Thursday, February 25

Tantra Theater Tease

Come to the launch party to celebrate our new downtown location.
Save $5 off your ticket if you come dressed as your favorite chakra. We'll have a couple of tatoo artists (nontoxic paint) ready to attack your shoulder, back or belly. We're ordering our official tee shirts and other swat. Please give us your imput on color, logo and punch line!  (I'm having technical difficulties while trying to upload graphics for this hang in there.) There is free parking at the Horton Plaza if you come early and get it validated before the show begins. See you at 7:30pm on Sat. March 20th!

Seeking Stage Manager for Tantra Theater Company

WHO: We are a collective of about 10 teachers, healers, and performance artists that are not afraid to wrestle with issues of sexuality and spirituality on stage. We are looking for a open-minded and organized manager with creativity and vision!

WHAT: After a successful first year of performing monthly to the tantra community in my back yard in Pacific Beach, we're going pro. We have started a professional troupe and need a stage manager to help us continue monthly events in addition to special events.

WHEN: We are scheduled to perform the 3rd Saturday of every month.(Load in begins at 6pm and we break down by 10pm Our rehearsal schedule is 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month from 6:45pm-9pm (Rehearsals are not mandatory for stage manager.)

WHERE: Our new Downtown location is the bottom floor of the Ideal Hotel/Red Lotus Society is located at 546 3rd Ave, San Diego, CA 92101 We also plan to offer seasonal shows in other locations such as universities, conferences and festivals. (We have contacts in Sedona, New York and San Francisco.)

WHY: Our mission is to use performing arts to transmute sexual guilt, shame and/or fear into art, healing and liberation. We offer vulnerable and transformative theater to celebrate the presence of spirit in every aspect of life's drama.

HOW MUCH: Starting pay is $10 per hour (If you are experienced in marketing, we may work out a percentage of profits generated by online marketing.) You can expect your pay will grow as you help the company bring in more revenue.

We are looking for someone responsible for organizing the production, communicating between director, the crew, actors and all members of the team in order to keep everything running smoothly. Ideally you have strong written and verbal communication skills, are open minded about the spiritual/sexual industry and have time and flexibility in your schedule. Online Marketing, Internet, editing and research abilities are a plus.

Typical Duties include:
  • Managing Local PR
  • Social Media Promotions
  • Meeting with actors, designers, props and costume as well as managing the front of house staff.
  • Organizing props and set dressing, maintaining and replacing props and costumes as required
  • Supervising the load-in and load-out of curtains, sound and lights tidying up the props after the show.
  • Time Keeper - Wearing a watch, keep track of breaks and give people 5 minute warning with bell
  • Offering Directions - field telephone calls from anyone needing last minute directions ("I'm lost!")
  • Staff or take over the technical and lighting side of the production.
  • Cueing the technical crew to operate sound and lighting;
  • Managing the budget
  • Dealing with any emergencies!
Possible Duties may include:
  • Keeping the ‘prompt copy’ of the script: Record blocking, lighting cues, prop usage, costume changes and entrances of all the performers.
  • Possible assistance in set construction
  • Taking notes during rehearsals.
  • Taking photos or running a video camera
  • Database management
  • Event registration
  • Newsletters and flyer creation
  •  Occasionally cueing performers or guest speakers to go on stage;
  • Liaising with resident staff at other performance venues (if touring).
  • Supply food and snacks for sale at concessions stand
  • During the performance, a stage manager might also be responsible for scenery changes.
If your interested, please write with your resume and availability for a phone interview next week. In your email, please send Please send a photo with your relevant theater experience.

Wednesday, February 24

Relationship Ninjas Teach Jealousy Judo in Oakland March 25-27th

NEW! March. 25th-27th in Oakland California. Kamala Devi and Reid Mihalko will be offering a series of  fun sex education events. Whether you are monogamous, single, poly-curious or have been practicing open relationships for years, this weekend offers events for all experience levels, you'll be amazed by the rewards and transformation of these playful, deep and interactive events.
The fun festival schedule is as follows;
Thursday: 7-10pm with an Iron Slut Showdown with Sex Educators Reid Vs. Kamala Devi
Friday: 7-10pm There will be a DVD Launch party $19.95 (includes DVD)
Satuday: 1-6pm Relationship Dojo: Jealousy Judo intensive only $97
Saturday: 8-Midnight Sacred sexual play party!  $30
Questions? Call or email Reid at 917.207.4554 or
Location: Reid's Fruitopia event space (Register for driving directions and, please read 'em. It can be tricky if you don't read the directions and we don't want you to get lost and be late!)

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Tantra Theater is hosting a new location launch party!

7:30 on Sat. March 20th. Join us for a celebration in a historic downtown building where we will be initiating a new stage with live tantric performance art. The Red Lotus Society /Ideal Hotel has a hipster meets zen ambiance and we plan to cast a vortex of entertaining, educational and enlightening energy on you this evening! Come dressed as your favorite chakra by wearing one solid color and get a $5 dollar discount.
We combine movement, breath, sound, music, and improvised comedy based on suggestions from YOU, the audience. Exercises include: audience awakenings, dakini dating game, chakra constellation, kama sutra, play-party quirks, foreign film dub, and spoon river. Typically the show tends to be adult material and language. Rated R for REALLY Fun!  San Diego Tantra Theater Troupe: Shawn Roop, Rita Mooney, Michael McClure, Joy, Ember directed by Kamala Devi
Details: Ideal Hotel/Red Lotus Society is located at 546 3rd Ave, San Diego, CA 92101 Ticket price $15 ($10 if your dressed in one solid color of the rainbow.) Mark your Calendar for 7:30 on the 3rd Saturday of each month: April 17th, May 15th, June 19th, July 17th, Aug. 21st...We aim to satisfy you and want you to come again, and again and AGAIN! For videos, discounts and free stuff. Go to

"I was just in awes at all times. Everyone acted so natural and professionally. The content was great and very deep. I'd love will attend again. What a fabulous production, entertaing, funny and very educational. Thanks to all involved." --Alan Farr

It was awesome! The production value was high, and the personal sharing of the actors/actresses were moving. It is a must see! --Dr. Sayaka
Bravo! I came expecting to see things I'd never seen before and I was not disappointed! --Sherri

Screening of New Documentary "Sex Magic"

   Over 45 friends and lovers gathered to see the SD premier of the final version of Baba Dez's documentary. The directors, Johnathan and Eric came down from Hollywood and said it was the largest screening they've had yet!  Local tantra teachers Shawn Roop, Kypris Aster Drake, Michael McClure and I have been involved in the documentary for years and have seen several versions.  But the majority of the room did not know Baba Dez and this was their first introduction to his sexual healing work. The film was followed by a thought provoking discussion and we used a projector to Skype Dez and ask him how he felt about the film (we even asked how his parents felt!?)

Above: Here is a screen shot from the film. (we are pictured on an active volcano.)
Above: Directors Johnathan and Eric sit on the couch as Shawn and Kypris cuddle on floor.
Above: As a big suprise, Monique's husband drives her down from Utah just in time for the screening...Hey, they don't have films like this in Utah! (Thanks Nathan for taking all these pictures!)

Tuesday, February 23

Year of the Tiger, Feng Shui Tips by Laura Lee

     Feng Shui seemed like a fringe metaphysical belief- system which, like many ancient Asian practices, had little bearing on my modern life, that is, until I met Laura Lee. Four years ago,when we first bought our 60 year old pacific beach home, I was sure it also had a ghost. (The previous owner was a stubborn old women who's husband had already passed on.) Several of my from my friends in the spiritual community had suggested I hire Laura Lee to do a traditional compas Feng Shui consultation, so I thought, what the hell? She confirmed that she felt a ghost but that it was a good ghost and kindly asked it to leave. She also inquired about what area of our life we wanted to enhance. Hmmm...My husband and I reflected on our life.
     "My life is so rich and full, what else could a girl want?" I asked.
     "Fame." He exclaimed.
     "OK, I'll take it."
     Then Laura Lee proceeded to wander around the house with a cumpas and give us tips of how to upgrade every room. Specifically for fame, she told us to paint our front door and stack wood and create a warm comfortable area. Within days of painting our front door purple, we were called by Fox News and then a whole string of radio, paper and TV interviews ensued. Then I thought...This stuff actually works.
     Then I remember Laura Lee had said there was a whole cut into my creativity quadrant, if I built the house out behind your kitchen, she thought I'd see a dramatic shift in my creativity. So that is exactly what we did. We built a stage for tantra theater. Hundreds of peole started showing up to see it. My career, art, and life purpose have since taken a quantum leap!
     Feng Shui, I'm sorry I ever doubted you.
     Laura Lee, thanks for the clear and simple direction.
     I just received a newsletter from Laura Lee and thought I would share it with you:
Welcome to the year of the metal tiger!!!
      This will not be a dull year for certain. The year of the Golden Tiger will bring intensity, and will be a good year of grand adventures for the courageous. There will likely be disasters, conflicts, and new advances in technologies, science, and health... These will be globally reaching!
     Travel may be in your plans too. This is a good year to seize opportunities and make the best out of your talents. The year of the tiger will be very active, and opportunities will leave just as fast as they come in. Don't miss your chance of a lifetime!
      I have included the "Salt Water Cure" if you would like to redo this ritual, and it is to be moved to the Southwest of your dwelling.Every year we take a few moments to align the energies to create prosperity and health in our lives. The two compass directions to be aware of this year are the Northeast (where the Obstacles House has transitioned) and the Southwest (where the Misfortune & Illness House has transitioned).
     Right now is a great time to schedule your space clearing with me. I have conveniently adjusted all my pricing and am now offering all of my services at $88 per hour. I do offer lower pricing for those who are in need. Just ask!
     Also, I would be delighted to facilitate a Feng Shui Playshop for you and your friends. Here are some fun ones to chose from: Feng Shui For Your Love Life! Create Your Vision Board Using Feng Shui! Do It Yourself Space Clearing! To schedule a session with me, e-mail or call me at 619-955-0640
Blissful Abundance,
Laura Lee, HHP
Salt Water Cure From my teacher Kathryn Holt
A Traditional Feng Shui cure to offset illness (and, in particular, to reduce the negative effects of the “Yellow Five”/ ‘Illness Star’) is the Salt Water Cure. Instructions on how to prepare one is listed below.
You’ll need:

  • A medium sized jar (12 or 16 oz. should be fine)

  • Sea Salt or Epsom salts (table salt not recommended)

  • Water (Bottled water preferred)

  • 6 or 9 coins.

  • A saucer


  • Pour 2 inches of salt into the bottom of the jar

  • Pour water over salt, so that the water level is 2 inches above the salt line

  • Place the lid on the jar

  • Place 6 or 9 coins on the saucer, and place the jar on top of the coins (on top of the saucer).

  • Place it in the corresponding sector for the year.  
Note: While the Salt Water cure does not have to be displayed in public view (you can place it in a closet, under the sink, or out of view), it ideally should be placed somewhere where it will not be knocked over. Be mindful that it is in the right location however. (See chart below) I usually assemble a new Salt Water Cure at the start of each new year then move it to the new sector.  In 2010 the Illness Star is in the Southwest.

Thursday, February 18

SD Premiere Private Screening of "Sex Magic" with Baba Dez!

Kamala Devi plays a supporting role in this groundbreaking Documentary. (Also featured in this film are local tantra teachers: Shawn Roop of, Ariel White of , Kypris Aster Drake and Steven Jay of, Mare Simone of and Jaiya of and many other national sex educators.) Baba Dez of is the main character, visionary and producer.
     This last minute screening is happening because Dez is spontaneously passing through SD after his worldwide sacred sexuality tour. We are privledged to be offering a informal screening. There will be icebreakers, popcorn and a discussion afterwards.
SEX MAGIC. It's a Boy meets Girl, Boy looses Girl, Boy tries to get Girl back story with a twist.
The Boy is BABA DEZ, a renowned sacred sexual healer, (Kamala's Co-author) who is polyamorous.(One of Kamala's Lovers. The Girl, MAYA, a sacred prostitute with a history of sexual abuse. To get her back, Dez must embark on a challenging journey, one that pitches him into a labyrinth of denial & philosophical contradictions: a cult of his own creation. to watch a 3 minute video trailer check out facebook:!/pages/Sex-Magic-Manifesting-Maya/162540689657?ref=ts.
Tues. Feb. 23rd, Premiere screening of "Sex Magic" 6:45 Requested donation $10. Email for directions.

Wednesday, February 17

Radical Relationship Audio Interview with Dossie Easton!

Kamala Devi interviews Dossie Easton of about: her success as the co-author of the Ethical Slut, Her advice on radical relationships and how Tantra philosophy can be used with Kink and BDSM to experience Radical Ecstacy!
Enjoy this 60 minute recording. Dossie is a wellspring of wisdom!

Cobra Paying Homage to Lord Shiva

WHO: Priest opened the sanctum doors at about 10:30 AM and went to fetch water.At that time he noticed a Cobra descending from the Temple Vilva (Bilva) tree, carrying a Vilva leaf in its mouth. It entered the Sanctum of Sivalinga, went around the Vigraha, and dropped the leaf on top of the Linga. Then they saw the same being repeated one more time, carrying a Vilva leaf and putting it on the Siva Linga.

WHAT: The Naga Serpent has been regularly visiting the Siva Idol for the last three solar eclipses.He immediately called Mr. Thenappan the photographer, who lives in Thrunagesvaram a kilometer from this village. Meantime a dozen or more people, including my house caretaker, had assembled to witness this miracle. In front of their eyes the Naga went back to the Vilva tree, plucked the leaves, and came back all the way to drop it on the Siva Linga. All these have been photographed by Mr. Thenappan (photos received directly from the photographer annexed).

WHEN: Miracle occured on January 15, 2010 - Solar Eclipse day[Translation]

WHERE: Famous Temple for Sri Viswanatha at Thepperumanallur near Kumbakonam, Dinamalar-News in Dinakaran

WHY:The Priest explained "It is doing the archana during the Solar Eclipse time to wash off its sins".

P.S This email was translated from Tamil and sent to me by Goddess Rina Daly-Goode in LA with the following signature quote:
"There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle." --Albert Einstein

Tuesday, February 16

What is an Advanced Sacred Sexual Play Party?

Our Wild Weekend with Dossie Easton just got even Wilder!
We just added an advanced Sacred Sexual Play Party for everyone attending the workshops with Dossie!
     Yesterday Dossie was telling me about this great bondage demonstration that she likes to do, And I was like,
"Ooh...ooh, can you do it on me!?"
But she didn't think she had enough time to do it during the weekend. So we spontaneously created a whole new event which we are offering F.R.E.E for everyone attending either Saturday or Sunday's wild weekend workshops.
     What is a Sacred Sexual Play Party? A safe and sensual environment for you to freely express your love and sexuality amongst other responsible and consensual gods & goddesses. The Opening Circle will start at 8:00 pm and will be followed by a special BONDAGE DEMO where Dossie will tie me up with a rope harness and throw me around (I can hardly wait...wink & giggle) After over two hours of adult play time, we'll conduct a sacred closing circle and hug goodbye by midnight.
      If you live out of town, and are not able to attend, we apologize for the last minute announcement. but we hope you'll join us for the upcoming tele-class on radical relationships.

Your Wild Weekend Workshop Awaits...
Calendar of Events:
TOMORROW! Wed. Feb. 17th 1pm Fre'e Teleconference: Radical Relationship Fri. Feb. 19th, 6:45 Poly Potluck with Guest Speaker: Dossie Easton Call in number:(760) 569-6000 Access Code: 321357#
Fri. Feb. 19th 6:45 Poly Potluck with Dossie Easton $15
Sat. Feb 20th, 1-6pm Ethical Slut with Dossie Easton $129Party Included:
Sat. Feb. 20th, 8-Midnight Sacrd Sexual Play Party (Invite Only)
Sun. Feb. 21st, 1-6 Radical Ecstasy: BDSM Tantra with Dossie Easton $129
Wed. March 3rd, 6:45pm Free Open House for Artist way Free
Wed. March 6th 6pm Performance Art Potluck & Sacred Snuggle Party $30
Tues. March 9th 6:45pm Tantra Talk with Guest Speaker $10
Tues. March 22nd 6:45 Poly Potluck with Kamala Devi $10
March 25-29th San Francisco DVD Release Party $19.95
Sat. April 3rd 6pm Performance Art Potluck & Sacred Snuggle Party $30
For details go to:
For erotic edu-tainment go to

Sunday, February 14

Happy Valentines Day!!

Sending YOU Love on Heart Day! This weekend, I had another sensual and exhilarating adventure. Michael and I enjoyed romantic conversation as we road-tripped around San Diego looking at land, venues and space for various projects. After several magical encounters with owners and managers we are excited to announce that we found a perfect home for both Tantra Theater and Tantra-Palooza!!! To celebrate we went to the Mardi-Gras street scene in Little Italy and feasted at the Indigo Grill. After a warm candle-lite bath at home, went to a local burlesque show called "Hell on Heels" for further inspiration. Enjoy a few snapshots of Michael and I doing our best blues brothers impersonation. In my humble opinion, Valentines is best spent as a gal in drag.

Kamala Devi
or call 858-272-2254 Wed.
Feb. 17th 1pm Fre'e Teleconference: Radical Relationship
Fri. Feb. 19th, 6:45 Poly Potluck with Guest Speaker: Dossie Easton
Sat. Feb 20th, 1-6pmEthical Slut with Dossie Easton Sun.
Feb. 21st, 1-6 Radical Ecstasy: BDSM Tantra with Dossie Easton
Wed. March 3rd, 6:45pm Free Open House for Artist way
Wed. March 6th 6pm Performance Art Potluck & Sacred Snuggle Party

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Wednesday, February 10

New Banner for www.TantraTheater.TV

Have you seen all the fabulous streaming videos on our new Tantra Theater site??? If your a fan and want to help us spread the word, we are happy to cross promote your website.  We are creating a new links page that will feature your site if you reciprocate by posting this banner on your site and/or blog!
P.S.Thank you Shawn Roop for the beautiful design.
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Tuesday, February 9

Tantra Talk: Sacred Sex Down Under with Kamala Devi

     There were over a dozen committed tantrikas who swam through the "mansoon" to sit by the warm fire and join me for tea and tantra talk. Thought this was not meant to be a potluck, they brought pizza, tofu, rice and fruit. Through my sniffles and sneezes, I was so happy to share the intimate details of my journey through the Australian dream time. It felt like a shamanic reclamation of the cords and peices of myself which I had left behind. I'm so grateful for my San Diego Tantra Community. Thank you for showing up. Tantra Talks will now be held on the 2nd Tuesday of every month and Poly Potlucks will be on the 4th Tuesday.
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Why I can't wait for V-day to be over!

      If you are like me, you have mixed feelings about V-day. Personally, I both hate Valentines AND I heart it! This year marks my 8 year anniversary with Michael and as a relationship coach it is usually a busy work weekend. But the reason I resent the hallmark holiday is because I am bored by the cliche commercialism. As a tantrika I am constantly seeking outlets for nonconventional expressions of love...
     That's why on the weeked AFTER Valentiens, I've created a wild series of events with Dossie Easton, the queen of Radical relationships! No matter what kind of relationship your in (especially if you are single aka your own primary lover!) We invite you to join us on a fre'e POST valentines conference call with this witty sacred sex pioneer. She is one of the author's of the "Ethical Slut" which is a groundbreaking book that is actually considered the "bible" for responsible non-monogamous relationships.

(oops...please note the date and number correction!!!)
Time & Date: 1pm this Wed. 17th
Dial in Number: 760-569-6000

Access Code: 321357#
If you cannot make the call but are interested in listening to the audio recording, please write

After Valentines, A Wild Weekend Awaits...

Poly Potluck with Guest Speaker: Dossie Easton Fri. Feb. 19th 6:45 PB
Here's a unique opportunity to come meet and mingle with Dossie and other friends and lovers in the SD tantra community. This exciting event features: icebreakers, food, deep discussion, questions and answers. Only $15.00
The Poly Workshop with Dossie Easton Feb. 20th 1-6pm in PB

"The Ethical Slut" book is known around the world as the "poly bible." It has made life easier for so many tantric and poly people! In this deep workshop, Dossie will teach: negotiation, agreements, recognizing our own limits and respecting others. We'll also navigate the complex emotional realities of jealousy. Tuition: $129 (There is a $20 discount if you come for both days of the weekend or if there is more than one person coming from the same household. ) 

Radical Ecstasy Playshop with Dossie Sun. Feb. 21st 1-6pm in PB

Radical Ecstasy is tantra practice applied, or enhanced, with exercises taken from BDSM. The 5 hour work shop will include exchange of power, blindfolds, breathwork and role playing. All levels of experience are welcome. Dossie is an expert at helping people feel safe while taking huge risks! The presentation is all designed so that every participant can join in at their own comfort level, with every exercise. Regular price only $129. (There is a $20 discount if you come for both days of the weekend or if there is more than one person coming from the same household. )
About Dossie Easton:
An active sex radical since 1961, Dossie became a volunteer with San Francisco Sex Information, and subsequently served on their trainings staff, offered a sex talk radio show for three years, and earned a bachelor's degree in Human Sexuality. She trained as a therapist in a variety of environments, including ten years as a therapist in a psychiatric halfway house with a specialty working with abuse survivors. Currently she serves the poly community as a therapist in her private practice, and by supervising interns in training and offering trainings to professionals in how to work with the issues that may come up in poly families. She makes her home in the mountains north of San Francisco, travels around to teach at conferences all over the world, and spends her nonexistent free time hiking the hills declaiming filthy poetry to the vultures and hosting outrageous pajama parties. Dossie's Website:

Early Bird Special: Register now for Dossies wild weekend workshops and Save $20 dollars on Saturday and/or Sunday if you register and pay in full before valentines day. Regular fee is $129 for one day or $238 both days. Early Bird fee is Only: $109 for one day or $218 for both days. Offer Expires: Feb. 14, 2010.

Kamala Says: "It's my pleasure to introduce you to a powerful role model who has touched my life and I personally look forward to playing with you during this wild weekend!"

Calendar of Events: TONIGHT Feb. 9th, 6:45pm Tantra Talk (Sacred Sex Down Under)
Wed. Feb. 17th 1pm Fre'e Teleconference: Radical Relationship Fri. Feb. 19th, 6:45 Poly Potluck with Guest Speaker: Dossie Easton
Sat. Feb 20th, 1-6pmEthical Slut with Dossie Easton
Sun. Feb. 21st, 1-6 Radical Ecstasy: BDSM Tantra with Dossie Easton
Wed. March 3rd, 6:45pm Free Open House for Artist way
Wed. March 6th 6pm Performance Art Potluck & Sacred Snuggle Party
Tues. March 9th 6:45pm Tantra Talk with Guest Speaker TBA
Tues. March 22nd 6:45 Poly Potluck with Kamala Devi
March 25-29th San Francisco DVD Release Party
Sat. April 3rd 6pm Performance Art Potluck & Sacred Snuggle Party
For details go to:
For erotic edu-tainment go to

Saturday, February 6

In Search of Poly Photos and Open Art

There is a fantastic scene in the film, "The Secret" where a single man is advised that if he wants to attract a woman in his life he should upgrade the art in his house so that it is more romantic and not so lonely.
     According to the law of attraction, it would follow, that if I want to attract a more solid lover into my open marriage, I should surround myself with art that is inviting to to a triad. The problem is, this kind of art is rare. We are bombarded with dyads. The media is brainwashing us to think that romance looks like two hearts, two pillows, two cars, his-and-her-matching bathroom sets.
     This Valentines, I'm on a quest to find fabulous portrayals of poly pods. Threesomes, four-ways and entire constellations of friends and lovers. And if I can't find quality portrayals of open relationship ... I'm going to make my own. I hereby invite my artistic and open minded friends to help me co-create poly photos, multiple partnered paintings and even threesome theater! Maybe we'll take over the halls of a local museum with our artistic reflections of open Relationships!
     By Kamala Devi
Tues. Feb. 9th, 6:45pm Tantra Talk (Topic: Sacred Sex Down Under)
Fri. Feb. 19th, Poly Potluck with Guest Speaker: Dossie Easton (Author of Ethical Slut)
Sat. Feb 20th, 2010 Ethical Slut with Dossie Easton 1-6pm
Sun. Feb. 21st, 2010 Radical Ecstasy: BDSM Tantra with Dossie Easton
Wed. March 3rd, 6:45pm Free Open House for Artist way!
For erotic edu-tainment go to

Friday, February 5

Help me make a pitch for more love in Hollywood

As you know, my love life and sacred sex work are not secret. I have been doing a lot of national media lately because I feel I have an important message to get out to as many people as possible...BUT the question is: is Hollywood really ready?  My friend Billy has been talking to Hollywood producers about my lifestyle and the feedback he's getting is that the word "Polyamory" and "Tantra" may be too charged.
Now we're collaborating on a pitch (for a special or a series) based on the super radical sex and relationship coaching that we do. The focus of the show has shifted from Billy's story to follow my life, but it is not necessarily tantra or poly, and (cross your fingers) may even include tantra theater.

FYI: A pitch is a concise presentation of an idea for a documentary or a series, generally made by a screenwriter or director to a producer or studio executive in the hope of attracting development finance to pay for the writing of a screenplay.
Based on demographics of their nitch market, the producers are looking for young beautiful articulate people who are not too shy to talk about new paradigms of sex and relationship on camera. This pitch does not commit you to anything, but if the producers like may have the option to be in the show!
Last weekend we logged almost ten hours of shooting. We got great footage of Michael and I around the house, at the beach. Reid and I at the DVD release party, a staged workshop, tantra theater auditions and intimate interviews with my friends and lovers. (Thank you for showing up so loud and proud.)

We will be shooting more footage again in a few weeks. Please let me know if you're interested in supporting this project. And I'll keep you posted on it's development as I continue to work with

My ultimate intention is to manifest an opportunity to share the depth, growth and learning that is possible when people are willing to follow their hearts, speak their truth, and not limit their love.  May the producers and decision makers in this project be touched by our words and deeds and recognize this show as an act of service and truth. Aho!
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Thursday, February 4

Audio Issues with Amazon DVD's

Q? -- Have you had any reports of no sound on the dvd? I tried playing in my computer and there was no sound. I played other dvds with no problems. Any thoughts? I'm SOOO looking forward to it!!!

A!--Thanks for buying one of the first DVDs at our big Ninja DVD Launch party.
     Yes, unfortunatly, you are not the only one who is experiencing this problem.  I have recently learned that when you order a bulk under 500 DVD's from Amazon, they are un stamped (-R) version which does not play in a small percentage of old DVD players. According to Amazon... it is only 4% of the Players on the market.
     So, if your sound does not work, we suggest you try your computer, or another player in the house or maybe you can watch it with a friend's DVD player.
     I'm currently brainstorming with my production team on how we can order a small supply of Stamped (+R) DVD's so that I can offer an exchange, but until then, the only other suggestion I have is if you test your DVD within 2 weeks of purchase, I can offer an equal exchange for one of my books, or if you hand it back, I'll refund your money. Thanks for your understanding and patience.
Kamala Devi
P.S.--The response I got:
No problem - it was my computer I tried it on but it is older. I'll see if I can get my newer dvd player connected. I'll still keep it, as I will get new computer one day! Or maybe I can find a friend to watch it with! I still need to get your autograph on it!

Monday, February 1

Official DVD Launch Party with Kamala Devi & Reid Mihalko

This Just in: Jan. 30th, Kamala Devi and Reid Mihalko released their new DVD "earning your BLACKBELT in relationships and threw a fabulous launch party for over 50 people. It was an incredibly unique event which celebrated the cast and crew, we had a mini-screening and got to meet the masters. The dress codewas black and there was Japanese themed foods and black desserts!  Thanks to Monique for most the photos!
If you like the DVD please send us a positive review. And if you haven't gotten your copy yet go to:
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Cuddle Party TM with Reid Mihalko vs. Sacred Snuggle with Kamala Devi


     People often ask: What's the difference between a Cuddle Party TM and your famous Sacred Snuggle Parties? Well, they are the same-same...but VERY different! To illustrate the subtle but powerful differences, I'll tell a little story.
     Almost 3 years ago, I was teaching "self promotion for erotic entrepreneurs" at a sacred sexuality conference in Chicago. And that's where I met Reid Mihalko. During his irreverent and non tantric talk, I was impressed, not only by of his notable track record with the media but his absolutely outrageous sense of humor. Afterwards he was offering an optional Cuddle Party. My husband Michael and I secretly laughed at the idea. Michael said, "it's going to be too vanilla." But I wanted to see what this full grown man looked like in footsie pajamas, so after a hot shower we dragged our hotel pillows and blankets down to the party. We were careful to arrive on time because Reid was insistent that he would lock the doors and not let anyone in after 8pm. During the welcome circle he read from a script. The rules were simple, brilliant, and can be found on 
  1. Pajamas stay on the whole time.
  2. You don't have to cuddle anyone at a Cuddle Party, ever.
  3. You must ask permission and receive a verbal YES before you touch anyone. (Be as specific in your request as you can.)
  4. If you're a yes, say YES. If you're a no, say NO.
  5. If you're a maybe, say NO.
  6. You are encouraged to change your mind anytime you want.
  7. Respect your relationship agreements and communicate with your partner.
  8. Get your Cuddle Lifeguard On Duty or Cuddle Caddy if you have a question or concern or need assistance with anything during the Cuddle Party.
  9. Tears and laughter are both welcome.
  10. Respect people's privacy when sharing about Cuddle Parties and do not gossip.
  11. Arrive on time.
  12. Be hygienically savvy.
His presentation had a stand up comedy which instantly put the room at ease.  Afterward the hour long welcome circle, There were two and a half hours of self-directed connection (cuddling, talking, mingling, massaging, dancing and even kissing) where my personal boundaries were not only respected but celebrated!
   After the event I was in cloud 9. The simple, clean, high state was an absolute revelation! I felt that in 5 years of volunteering on the SD Tantra visioning council ...this was just the medicine that the community was missing.  The following morning I cornered Reid and started to discuss some of the unique needs and desires of the San Diego tantra and spiritual community.  Reid revealed that Cuddle Party TM was specifically designed to make a room full of strangers feel safe enough to cuddle, even in the most conservative towns in middle america. Which is also why it's teachings are heavily protected by trade mark law.  And though the Cuddle Party facilitators course offers immense value to teachers and community leaders of all types, what I was wanting was a more advanced version of these teachings.  Something that would be relevant to a room full of relationship and communication BLACKBELTS.
     So with some private mentorship, Reid supported me in designing my monthly Sacred Snuggle Party. In the last three years, it has become the most popular event that I offer, and I have reid to thank for that.  This event truly stands on the shoulders of Cuddle party TM.  I believe that a true master will ritualistically repeat their basic training so that they don't get too far away from their foundation. Which is why I've invited Reid to bring Cuddle Party TM to San Diego on a regular basis, and it is also well attended by newbies and masters alike.
     Whether or not you who attended the recent Cuddle Party with Reid Mihalko (Pictured above) I invite you to come to our Monthly Sacred Snuggle party and Performance art Potluck this Saturday in Pacific Beach (write to reserve your space and get directions.)
     During a Sacred Snuggle Party and Performance art potluck: You dress in flowey, or comfy yoga pants or goddess wear. After arivals, we initiate the evening with a non-denominational prayer before our yummy vegetarian potluck, and then after plates are washed, we sit back and enjoy a half out of performance art put on by the San Diego Tantra Theater Troupe. Afterwards we do a discussion and then start the sacred circle. The sacred circle involves a spiritual invocation, icebreakers and social agreements (AKA rules.) The rules are modified from the original Cuddle Party rules because it is not a non-sexual event. Spiritual, sensual and sexual energy is all encouraged. Amongst consensual adults, clothing does not necessarily have to stay on. Flirting, making out and running sacred sexual energy is welcome.  At or around 11pm we will call a closing circle to meditate, reflect and share the highlights and lowlights of the evening. I look forward to snuggling with you soon!