties. And in my case, I'm busy planning a vacation.
      Perhaps, my next poly vacation will be to New York on Oct. 7-9 for the 11th annual Poly Pride Festival. For the last eleven years PolyNYC has been hosting rallies, marches, and symposiums in central park. Perhaps the least we can do here in San Diego is have a Picnic! Next year I resolve to get a a Poly contingent together for pride. Perhaps tantra theater can do some bi and poly related sketches. And I'd love to start Poly Pride in San Diego the following year. (Hell, Pagans have their own little pride.) I know we can get a few hundred people together in the park to model new liberated paradigms for sharing more love.
      Here are some possible slogans or tag lines that were gathered by poly-activist lawyer Diana Adams, and Alan at

POLYAMORY: We're all in this together.

Open minds. Open hearts. Open love.

The more love you give, the more you have to give.

Polyamory: Love makes the world go 'round, and 'round, and 'round...

There's nothing more beautiful than loving someone... except loving two people.

Polyamory: Free your loves.

Share the love – there's more where that came from!

P.S. Let me know if you'd like to join me and get involved in starting San Diego Poly Pride 2012! Write me at (I'll get back to you in the fall, after my European vacation!)

By Kamala Devi, Author of Don't Drink the Punch, Sacred Sexual Healing, Director of www.TantraTheater.TV and Sacred Sex and Open Relationship Coach

Friday, July 15

Video Blogs for Sacred Slut Series

Kamala Devi shares about her process in the Sacred Slut Show. 



Video from the show will be available soon on or through Namaste Media. 

Praise for the Sacred Slut

♥ Kamala as an artist is original, vulnerable, outrageous, funny and profound. She welcomes you into her personal world and it is a journey you shouldn't miss. This show is the Goddess incarnating, don't miss it.
--Charles Muir,
Director source School of Tantra Yoga

♥ I had the GREAT pleasure of being there! The WAY Kamala self pleasured totally brought the whole place alive in ecstatic shamanic theater and we all bathed together in her glorious, sweet energy. It was indeed a sacred blessing and a celebration of feminine gorgeousness. Annie, I have to say I was touched deeply by Kamalas presentation of you. For me, the expression of her hesitation, doubt, and fear, as well as questioning the sheer zanniness of self pleasuring as a 'spectacle' mirrored my own feelings about the privacy of something so precious and dear. Yet her power to lovingly embrace each and every soul in that audience suspended us in the bliss of her shaking womb. You could feel it. AHO.
--Amara Charles

♥ I've wanted someone to do that piece/ritual for a long time. So great! Congratulations for pushing through your own limits. I have to say, if you keep doing it, it can get to be even deeper and more profound and educational! I'm just over the moon that you DID IT!!! ...I hope you can tour the show!
--Annie Sprinkle

♥P.S Just a thought... I never really saw the experience as masturbating, as it is so much more about the group energy, and getting out of one's own way, even getting out of one's body, and being a channel for the Universal life force energy. Yes, stimulate the genitals, but masturbation implies being alone or doing it yourself. When really, doing this kind of public sex magic ritual, its so much bigger than ones self. Nice to be able to discuss it with someone who has done it! Go Kamala.

♥ What a blessing to witness this expression of sacred sexual yumminess. KD, your energy in this piece is stellar. It was so fun to witness and support your performance piece. Great job! I agree with Annie that when you are loving yourself in the presence of others, we all get to dive into the sea of your bliss energy and everyone is connected in a powerful unifying state. Ego melts into oneness and our true nature cums shining thru!
--Mare Simone

♥ You embody power, wisdom, strength, courage and depth. You have "raised the bar" for authentic expression and self-revelation. I am proud, moved, challenged and empowered by the permission you have given to all of us. Thank you for living your conviction.
--Tes Kempner

♥ Gratitude to you for giving life to the stories of others and your stories of self. Bravo for creating a show rich with raw emotion, edginess and laughter and to the amazing crew and theatre troop in support. And most of all thank you for every day proudly carrying the banner of true empowerment without judgment. You are an embodiment of what is truly sexy: A woman in her clear unapologetic power and self. Kamala, you gift us all not only as a teacher, but by walking through life as a living teaching.
--Eugene Hedlund

♥ You are the embodiment of All things Sacred, All things Profane, and in You, the line between the two blurs and disappears revealing only the truth of wholeness. Thank you.
--Ariel White

♥ Not in my wildest dreams did I imagine that my greatest teacher would appear in the slender body of a young woman. I have found a home in your loving presence. I am in AWE of your work on stage!
--Ellen Faye

♥ Kamala, you are addressing one of the most critical and under-addressed areas for bringing peace and deep change to the planet. I see no possibility for a future free from war that is not also free from sexually repressive values. What you are doing is so important!
Just as the culture at large pathologically separates spirituality and sexuality, much of the counter-culture that has sought to address that still separates "sacred sexuality", which usually involves a lot of obligatory fluff, from the rest of if connection and intimacy in any form could be other than sacred. Your play does so much to heal that division, bring the shadow into the light, and help us embrace in love all that it means to alive and human.
--Daniel Schmachtenberger

♥ You delivered, AND THEN SOME!!!! loved loved loved the show! Thank youuuu! ♥ ♥ ♥ I went all three nights and it was awesome! Thursday was epic-ly juicy, Friday was gushing orgasmic wonderment....cant wait for Saturday (I might have to bring a towel to sit on so I don't ruin the seat)...I love you and yr big ass purple wig.
--Roxanne DePalma

♥ Kamala...I am in awe of the powerful Goddess you are, your passion to bring love, connection, sexual healing to our world and want to say....I received deeper levels of growth on my own sexual healing journey and feel so grateful to have witnessed your openess and ultimate courage last evening. You presented a classy show...xoxo
--Tracy Jordan Wells

♥ Thank you for your brilliant and provocative contribution to this planet. I am deeply moved by your show last night..! as an actress/healer and trailblazer myself.. I am in the process of creating a one woman show myself this year about my spiritual journey .... seeing you and learning from your sharing has added a new depth to what it is I will be sharing and how I will share it you are brilliant bold and inspiring.
--Sacha Rana

♥ Kamala Devi's Sacred Slut Show and the Tantra Theatre Troupe were fantastic! Kamala Devi presented an entertaining, provocative, and insightful insight into the "Sacred Prostitute. She shares from the heart and really takes this work to the EDGE on behalf of all of us. The show was very provocative, I highly recommend this performance art theatre. Don't miss it!
--Ayanna Mojica

‎... if you are challenged with loving, embracing your sexual being, this powerful show is for you... if you have an open mind and are a sexually curious human being, this show is for you... if you want to see a beautiful healing artist reveal herself in the power of vulnerability... come... to... this... show... i love how Kamala Devi heals with such daring love, a heart on fire ~ sets my heart on fire
--Devi Kirn Being

♥ Your show tonight was very healing for me on many levels. Thank you for your courageous work and being who you are; a powerful inspiring woman! :)
--Meadow Faith

♥...and what a offering it was. well done Kamala Devi...tears of Joy and celebration of these Sacred Arts. To all the sisStars and brothers out there. Thank you.
--Kris FireHeart

♥ Kamala Devi is AN ABSOLUTE GEM, her passionate courage and bottomless bravery! She's a LOCAL Lotus Flower, indeed. Thank you again, Kamala Devi, for your Courage to Press Us Up Against our own walls and taboos. & For encouraging us to contemplate other ways of Seeing & Being in this World.
--Cara H. Cadwallader

♥ Kamala Devi and cast, you are phenomenal, talented and brave. So amazing, funny and educational... that I'm back Saturday night. And you make me laugh big time! Love it.
--Rob Armstrong

♥ Mind blowing, earth shattering, heart opening. An unforgettable performance Ms. Kamala Devi. You are changing the world. Your commitment to follow your calling is incredibly inspiring.
--Carri Scuba

♥ What a wonderful show yesterday!!! It was amazingly brave of you to present us with an amazing way to express yourself. Thank you for that!

♥ What an amazing journey you took us on last night. You integrity and courageousness are an honor to behold and support. Deep bows to you.
--Jodi Ember

♥ Excellent performances last night from you and your troupe, Kamala. I only wish I could go again tonight to meet your heroines! And again on Saturday, to see how the performance evolves. What a brave and generous soul you are!!!
--J Bradley Wadsworth

♥ Courage..meaning from the heart...You share so beautifully... You moved me and touched me deeply... Your performance transformed my mind and wounds... such richness you bring to this world.
--Laura Lee Zrii Thompson

♥ We were just carried away by Kamala's courage and the breadth of her performance. Though performance is perhaps the wrong word - she comes so much from her own heart even when using other's words, that you feel you are seeing her naked soul. Go see this tonight if you can! Kamala, I'm still feeling your beauty, love and courage in my heart from last night's show. You are truly inspiring. More people need to see and feel what you do!
--Greg Young

♥ The Divine feminine shines through you and illuminates us all with its honesty and radiance. I bow down to your courage :)
--Cindy Sitara Lee

♥ Kamala: I am humbled by your grace, professionalism and determination. I feel like I am healing 10 years of silence through your performance. I'm canceling my travel plans to see your show again tonight! This is an intiation!! I haven't been so excited by a show since The Matrix came out! HEY ALL! Ya gotta see this!!! Sacred Slut at the Moxie TONIGHT!!
--Akasha Rose

♥ Sensational!...touched, inspired, moved by authenticity, appreciative of our lineage, --amazing woman Kamala D!
--Alexis Ruby

♥ Wonderful show Kamala ! Profound and sacred , I appreciate your courage and am grateful for your contribution to humanity.
--Cathy Montesi

♥ Power to the peepers. Release for the realizers. Shaking loose for the shamed. Expansion of the ecstatic. Healing for the healers. Blessings to You Goddess ♥
--Heidi Neilson

♥ I saw your show tonight and just wanted to say thank you for having the courage, heart and vision to do what you do. It affected me deeply.
--Bonnie Solomon

♥ Brave, bold & beautiful! Thank you for your selfless performance last night. My husband and I are grateful for the intriguing new world you have navigated us through. You have given us a new perspective on love which makes our bedroom so much more honoring. (And hot too!)

♥ Thank you dearest Kamala D for your courageous, open hearted look into our essential nature. You have created a crucible for us all to explore our deepest recesses, of our fears, our barely illuminated and hardly audible selves, along with our farthest reaches of joy and ecstatic states, with the creation of the Tantra theatre--no small feat! Jai Ma.
--Dave Kennedy

♥ I came down last night for your show with a few girlfriends from L.A. and we were all so very touched by your shameless, vulnerable and inspiring display of what touches you...i look forward to receiving more of what you have to offer in time to come. Thank you for living so Alive.
--Sarah A. Greene

♥ Your experience, insight, wisdom, expression, devotion are timeless and I honor you.
--Renee Airya

♥ Wow Kamala, what a show last night!!
--Sayaka Adachi

♥ You have moved me into another realm of possibilities, it was mind blowing open, juicy Goddess revealing, soul stirringly wonderful! talk about being of service, what you are doing is beyond that, it is stellar! yes, please do take this piece on the road. I have one request though~can I PLEASE be your fluffer??
--Joni Pradetto

♥ The show was incredible! Thank you for creating it and sharing yourself so profoundly! Your North County fans salute you!
--Kenn Frank

♥ Major Undertaking - Good Start!!! Courageous...I adore the goddess... and love to support her... even in myself... The Goddess... the muse... the creative impulse! Thank u both...
--Stuart Schreiber

♥ Kamala - this work that you're doing is very profound, and _so_ needed - as we connect with the power and grace of your womb, it helps us to connect to the Earth; the womb in which many of us will be birthed into full consciousness =)
--Jeremy Mathias Bennett

♥ Fabulous paradigm shifting sister!
--Melissa Weiss Steele

♥ Kamala Devi's impassioned calling and gift to the world is to heal the hurts that limit joy; return people to their innocence and aliveness; and help them learn to love, all that others are, with all that they are, and though that, fall ever deeper in love with the fullness of life itself!
She shows how the deepest currents of life and love that move in us--the sexual and the spiritual impulses--are inextricably intertwined, ultimately coming from and leading towards the same beautiful wordless depth of Being.
Her personal gift is to share content of such import through artistry that will inspire, bother, open, and unavoidably touch you. The topic matter of her show is one of the areas I most want to see humanity awaken and shift.
----Daniel Schmachtenberger

♥ Our founder and director, Kamala Devi has created her one-woman show about sacred prostitution. There are so many levels of complexity in this idea. The first, create a show all by yourself. Now just stop and think about that for a moment. Imagine writing, creating, and producing your own show on your own dime. Okay that in itself is amazing. But no, we don't stop there, now throw the prickly subject of prostitution. That in itself is controversial, yet there is more, she's going to offer a show on sacred prostitution. Two words that don't always fit together in our normal society.
It's a piece of life that needs to be talked about... Yes, you will be triggered, maybe even to the point where every part of you is uncomfortable. She's going to self pleasure on stage for God sake. She's going to talk about prostitution in a very conversational way. But maybe that's exactly what needs to happen, maybe by allowing these topics and activities and placing them on center stage with the spotlight will melt inside of you, inside of our society and release the shame, fear or judgment. Please show up, be entertained in this extremely courageous leap of faith. Kamala is modeling what it's like to have a calling and listen. This might just grant you permission to do the same.
--Shawn Roop

"Aho, a month later still applauding! Kamala Devi you gave me such a rear gift by showing and stand up for what you believe in the face of high risks surmounting inner and outer challenges. it has added strength and confidence to my inner conversations witch little by little can be expressed externally."
--John Zap

Monday, July 11

Cliff Notes for the Sarced Slut Show.

Photos by Julie Kondor.
We filled the house with our abundant San Diego Spiritual Community during the 3 night run of  Kamala Devi's world premier of the Sacred Slut Show.
Kamala Devi opens the evening with an invocation to the Goddess. 
San Diego Tantra Theater Improv Troupe lubricates the audience with 2 minute monologues, Audience awakenings and the Tantric oracle. 
The first time I invoked the goddess...
Kamala Devi plays Veronica Monet in Whore's are Feminist too. 
When I was a little girl, people used to ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up...

Kamala Devi plays Amara Charles in the White Tigress.
Kamala Devi plays Mare Simone in Nectar of the Goddess. 
Kamala and Husband Michael sing "I'm Just a Girl who can't say no" by Rae NeWoman
Thunder Perfect Mind Nag Hammid Library, Egypt 340 BCE
Kamala Devi plays Mother Priestess Tracy Elise in Practicing in Temple. 
Kamala Dei does excerpts from Post Porn Modernism by Annie Sprinkle. 
Kamala Devi prepares for the "Legend of the Ancient Sacred Prostitute" by Annie Sprinkle. 

My first Standing O. 

Gratitude to my Cast and Crew. From Left to Right starting on top: Peter on Drums, James on lights, sound  and slideshow, Michael lighting design and executive producer, Steve Bickell on Videography, Kali Das on Stage Management, Maha Lakshmi on Concessions, Catheleen on Registration, Janos is Set designer extrordinaire,  Kamala Devi, Tracey Lontos on Registration, Neil on Sound, Eve Olution on acting coaching, Rita Mooney on Comedy, Adam Paulman on Slideshow, Rae NewWoman on Comedy & Voice coaching.
And ofcourse Julie Kondor is taking the photo. Thank you Julie for these fabulous memories! For details and videos go to www.TantraTheater.TV