Tuesday, February 23

Year of the Tiger, Feng Shui Tips by Laura Lee

     Feng Shui seemed like a fringe metaphysical belief- system which, like many ancient Asian practices, had little bearing on my modern life, that is, until I met Laura Lee. Four years ago,when we first bought our 60 year old pacific beach home, I was sure it also had a ghost. (The previous owner was a stubborn old women who's husband had already passed on.) Several of my from my friends in the spiritual community had suggested I hire Laura Lee to do a traditional compas Feng Shui consultation, so I thought, what the hell? She confirmed that she felt a ghost but that it was a good ghost and kindly asked it to leave. She also inquired about what area of our life we wanted to enhance. Hmmm...My husband and I reflected on our life.
     "My life is so rich and full, what else could a girl want?" I asked.
     "Fame." He exclaimed.
     "OK, I'll take it."
     Then Laura Lee proceeded to wander around the house with a cumpas and give us tips of how to upgrade every room. Specifically for fame, she told us to paint our front door and stack wood and create a warm comfortable area. Within days of painting our front door purple, we were called by Fox News and then a whole string of radio, paper and TV interviews ensued. Then I thought...This stuff actually works.
     Then I remember Laura Lee had said there was a whole cut into my creativity quadrant, if I built the house out behind your kitchen, she thought I'd see a dramatic shift in my creativity. So that is exactly what we did. We built a stage for tantra theater. Hundreds of peole started showing up to see it. My career, art, and life purpose have since taken a quantum leap!
     Feng Shui, I'm sorry I ever doubted you.
     Laura Lee, thanks for the clear and simple direction.
     I just received a newsletter from Laura Lee and thought I would share it with you:
Welcome to the year of the metal tiger!!!
      This will not be a dull year for certain. The year of the Golden Tiger will bring intensity, and will be a good year of grand adventures for the courageous. There will likely be disasters, conflicts, and new advances in technologies, science, and health... These will be globally reaching!
     Travel may be in your plans too. This is a good year to seize opportunities and make the best out of your talents. The year of the tiger will be very active, and opportunities will leave just as fast as they come in. Don't miss your chance of a lifetime!
      I have included the "Salt Water Cure" if you would like to redo this ritual, and it is to be moved to the Southwest of your dwelling.Every year we take a few moments to align the energies to create prosperity and health in our lives. The two compass directions to be aware of this year are the Northeast (where the Obstacles House has transitioned) and the Southwest (where the Misfortune & Illness House has transitioned).
     Right now is a great time to schedule your space clearing with me. I have conveniently adjusted all my pricing and am now offering all of my services at $88 per hour. I do offer lower pricing for those who are in need. Just ask!
     Also, I would be delighted to facilitate a Feng Shui Playshop for you and your friends. Here are some fun ones to chose from: Feng Shui For Your Love Life! Create Your Vision Board Using Feng Shui! Do It Yourself Space Clearing! To schedule a session with me, e-mail or call me at 619-955-0640
Blissful Abundance,
Laura Lee, HHP
Salt Water Cure From my teacher Kathryn Holt
A Traditional Feng Shui cure to offset illness (and, in particular, to reduce the negative effects of the “Yellow Five”/ ‘Illness Star’) is the Salt Water Cure. Instructions on how to prepare one is listed below.
You’ll need:

  • A medium sized jar (12 or 16 oz. should be fine)

  • Sea Salt or Epsom salts (table salt not recommended)

  • Water (Bottled water preferred)

  • 6 or 9 coins.

  • A saucer


  • Pour 2 inches of salt into the bottom of the jar

  • Pour water over salt, so that the water level is 2 inches above the salt line

  • Place the lid on the jar

  • Place 6 or 9 coins on the saucer, and place the jar on top of the coins (on top of the saucer).

  • Place it in the corresponding sector for the year.  
Note: While the Salt Water cure does not have to be displayed in public view (you can place it in a closet, under the sink, or out of view), it ideally should be placed somewhere where it will not be knocked over. Be mindful that it is in the right location however. (See chart below) I usually assemble a new Salt Water Cure at the start of each new year then move it to the new sector.  In 2010 the Illness Star is in the Southwest.

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