Tuesday, November 24

From Shadow Dancing to Fire Ceremony

David Cates and I started off the weekend intensive with Shadow puppets. Each participant was asked to act out their deep sexual shadows behind the curtain and when they felt safe enough to come out...we welcomed their shadow aspects into the circle. Our Mantra: All aspects of you are welcome here! As the weekend intensive progressed we moved further and further into the light. At Sunset on Sunday, we went outside to perform a fire ceremony or "Agni Puja" using our sexual shadows as kindling to light a transformative fire in the center of a collective coldron. http://www.blisscoach.com/


" I enjoyed the opportunity to express myself in your field, as always. I feel there is significant value in your offerings, and you provide opportunities for growth that are not easily found elsewhere. Love you." S.Schreiber.

"David & Kamala Served up a delicious safe place for us to look at our shadows and come to clarity and release. So simple and profound. It was integrated into the body so that it feels real and lasting. This is an exceptional class that has to be experienced."
"Defiantly worth every penny! It was long enough, thorough enough and masterful enough to reach into all crevices of the shadow and expose them to the light...I want to live this way forever! I'm feeling so integrated and grateful...more please!" Simone

" I super enjoyed the theater aspect and the constellation work. I got a lot of wisdom and integration amongst difficult aspects. It was sooo worth the price of admission! Let's do it again." --Akasha

"Great to see David in casual simplicity impart great wisdom and understanding of shadow work. Kamala is wise beyond her age and a true leader."

"So much good fun and powerful energy."

"David walks his talk. His non-verbal communication is powerful. Kamala was a guide that appeared for me in each moment that I got lost...I now feel calm and resolved."

"Great workshop. Great leaders. I got what I came for."

"The non-verbal physical exercises were very helpful in getting a better understanding of my shadow issues."
"David Cates and Kamala Devi are very skilled and sensitive facilitators. This workshop is a valuable exploration of hidden aspects of self that can help a person own a more complete version of who they are. I recommend it!"

"Shadow Dancing with David and Kamala was a journey like no other. They are in the dance with you with tools that support even the most timid of performers (me) to live this darkness out and find a way to love, transform and be in it with out being owned by it."-- Keli Lalita

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