Friday, February 5

Help me make a pitch for more love in Hollywood

As you know, my love life and sacred sex work are not secret. I have been doing a lot of national media lately because I feel I have an important message to get out to as many people as possible...BUT the question is: is Hollywood really ready?  My friend Billy has been talking to Hollywood producers about my lifestyle and the feedback he's getting is that the word "Polyamory" and "Tantra" may be too charged.
Now we're collaborating on a pitch (for a special or a series) based on the super radical sex and relationship coaching that we do. The focus of the show has shifted from Billy's story to follow my life, but it is not necessarily tantra or poly, and (cross your fingers) may even include tantra theater.

FYI: A pitch is a concise presentation of an idea for a documentary or a series, generally made by a screenwriter or director to a producer or studio executive in the hope of attracting development finance to pay for the writing of a screenplay.
Based on demographics of their nitch market, the producers are looking for young beautiful articulate people who are not too shy to talk about new paradigms of sex and relationship on camera. This pitch does not commit you to anything, but if the producers like may have the option to be in the show!
Last weekend we logged almost ten hours of shooting. We got great footage of Michael and I around the house, at the beach. Reid and I at the DVD release party, a staged workshop, tantra theater auditions and intimate interviews with my friends and lovers. (Thank you for showing up so loud and proud.)

We will be shooting more footage again in a few weeks. Please let me know if you're interested in supporting this project. And I'll keep you posted on it's development as I continue to work with

My ultimate intention is to manifest an opportunity to share the depth, growth and learning that is possible when people are willing to follow their hearts, speak their truth, and not limit their love.  May the producers and decision makers in this project be touched by our words and deeds and recognize this show as an act of service and truth. Aho!
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