Wednesday, February 24

Screening of New Documentary "Sex Magic"

   Over 45 friends and lovers gathered to see the SD premier of the final version of Baba Dez's documentary. The directors, Johnathan and Eric came down from Hollywood and said it was the largest screening they've had yet!  Local tantra teachers Shawn Roop, Kypris Aster Drake, Michael McClure and I have been involved in the documentary for years and have seen several versions.  But the majority of the room did not know Baba Dez and this was their first introduction to his sexual healing work. The film was followed by a thought provoking discussion and we used a projector to Skype Dez and ask him how he felt about the film (we even asked how his parents felt!?)

Above: Here is a screen shot from the film. (we are pictured on an active volcano.)
Above: Directors Johnathan and Eric sit on the couch as Shawn and Kypris cuddle on floor.
Above: As a big suprise, Monique's husband drives her down from Utah just in time for the screening...Hey, they don't have films like this in Utah! (Thanks Nathan for taking all these pictures!)

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DTakkah said...

Hello Kamala,
Congratz . . when will the film be previewed in LA?