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Tantric Fire Ritual

When my beloved and I were on Pilgimmage in India, we worked off our karmic incompatability by practicing "Agni-Homa" or Fire Puja under the guidence of a Tantric Master.  Our vedic astrological charts revealed that we were tragically incompatablity in the area of romance. So, everyday for nearly 3 weeks we offered fire, prayers and prostrations to chandi the Moon Goddess. 

The specific ceremony we practiced in India is a very complex vedic process that begins at sunrise or sunset and lasts for many hours.  Here is a photo of the Agni temple where we practiced in South India.  It's been over 5 years and my beloved and I are still experiencing extreme harmony.

In order to realize more relief from post pardum depression, I recently resumed a simplified version of this ceremony as my morning practice for the 21 days leading up to my recent Shadow Dancing intensive with David Cates.  The results are comperably profound.  

“The fire ceremony is one of the oldest healing ceremonies known to man. In many First Nations cosmologies, the belief is held that we (and all of life) are light bound up in matter. So when you put a piece of wood into the fire, you are releasing the matter back into its essence, which is light. The fire transmutes heavy energy into light energy.”--Dr. Liana Carbon

According to many shamanic traditions there is a two-week period following a fire ceremony in which “instances of opportunity” appear like sparks or windows where you may translate your intent for healing into a whole new level of reality. Shaman Alberto Villodo PhD teaches people to "think of the fire ceremony, not as instantaneous magical change, but rather an opening for healing patterns and habits. Seize the opportunity to change your behaviors in the real world. Then let the universe take care of the details."
If you are interested in this practice, I suggest you recieve initation from a trained tantrika or Shaman.  If you have already been intiated, Here are the basic instructions adapted from the lineage of the Munay-Ki Rites as taught to me by my shaman sister Katie Weatherup. Feel free to modify it to include whatever personal deities or sacred objects offer special relevance and protection to you. Here are the basic instructions:

A~G~N~I    F~I~R~E    C~E~R~E~M~O~N~Y!
To create an opportunity to “release” and/or “call in” significant issues or energies along your life’s path.

1. Choose an intention or issues to work with. The issue should be in your mind as clear and simple as possible: single-pointed, like an arrow. Your issue cannot not involve the manipulation of another person’s will. The ceremony is done as an active meditation and focus of all your energies mental, physical, emotional and spiritual.
2. Call on a friend or teacher to support you and keep you safe during this process.
3. Prepare your ritual space and altar with personal sacred objects and A twig that is safe to burn– or paper with your writing or drawings on it.
Also set:
Epsom salts in the North
Sage in the East
A Candle with Matches or Lighter in the South
91% alcohol in the West

The Ceremony:
Shake a rattle to call in the Four Directions, Earth, Sky and the direction within.
During the invocation I usually Pour about ½” of Epsom salt into the fireproof container, Light the smudge and clear my aura, Light the candle. Pour about a tablespoon or two of alcohol into a shot glass and then hold my twig to my heart and go into meditation.
Following is my favorite invocation, but I encourage you find or speak your own.

By the Earth that is Her body,
By the Air that is Her breath,
By the Fire of Her bright spirit,
And by the living Waters of Her womb,
The Circle is Cast.

Blow into the Stick while telling the Universe what you are releasing and calling in.
When ready, pour ½ shot glass of 91% alcohol over the salt. Then light it with a match or lighter and drop the stick into the fire. (Caution: Never add more alcohol to a burning fire.)

Brush your hands over the fire and towards your each of your chakras, as if you are scooping water from a bowl.

Express your gratitude to the Divine through prayer, meditation or song. In the Hindu Tantric practice of Agni Puja, I suggest a powerful seed mantra to lord Ganesha, remover of obsticles:
Om Gum Ganapataya Namaha!
Om Gum Ganapataya Namaha!
Om Gum Ganapataya Namaha!

Let the flames becomes your teacher. The fire will change color and burns differently each time offering rich insights to your internal process. Allow it to burn out naturally. This ceremony is not meant to be sensational or dramatic, but rather a way to focus our attention and energy upon our transformation.

Close the Ceremony:
Close the sacred space by thanking all the directions.
"Praise, honor, Glory to all 4 directions,
God, Goddess and my higher self.
Go if you must, stay if you will,
I trust that all alchemy done here
is done in the highest good of all."
Or speak a closing benediction that is appropriate to your practice. Here is a beautiful depiction of Agni-Tara. The Goddess of Fire:

In Darkness and in Light,
Kamala Devi
Additional Acknowledgements for the fire ceremony to Mara Clear Spring & Katie Weatherup –

Saturday, November 28

We're going Down Under! Any recommendations?

My personal Motto: "Travel is the best teacher." And ever since I was in college and read the book "Barefoot Walk-about" also known in America as "Mutant Message" by Morgan Maslow, I've dearmed of traveling Australia.  The rich landscape, the magical sound of the didredoo, the aboriginal culture and legends of the dreamtime...It's been a slow psychological seduction. 
When I heard that Oz was one of the stops on Baba Dez's Sacred Sexuality World Tour, I knew I had to go. My co-author, Baba Dez is hosting the 2nd annual Austral-Asian Conference for Sacred Sexual Educators this Jan. 8- 10, 2010 in Sydney.
  Now I'm going for FIVE WEEKS. And I'll be traveling with my husband and son on his 3 birthday! After being sick for a week and slammed through the holidays, I can't believe our departure date is nearly here!  (We leave from LAX on the 6th.)  So I need HELP making contacts and plans.  While there, we plan to tour, visit, teach, party and co-create with other tantrikas and creative types. 
Do you have any recommendations:
of where to go?
Who to meet?
What to do?
Do you know anyone who'd be intersted in experiencing tantra and/or theater while we're there?
 Here are some potential events that Dez has scheduled:
  • Thursday, 17th December Talks 7-9pm@ The Shed Byron Bay $25Traversing the Cutting Edge of Spiritual Sexual Shamanism
  • Friday, 18th December @ Heartspace, Above Santos, Mullumbimby $25Living the Bliss of Shiva & Shakti
  • Tuesday, 22nd December @ The Shed, Byron Bay $25 Sex Magic – Manifesting Your Deepest Desires Workshops
  • Saturday, 19th December @ Nest Retreat, Wilsons Creek Sacred Sexuality & Relational Mastery $250 includes Gourmet Lunch
  • Sunday, 20th December @ Nest Retreat, Wilsons CreekBuilding Extraordinary Relationships $250 includes Gourmet Lunch
  • Book both 1 Day Workshops $450 inclusive Monday, 21st December @ Nest Retreat, Wilsons Creek
  • Daka/Dakini Practitioner Training Day $350 includes Gourmet Lunch
  • Privates Sessions available with Baba Dez, Kamala Devi, Mare Simone, Natasha & Amber. $200 - $300p/h Sliding Scale.
  • All Bookings please call Eve 0425 347 477 www,
  • Dec. 26 - Jan. 5 - Sydney - and Comfest 2010
  • Jan. 8- 10: Sydney- Second Annual Australasian Conference of Sacred Sexual Educators - 2010
  • Jan. 11 - 15 Sydney- Daka/Dakini Training Australia
 Please let me know if you or anyone you know is available and interested in co-creating and/or hosting us, or if you have any suggestions on how we might share our teachings while there.
Thank you!
By Kamala Devi, Author of Don't Drink the Punch, Sacred Sexual Healing, Tantra Teacher and Sacred Sex and Open Relationship Coach

Tuesday, November 24

Tantra Theater III

Whoo-Hoo. Kudos. Congrats!
Tantra Theater III Graduated Tonight. Akasha, Sheila Joy, Hari Om, Sarah, Ember, Heidi (& Dan who is not pictured) completed a 9 week journey into amazing depth and vulnerability. Come see their public showcase at the "Performance Art Potluck and Sacred Snuggle party Dec. 5th in San Diego at 6:45pm. For details write or see
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From Shadow Dancing to Fire Ceremony

David Cates and I started off the weekend intensive with Shadow puppets. Each participant was asked to act out their deep sexual shadows behind the curtain and when they felt safe enough to come out...we welcomed their shadow aspects into the circle. Our Mantra: All aspects of you are welcome here! As the weekend intensive progressed we moved further and further into the light. At Sunset on Sunday, we went outside to perform a fire ceremony or "Agni Puja" using our sexual shadows as kindling to light a transformative fire in the center of a collective coldron.


" I enjoyed the opportunity to express myself in your field, as always. I feel there is significant value in your offerings, and you provide opportunities for growth that are not easily found elsewhere. Love you." S.Schreiber.

"David & Kamala Served up a delicious safe place for us to look at our shadows and come to clarity and release. So simple and profound. It was integrated into the body so that it feels real and lasting. This is an exceptional class that has to be experienced."
"Defiantly worth every penny! It was long enough, thorough enough and masterful enough to reach into all crevices of the shadow and expose them to the light...I want to live this way forever! I'm feeling so integrated and grateful...more please!" Simone

" I super enjoyed the theater aspect and the constellation work. I got a lot of wisdom and integration amongst difficult aspects. It was sooo worth the price of admission! Let's do it again." --Akasha

"Great to see David in casual simplicity impart great wisdom and understanding of shadow work. Kamala is wise beyond her age and a true leader."

"So much good fun and powerful energy."

"David walks his talk. His non-verbal communication is powerful. Kamala was a guide that appeared for me in each moment that I got lost...I now feel calm and resolved."

"Great workshop. Great leaders. I got what I came for."

"The non-verbal physical exercises were very helpful in getting a better understanding of my shadow issues."
"David Cates and Kamala Devi are very skilled and sensitive facilitators. This workshop is a valuable exploration of hidden aspects of self that can help a person own a more complete version of who they are. I recommend it!"

"Shadow Dancing with David and Kamala was a journey like no other. They are in the dance with you with tools that support even the most timid of performers (me) to live this darkness out and find a way to love, transform and be in it with out being owned by it."-- Keli Lalita

Thursday, November 19

Tantra Talk & Poly Potluck with Guest Speaker David Cates

David Cates (The Cuddly Teddy Bear in the middle) flew in from Seattle, where he is relocating to co-create a powerful weekend intensive called Shadow Boxing. This photo is from the monthly Poly Potluck where he teased us with a little taste of his medicine. After a yummy feast of mostly vegetarian offerings, we circled to drop in and connect. When David got the talking tambourine he said...I'm here to transmit whatever you are ready to receive. And then shared examples of how light seekers in spiritual communities often plateau in their ability to experience light, because they are not willing to embrace the experience of darkness. We took time feeling into our separation and our fears about one another and then spoke some of our sexual shadows...the part of our sexual selves that we are resisting.
Psychologically speaking "the shadow is a part of the unconscious mind consisting of repressed weaknesses, shortcomings, and instincts. It is one of the three most recognizable archetypes, the others being the anima and animus and the persona. "Everyone carries a shadow," Jung wrote, "and the less it is embodied in the individuals conscious life, the blacker and denser it is." It may be (in part) one's link to more primitive animal instincts, which are superseded during early childhood by the conscious mind." (Thank you Wikipedia)
The focus of this weekend is to identify, release and dance with our deepest darkest SEXUAL Shadow aspects. Come Join us: 858-272-2254.
By Kamala Devi, Author of Don't Drink the Punch, Sacred Sexual Healing, Tantra Teacher and Sacred Sex and Open Relationship Coach
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Tele-Class for Tantra Teachers ONLY: Gatekeeping with Tracy Elise

The information you are looking for has been taken down during these trying times.

Tuesday, November 17

On Doing Poly Press

Before I even saw the CBS News story by Christina McLarty, my inbox was hit by religious strangers sending me righteous and angry letters. Since this is not my first time talking about my open marriage on the news, I knew what to expect.

Fortunately, the story didn't slander us in any unfavorable way (unlike Inside Edition,) but the editor seemed to cut out any reference to "deep long term loving relationships." They also chose to blur out the beautiful smiling faces of all our friends and lovers, giving the impression that poly is something hidden and shameful. (Even though I sought out permission from all parties involved, and sent in a release form for them to use our likeness.) The final blow was when the news anchors shrugged and simply called us "swingers." But all things considered, I'm glad I did it. and I'll likely do it again. Why? You might wonder...

Is it because you want to convert people to your lifestyle? Or because you are releasing a new DVD and they offered free press? Are you trying to prove something to the religious right? Do you really think your story can make a difference?

Who knows? I have no idea what difference it will make in the long run. What I know is that I love my life. My Husband, my son and most of my lovers are truly happy.

In the last 10 years I've worked with thousands of people who are NOT happy. Most people struggle in relationship, whether they are married, single, divorced, or even poly. People need healthy role models, support, and help with their communication boundaries, agreements. And that's what I'm here for.
Taking a stand for what one believes in is not always easy. (I posted examples of my hate mail on my blog.) People can say what they want about me and my lifestyle. The more connected I am to my truth, the less I care about what others think.

Ultimately, I feel honored to be gifted with so many beautiful relationship tools and teachings. This is what fuels me to continue to do my work. Thus, I pray:

"Great Spirit, you know my desire is to be a voice for freedom and love in the world. I'm no longer attached to what that looks like, I ask that you use me as your instrument. I'm willing to be mis-understood, misquoted or mis-represented, whatever it takes. As long as you use me on your behalf, I'm willing to show up and be seen."

Kamala Devi


Hi Kamala Devi,

I'm a practitioner on Maui. I really really think that you should be on Dr. Phil to help him with the Infidelity shows.... Lately, Dr. Phil is way over his head on this issue of infidelity.  You are so needed on his show. Please be sure he gets a full press release as to what you are about. Perhaps you can go to his website and still watch those last two shows he just did on this issue. They were very lively and YOU are the missing factor.
I thought your other tv appearance went well. Dr. Phil is next ?? People are really in need of your wisdom on relationships.
Good luck.
DEVA --Lotuslamp Healing Arts
Excellent, Kamala
I just read this email message, yet today when I was in pacfic beach I heard you saying almost everything that you wrote in your messag from the heart through telepathy, or some other spiritual communication that I do not have a nam for! Your truth is being heard near and far!

After "hearing" you, I was going to send you an email to tell you thank you for following your truth and being couragious! So, that is what I want to communicate to you. THANK YOU for taking a stand in what fels good and right for you! Love and blessings

Dearest Kamala Devi,
I truly think you and Michael have an amazing life together. I've always admired your relationship, your grace, your knowledge and understanding. You are beyond courageous to expose your wonderful life to the world. Of all the couples I know, you and Michael have one of the healthiest relationships I've ever encountered. I used to think monogamy was how we are supposed to live our lives. But after years of serial monogamist relationships, even the "perfect" relationships, I've come to the realization that we as humans weren't meant to be monogamous, or meant to love only one mate in life. I wasn't able to put a name on it until I started attending tantric events. I have a wonderful husband, who is the father of my children. He and I also have a wonderful lovers, who have enriched the lives of our children. Our children have gained another mom and dad. My children love both us and them. We are kind and loving towards each other. My husband is still my best friend and confidant. Our promise to each other as husband and wife has shifted to include other loving relationships. Kamala, I think you are offering some great teaching and contributions to our society. I don't know how anyone could argue about enriching one's life with more love. We can all benefit from your wisdom. Namaste
PS I love your letter below about the whole situation, especially your prayer to Great Spirit, Aho!


Best thing about the CBS clip is all the love emanating from the family shots... it's so clear that you and Michael love each other and that Devin is a happy, exuberant, well-loved child! The commentators might have done a truly lame job afterwards, but that cannot cancel out the clear image of all that love.

Strangers are Praying to Save My Poly Soul!

I have not yet seen our Channel 2 News story by Christina McLarty (pictured on the right) but as usual, after we talk about Poly in the Media, the "hate mail" already started pouring in. I found the following letter particularly provokative. In honor of the freedom of speach and religion, I've decided to post it on my blog. PLEASE READ AND COMMENT (I feel so defiant, like Harvey Milk taping a picture of his own castration to his refridgerator.)

FYI: here is the news segment that ran
I saw you on the news and I felt so sad for you, your husband and your child. You have built an entire life around sex addiction and fornication and you are confusing it with spirituality. Spirituality involves maturity, commitment and conviction. Doing whatever sex act you want, when you want, with whomever you want is called sex addiction. You can mask it with all the yoga talk you want, but the people you call your child's "aunties and uncles" are your sex buddies, also sex addicts like you.

Just because some other sex addicted psychologists praise and condone what you are doing doesn't validate your life or your life's work.

You have sex addicts in your home around your child, people you fornicate with regularly according to your news interview. How long do you think it will be until one of these people molests your child? How long until sex with all these other adults just isn't enough? How long until someone has sex with you for the very purpose of getting access to your child?

Spirituality is a relationship with God and a life of self discipline and morality. Self control and commitment are hallmarks of a mature, healthy person. It's fun to have sex with lots of people, but it's also fun to take a bunch of drugs or get drunk every night. It's fun to eat chocolate cupcakes with every meal or eat McDonald's fries all the time. It's fun to drive 150 miles an hour down the freeway without a seatbelt. It's fun to skip work and just go to the beach everyday. But it's NOT healthy to do those things.

You say your child has so much "love" but what kind of love? Is it healthy love? Is it appropriate love? Is it love that is going to keep your child safe, or is it false "love" that is going to have a pedophile in your midst?

Is it spiritual mentorship you are offering or pornography and sexcapades?

You revel in sin and your lifestyle is heartbreaking to the God who loves you so much. God chose you and your husband for each other to be commited to one another and raise your child in a healthy family.

Yes, as you said in your news interview, people do worry about your child. You are not living a life that is healthy for a child. You do not provide a safe environment if your sex buddies are given access to have any sort of relationship with your child.

You can make up a name like Polyamorous to try to give what you are doing mainstream appeal, but your life and your life's work will always be wrong in the eyes of God and in eyes of most of the world.
You say you don't judge people. Well I am not judging you as a person. I am judging your behavior. Your behavior is wrong and it's going to get a reaction from people if you broadcast it to the world.

Hopefully one day the spirit of Christ will speak to your heart and break you free from this bondage that you falsely think frees you. I pray that someday you experience the true freedom that a real, loving, lasting relationship with God can bring for you. I pray that you experience the true freedom of living life without sex addiction and all the dangers of STD's and unwanted confusing pregnancies that your lifestyle brings, or even worse the death of babies as you abort the ones you aren't sure who the father would be.

It saddens me that your work is being given the attention that it is getting and that you are dragging others into this terrible lifestyle. It is my hope and prayer that you see the error of it and stop dragging other people with you. But of course, somebody that lies to these people and tells them "Hey screw anybody you want to and become spiritually enlightened" is going to draw people in. Snake oil salesmen always get the crowds. You can't have something for nothing Kamala. There are always always always consequences to the choices we make. You need to grow up and become a mature adult. And your husband is not a man for allowing your family to become this travesty. No real man, no knight in shining armour, would ever do this to his family. You have been had my dear.
I pray and pray and pray for you to see the light.

This Letter was unsigned.


Hail and praise to the Goddess! Personally, I don't believe a real Jesus ever existed. He was created by Helenized Jews who wanted a "mystery school" like so many of the Greeks had. Then fools like her got it all wrong around 200 EV. and started using this new "religion" by stripping it of it's Mystical beautiy and turning it into a club to bash whatever Spiritual beliefs or practices they were scared or jealous of. They're still doing it today is seems. Thank goodness Tantra is a spiritual practice that has a powerful magic attached to it. --Martin B.

 November 17 at 12:42am
Wow, she's not judging you, only your behavior. Well, at least she's preying for you! Typo intentional.
I know it can be difficult to put yourself out there with positive intention and receive this kind of thing in return. I only hope it fuels your fire to stay true to your beliefs and show others that a life of love w/o judgment and fear is possible. She may dislike you (I really didn't think it was hate mail, per se) and spew pseudo religious values upon you, but one day she'll see the truth of your soul.

While I've never been poly, it's certainly clear what monogamous, typical, God-fear relationships have brought us, so kudos for trying something different.
PS Oprah once said that anti-Oprah mail shows you're getting more popular, and then added, and I paraphrase, "Who has time to read that crap?"
My hope is that you can either read it and send love, or just be so busy reading love mail that you have no time for this stuff.

Hello Sweet, Sexy, Smart Sister,
I thought it was in balance to send you some Love Mail. Bless you for all that you're doing to make a difference in the world. You're brave. I admire you so much.
Namaste, River

Dear Kamala,

I went through all of the video clips etc. I am truly amazed. I have been exactly practicing what you are speaking about on polyamorous relationships and can relate to you 1000% and have to really hand it to you for your courage. I am with you on this and polyamorous relationships are REAL. Everyone of the Shakti's in my many polyamorous relationships made my life full, sweet and complete as Shiva with freedom and love to fully blossom. More power to you, O'Shakti. Love you always.
Love & Oneness
Pat S.
I am impressed with your courage to stand for your truth. Others will stand in judgment because they allow their ego to speak for them.
Michele & Sean

It's amazing on your website to see all the shining, happy faces everywhere - it's obvious you all are doing something right! it reminds me of that saying "If this is wrong - I don't want to be right" - LOL -
Thank you for your pioneering spirit -Ivy

Dear Kamala,
I am on your email list, but have not contacted you before. I just wanted to say that they did not do you justice in this video. I think it is wonderful that you are spreading the word and being poly obviously works for you and Michael.
J. and I have been poly from the beginning of our relationship and we have no problems with it other than misconceptions from other people who do not understand it. Living in xxxxx is the worst place we could be as No One here at all understands or accepts it and we have been ostracized for it by many people here who know about it. I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate what you are doing and wish you much more success.
Arlene S.
Deep Gratitude for your commitment and courage. You are an inspiration to me.

I often wish I lived closer to partake in your offerings. thank-you,
Hi Kamala,

I thought the video clip came out very, very well. It seemed to me that the expressions of conscious lovingness were well-represented. The newscaster's reference to "swinging" at the end seemed quite clearly to be her personal bewilderment and obvious lack of understanding. I would deem this to be a huge success. Keep being the instrument you are!
Love and Blessings,
Lawrence B.

i'm SO impressed how media is covering polyamory these days, it's not smutty or sensationalist, but generally thoughtful and intelligent - way to go mainstream media! and way to go, YOU
with love, liyana
LiYana Silver, Relationship Expert
Please blog all the misspelled epithets from angry right-wingers!

Kevin S

Much respect for all the ways that you keep 'putting it out there'. Namaste,
Destin, Erotic Rockstar Productions
Bravo! You always represent so well. xo jen
YOU GO, GIRL! Many blissings,Chiwah
Martin B. Sounds like time to do a sexual ritual for their spiritual evolution. Let them know that there are people all over this country sending orgasms their way..

I say it's time for a sexmagical ritual to build a storehouse of courage and peace for you and your family and the beauty and love that radiates from your hearts.

Martha B. "It's going to get a reaction from people if you broadcast it to the world" On this point there is truth. Darling, remember... you are immune to the good or bad opinions of others.

Lisa M. While I did not see your talk about Poly in the Media, I read the article and I was deeply affected at the fear that this woman holds. It was interesting to see how her fear went on to create this huge story as to what you are doing and how you are putting your child at risk. In my opinon, all that she said was based on her fears and had nothing to... Read More do with you. I don't know you well, but what I do know is your warmth and love and sincerity can only come from being centered and grounded in yourself and your Spirituality. There are few people in this world that can demonstrate your courage and authenticty. Your radiate this with everything you say and do. That is more real than any judgement or criticism anyone can come up with. Stay true to yourself and the love you hold. That love is stronger than anything or anyone and it is truly a gift to all who come in contact with you. God bless you and this path that you are on!
Tanya BR There is NOTHING more terrifying than blind faith.
John M. Thank God I'm an Atheist! ;-)

Sarah Murray Novak- don't let people like this bigot upset you. She's an uninformed, ignorant person.

Keli LalitaWow...hopefully the spirit of Christ will speak to HER heart one day and tell her to stop throwing stones in his name.

Valera C. I love the way that she automatically assumes that her God is also your God. You know what they say about assuming!

Courtesan AD Isn't this how the Salem Witch trials got started? Drowning innocent lives in the name of 'God'... 'God' being a relative term used by the individuals wanting to manipulate others into some form of control.

Justin P.easy to throw rocks at the Rebel, take it as a badge of honor.
Kali D. No help needed dear one, as, believe it or not, this being is expressing her reality of love to you. Unfortunately, it goes hand in hand with her version of right and wrong. Her perception of God and moral value is just as valid as ours, as much as we wince and feel saddened by her lack of what we perceive as a closed mind and constricted heart. ... Read MoreHead up love, and find solace in the fact that your message got out to many variations of beings, sentient or otherwise, stirring up deep rooted passions. Whether they agree or not, the discussion is alive!

Monday, November 16

For Members Only!

Dear Members of BCU,

It has been six wild months since we started the University, and I am writing to announce a big change, which translates to another sweet opportunity for you! Thank you for being the pioneers who were willing to invest in my vision towards greater connection, depth and belongingness.

After much meditation and dialog, I have decided to discontinue our membership packages. I found that running my temple as a school presented time-consuming administrative work that detracted from my full expression. I now understand why so many spiritual seekers resist structure and agree that having an open door policy keeps things simple. So, starting this week we are no longer accepting any new members.

Of course, we still honor the terms of your current membership. If you were one of the original Beta members, your membership is ending this month. But if you signed up at Tantra Palooza, your Adept's membership is good through March.

In order to express our gratitude, we are offering you a last chance to upgrade to the "Master Level" at a deep discount. THIS WEEK ONLY, you can get the most out of Bliss Coach University by attending David Cates' Shadow Dancing workshop on Nov. 20-22 (normally $497) Now for only ($297). AND you will receive the following benefits until APRIL:
Monthly Potluck, Performance Art and Sacred Snuggle Parties (Regularly $30)
Monthly Tantra Talk and Poly Potlucks (Regularly $10)
Tantra Theater Performance and Comedy Improvisation Shows (Regularly $5-15)
A live monthly tele-class on a variety of tantric topics by a variety of teachers (regularly $30)
Private access to the members only page with past recorded classes
Exclusive deep discounts to other BlissCoach Events and Classes
BONUS: Free Private Bliss Coaching tele-session with Kamala Devi (Regularly $108)

Space is limited. Please RSVP NOW if you want to take advantage of this upgrade. 858-272-2254In the future, Bliss Coach University will be an online resource with a more developed video library and Tantra resources for worldwide seekers. Once I've freed up my creativity, I will be putting more energy into: Tantra Theater, How to Write a Book in 90 days, Erotic Way for Successful Tantra Teachers, Sisters in Truth, Partners in Truth, The Fundamentals of Free Love! I'm also excited to be hosting national guest speakers such as Dossie Easton the co-author of Ethical Slut, Carolyn Muir, Baba Dez Nichols, Reid Mihalko, Swami Beyondananda and many others!

With overflowing gratitude,
Kamala Devi
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Soul Mates Playshop

This sweet group shot is from the "Soul Mates" workskhop I facilitated last Sunday. I don't usually offer brief (2 hour) services at local churches on Sundays, but this was a special exception!
See, When I first moved to San Diego I didn't have my own space to teach. I lived in a little granny flat in Wind in sea, (I used to call it Michael's surf shack.) I started teaching evening tantra workshops at the yoga studios where I worked during the days. Most studio owners often had concerns and restrictions about the sexual nature of the course advertisment.

So I sought out an alternate space. I was pleased to meet one open minded reverend who was supportive of "the work" and said I could rent her sanctuary (which was a converted office space), but insisted "I don't want to know the details of what you do." So for almost a year I held monthly Playshops in the same rented temple. I have specific memories of concecrating that sacred space. I cast a protection spell on the warehouse with Clary sage. I ground cornmeal into the outside planter boxes to feed the demons of the lower world. I even admit to accidentally spilling red wax on the piano during one powerful shamanic journey.

Eventually, I moved to Pacific beach where I had my own "tantric laboratory." And then three years ago, we bought the Emerald Temple. So it's been over five years and I nearly forgot about my first sanctuary space until Ms. Laura cold called me out othe blue from the Academy of World Dance and and invited me to lead a special tantra event after Sunday service. Imagine my surprise when I pulled up to teach at the same sanctuary. The New thought reverand that I knew has since left, and they changed priests several times, but the warm, spiritual energy was the same. I had a powerful reconnection with my first temple space and a reminder that the true temple is a very eal space, deep in my heart.

By Kamala Devi, Author of Don't Drink the Punch, Sacred Sexual Healing, Tantra Teacher and Sacred Sex and Open Relationship Coach
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Wednesday, November 11

Audio Postcard: 10 Tips to Superboost Your Sex Life

Click Here to evesdrop on Kamala Devi and David Cates as they share 10 simple tips that will make you sexier starting NOW.

Sometimes improving our sex lives can be daunting. Mastery seems to take so much effort and practice! In this teleclass, we will share ten valuable, game-changing things you can do INSTANTLY that will noticeably boost the pleasure, power and intimacy you feel during sex.

10. Share something you've been withholding.

9. Make fantasy Sacred

8. Hang out in foreplay all day.

7 Align your intentions.

6. Drink more water. .

5. Work your PC Muscles.

4. Question your assumptions.

3. Expand your focus to your feet.

2. adore eachothers genitals!

1. Breathe.

David Cates and Kamala Devi will be offering a weekend intensive called Shadow Dancing in San Diego on Nov. 20-22nd. for details go to:

Tuesday, November 10

Our New DVD is making News! "Earning your Blackbelt in Relationships" Monday on CBS

      The Story is airing next Monday night in Los Angeles on cbs 2 at 11 pm. I do not yet have a local listing time for when it will be syndicated to San Diego, Miami, Dallas, NY or other cities nationwide. 
     Last Friday afternoon Christina McLarty, an entertainment reporter from CBS 2 News interviewed my husband Michael and I about my forthcoming DVD Release.
Most of her Interview questions revolved around our open marriage:
  • How long you've been married?
  • How you were introduced to the poly lifestyle?
  • What is polyamory?
  • How has it made you a better/ more complete person and couple?
  • Could you imagine your life without polyamorous?
  • Would you encourage others to explore?
  • Your advice for those interested?
  • How do you handle jealousy, insecurity, etc....?
  • What is on your dvd that can help address those issues?
  • What do you say to the naysayers....?
  • How do you plan to tell your son?
The crew (The sexy Christina and her beautiful camera woman) also took pictures of us working around the house, I wrote in my journal and Michael was waxing his surfboard. Then they filmed us playing with our two year old (Devin sang "Itsy Bitsy Spider" while playing with a tamborine) Doctors in Sexology Nick and Sayaka Karras also came over for a brief interview to substantiate that Poly is a natural and healthy lifestlye. (They did an awesome job!)
We look forward to seeing how they edit the show, and promise to send a link to the streaming video soon!
By Kamala Devi, Author of Don't Drink the Punch, Sacred Sexual Healing, Tantra Teacher and Sacred Sex and Open Relationship Coach

Monday, November 9

Sacred Snuggles...dreams for next year.

Prrrrrrr. Ah. Yes. A dear friend sent me this spontaneous snapshot this morning. What a sweet memory of a wonderful series of events this weekend.
I'm taking some time now to reflect on our event calendar for 2010.  For over six months our sacred snuggle parties have featured  tantra theater improv.  We even started calling them Performance Art Potluck and Sacred Snuggle Parties.  But now that we have established recognition and have an interested fan club, it occured to me that the Tantra theater troupe has a much greater potential and I'm starting to vision monthly theater events that go on for over an hour. Also, I'd like to find a proper stage for the winter months.  I'll be brainstorming with the SD Tantra Theater Troupe until Jan. Let me know if you have any contacts, suggestions or ideas for regular performance art in San Diego. In the meantime, don't miss our next Performance Art Potluck and Sacred Snuggle Party on Dec. 5th
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Thursday, November 5

SuperBoost your Sex Life with Free Class

10 Things You Can Do Today to SuperBoost Your Sexual Life:
A Free Teleclass with Kamala Devi and David Cates

Sometimes improving our sex lives can be daunting. Mastery seems to take so much effort and practice! In this teleclass, we will share ten valuable, game-changing things you can do INSTANTLY that will noticeably boost the pleasure, power and intimacy you feel during sex.

5pm Pacific Standard Time, WED. Nov. 11th 5pm PST Dial - (616) 597-8000 Enter Access Code - 321357#

Wednesday, November 4

Tele-Class for tantra teachers, healers and practitioners with Tracy Elise

The information you are looking for has been temporarily removed to respect the privacy of our practitioners during trying times.

Tuesday, November 3

Is Day of the Dead a Tantric Holiday?

     Tonight and tomorrow are Latin American holy days known as "Día de los Muertos." The Catholics have attempted to merge the rites with All Saints day, but the Aztec roots reach back over 3,000 years. It is a special day for me, personally because I am a Mexican American woman of Jewish decent and it is also the one year anniversary of my dear grandfather's funeral.
     As my heritage, history and spiritual practices collide, I find myself reflecting on the tantric significance of the day.
     Traditionally, the focus of this holiday is to pray and remember dead friends and ancestors. When the Spanish first came to conquer Mexico, they thought the tradition looked more like mocking the dead than honoring the deceased because practices involve gathering at the gravesite all dressed up with masks and bringing sugar skulls, marigolds, and the favorite foods and beverages of the departed.
     The Native Mexicans viewed death as the continuation of life. Instead of fearing death, they embraced it. This is aligned with most tantric philosophy. The Tibetan Book of the Dead, for example teaches that life and death are not separate, and once it is accepted, death becomes just a continuation of the journey. For other tantrics, life is a dream and only in death do they become truly awake. There are also extreme tantrikas such as the Hindu sect, Aghori who fixate on death and practice at gravesites, year round.
     Even Osho Bhagavan Rajneesh, one of the greatest influences of Tantra in the West, began his spiritual path through a fascination with death. He survived smallpox and asthma, but after his grandfather died when Osho was age seven he spent much of his contemplative time with the dying and in the burning grounds. At age 14, he's said to have spent a whole week waiting for death, and nearly died of a broken heart when his girlfriend passed away. He was 21 years old when he had his first enlightenment experience which he described as the ultimate ego death leaving him "Mad with blissfulness."
      The intention of my tantric practice is not only enlightenment, but to become more fully alive in this body, during this incarnation. As part of my path, I chose to do ceremony, pray and worship my ancestors, and others who've passed to the other side. It helps me better understand who I am, and my purpose for being here.
      When my grandfather transitioned, his love, attention and wisdom became even more available to me in ways that were not possible when he was alive. I am grateful to him, and to the teachers before him. I hope you'll join me in your own form of celebration today!
     Kamala Devi
      P.S. To deepen your practice of embracing the darker aspects of life, join me and David Cates for a weekend Intensive on Shadow Dancing. Scroll down for details, and mark your calendar for other great Tantra events!