Saturday, October 30

I invoked the Goddess, I mean, really...

   New Scene from the Sacred Slut Show:
     I was never much of a masterbater. The first time I stuck my fingers up there was to insert a tampon and back then I was quick and lacked curiosity. Later, my friends would tell me what I was missing. They bragged about cucumbers and brush handles and toothbrushes and this was before they vibrated. One girlfriend even offered to show me how she did it with a coke bottle. But I was happy just massaging my lips from the outside. Oh, I enjoyed the occasional hand held shower head, or the vibrating back massager, but never had an overwhelming need for penetration.
      As such, I would never have suspected that my sacred sexual awakening would have started with self pleasuring.
     The first time I invoked the Goddess, I mean, really invoked God into my body, was while masterbating in India.  I, like most young naive tantra teachers went on an obligatory pilgrimage to India in search of my lineage, my roots. I was seeking the source of sacred sex, and ended up in a sex cult.

    I was at that unique point in my spiritual journey when my guru was losing his status as guru in my eyes. He had a powerful message, but clearly the was not fully integrated.

Michael had seen it coming all along.

“He’s not a total quack, his teachings are cool, but he’s constantly contradicting himself.”

The guru didn’t care for Michael either, “I don’t know why you brought him. There is nothing I can teach him." He had an unkept grey beard, bright eyes and always wore the orange swami robes. "Every man must learn from a goddess. That’s why I channel Kali, she talks directly through me. I give you teachings and you pass them along to him.”

Then he proceeded to ignore Michael at satsang and ptuja. He would give me advanced tantric practices about rubbing my breasts or sound healing on my yoni. This involved putting his face in my root chakra and actually blowing sound through my body as if I were a flute. It was powerful, beautiful, but I admit at times I was a little concerned about the hygene of that big unkept beard. And if that wasn't bad enough, sometimes he would give a talk from the toilet in the moring. Sometimes he was verbally abusive towards men, Michael tolerated a fair amount of verbal abuse in the name of crazy wisdom. And sometimes he would flip and say some mysogynistic things to his senior disciple, who happened to be the mother of his child. And then one time she talked back to him, and in broad daylight, he slapped her across the face.

Michael turned to me and said, “We’re leaving.”

I didn’t argue. I packed up my bags, and then I went to tell Swami-Ji

I sat him down and it was hard saying goodbye, it felt like we were breaking up. He gave me a beautiful string of mala-beads and spoke sweet words about my spiritual potential, but I was already deaf to him. I told him we decided to go to Kerala and go see Amma Chi. And then he got upset, he acted like I was cheating on him.

Michael and I left in the night, and after driving for hours we found a cheap hotel to crash in. Michael fell right asleep. But I, I went into a deep meditation.

It was a full moon, and there was a window build high in the cinderblock walls with rebar.  When the moon came through she cast shadows around the room. Her rays made my naked skin glow blue. I gazed at my body, as if another woman with blue complexion had slipped under the sheets with me and Michael. Then she rose up and began a slow melancholy dance. I was being moved by her. I was being danced, I was being breathed, I was being her. My body was her offering. And the goddess was pleased. She ravished my senses and insisted on seeing herself. I found myself infront of a dingy hotel mirror, and was astonished, I couldn’t believe the luminescence beaming back at me. One thought arose in my mind:

“Am I dreaming?”

THIS IS REAL. She answered swiftly her voice filling the room like honey.

Then I relaxed, and she took over. Pressing my body against the walls, until I was held by the right angled corner of the room. Clutching at my thighs and my quivering hips, she cried out from every pore:

But when I looked over at Michael’s sleeping body, I already knew that no mortal lover could satisfy her. That’s when my own fingers plunged into my wet depths and I felt as if my pelvis had become a chalice or bowl and as she undulated, my energy sloshed like sacred fluid that up against my edges and sometimes even spilling over. These ecstatic waves continued to surge in waves for hours. And then the sunrise usurped the moon and I was spent, but reluctant to sleep.

I didn’t want her to go away.

I AM ETERNAL. She assured me, and I settled back into my bed, which never felt so soft, I floated down into the pillows and was consumed by the mattress, holding me, surrounding me, dissolving me…

Until I heard the annoying buzz of a cheap travel alarm. Taaa Taaa Taaa Taaa But I had hardly slept. I was tired and groggy.

“C’mon, get dressed, we’re going to get Darshan with Amma today.” Michael says.

I didn’t care. It could’ve been high tea with the Dali Lama, there’s no Darshan greater than letting the goddess borrow your body for an evening.

All Rights reserved by Kamala Devi. This is an exceprt of an early draft of Kamala's one goddess show. It is a work in progress tennatively titled: The Sacred Slut Project. For details go to: or   P.S. The photo is of the aftermath of her Great Rite Maithuna ritual performed at her open marriage honeymoon in Costa Rica.

Friday, October 29

Radical Transparency

This group Shot is from October's Poly Potluck, the topic was: Radical Transparency.We had approximately 25 people, including 6 first newbies and after we shared delicious spread of vegetarian food, we created a sacred circle to explore and experience the topic of Transparency. It's interesting to find that definitions of transparency vary depending on the field in which it is applied. We had fun stretching the relevance of these definitions to polyamory. Here are some quick definitions we harvested from Google:
***In economics a market is transparent if much is known by many.
***In politics, transparency allows citizens have accessibility,usability,understandability and audibility of information.
***In telecommunications, transparency can refer to the property of an entity that allows another entity to pass thorough it without altering either of the entities.
***In data compression, if a lossily compressed result is perceptually indistinguishable from the uncompressed input, then the compression can be declared to be transparent.
***In the field of optics, transparency is the physical property of light to pass through.
In my 15 years of practicing spiritual poly, I've come to believe the most simple and direct route to enlightened relationship is to speak the truth as it arises. I'm grateful to have so many friends and lovers on the same path who keep showing up and letting their light shine through!
Our next Tantra Talk will be Nov. 4th with Guest Speaker Daka TJ Bartel, Certified Tantric Educator.
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Tuesday, October 26

Radical Transparency on Thurs. & Goddess Puja on Sat.

I'm back from the eco-sexual symposium in Los Angeles.
I'm excited to share my vulnerable thoughts and practices with you this THURSDAY at the polypotluck, the topic of: RADICAL TRANSPARENCY. If I am going to walk-my-talk then I will take a moment to share with you what's been going on for me:

After our fabulously sweet, sensual & successful weekend at Tantra-Palooza, I've been wrestling with a flu-turned-cough and my body has been telling me to SLOW Down but like most people, I resist listening to my body when my heart and head are having sooo much fun. I feel I have so many lovers, friends, projects and some part of me belies that I am super-woman and can do everything, all the time. Does any of this sound familiar?

Fortunately for me, the next two events that I'm hosting are simple and actually NURTURE me. So I hope you'll join me for the casual and fun Poly Potluck on THURSDAY at 6:45pm. And all Goddesses are invited to join me for a Women's Puja on Saturday at 6:45pm (must RSVP with Here's the scoop...

Halloween is Witche's new year, what better way to celebrate than Sex magic with your sisters! We'll start with some fun icebreakers, invoke Divine Guidance and share prayer, dancing, meditation, sensual touch, breath and energy within a sweet, sober and safe environment. The focus this evening is to do Sex magic to super-charge a goal for the new year.

We will be gathering at the Emerald Temple beginning at 6:45 pm. We will cast a circle by 7:30pm please do not come late. Women who arrive after 7:30 will not be admitted.

How to prepare:
Bring an Intention
One hand picked flower from your garden (or your neighbors)
Wear comfortable clothes that make you feel beautiful.
Eat a light meal before arriving, this is NOT a potluck.
Bring an open mind and heart!
There is no charge, but donations are graciously accepted to help pay for Kamala's time and space.
Kamala Devi
Oct. 28th Poly Potluck: Radical Transparency.
Oct. 30th Goddess Puja: Sex Magic for Witches New Years!
Nov. 4 Tantra Talk with Guest Speaker: Daka TJ Bartel 6:45
Nov. 6 Advanced Training for Sacred Sexual practitioners with TJ Bartel 1-6pm
Nov. 6 Sacred Snuggle and Potluck Party 6:45
Nov. 18 Poly Potluck with Guest Speaker: Deborah Taj Anapol 6:45
Dec. 4 Sacred Snuggle Party 6:45 (Last event of the year)
Jan. 17 Auditions and Open House for Tantra Theater Troupe 2011
March 4-6 Art of Conscious Loving with Leah Alchin & Charles Muir!

Tuesday, October 19

Who is Annie Sprinkle?

     You may have heard me bragging about how Tantra Theater will be performing at the ECO-SEX SYMPOSIUM HONEYMOON after ANNIE SPRINKLE'S PURPLE WEDDING TO THE MOON this weekend.  And if your not a huge sex ed, or performance art or sex geek, you may be wondering...uh, who's Annie M. Sprinkle??
     She's one of my personal artistic inspirations. As a student of feminism and performance art, there were times in college, after one of my experimental plays would get bad reviews and I would suffer the post-play depression and want to drop out of school, out of art, off the planet...but then I'd think about Ms. Sprinkle and the massive affect she's having on mainstream opinion about sex and spirituality. On more than one occasion I felt that if she could go from being a prostitute and porn star into a sex educator and artist, then I could push on because my path as a tantra teacher was already paved.
      Annie Sprinkle describes herself as an artist, sexologist, eco-sexual, author, lecturer, educator and thespian. "I’ve also been a sex worker of all sorts, a pioneering adult film director/performer and a professional photographer. I’m the first porn star to have earned a Ph.D., my work is studied in major universities internationally, I’ve shown at the best museums and galleries-- and I’m still going strong!"
      One of her better known theater and performance art piece is her Public Cervix Announcement, in which she invites the audience to "celebrate the female body" by viewing her cervix with a speculum and flashlight.
She also performed The Legend of the Ancient Sacred Prostitute, in which she did a "sex magic" masturbation ritual on stage.
      She has toured one-woman shows internationally for 17 years, some of which were are titled Post Porn Modernist, Annie Sprinkle's Herstory of Porn, Hardcore from the Heart, and, currently, Exposed; Experiments in Love, Sex, Death and Art.
      Sprinkle, who is bisexual,[1] married her long-time partner, Beth Stephens, in Canada on January 14, 2007. In December 2005, she committed to doing seven years of art projects about love with her wife and art collaborator, Beth Stephens. They call this their Love Art Laboratory. Part of their project is to do an experimental art wedding each year, and each year has a different theme and color corresponding to the seven chakras.
   I hope this inspires you to join us for this historic performance art event on Sat. Oct 23 in Los Angeles, CA
at Farnsworth Park Amphitheater. The Purple Wedding to the Moon will be Officiated by Reverend Billy with the Church of Life After Shopping Choir. Featuring many performers, artists, and amazing guests.
Gather: 6:00 PM Ceremony: 6:30-8:00 Reception: 8:00-9:00

     We will make our vows to love, honor and cherish the Moon & Mountains until death brings us closer together forever. You are invited to join us in these vows, or simply come bear witness. We ask for no gifts but welcome collaboration on the creation of the wedding. See more info at LoveArtLab.

     Oct 24 Santa Monica, CA Highways Performance Space Ecosex Symposium HoneyMOON Moderator: Veronica Hart. Panel: Ecosex Community Leaders, artists, teachers, thinkers including Tim Miller, Carol Queen, Deborah Taj Anapol and others to be announced. Ecosexuals unite! What’s an ecosexual? Find out with a panel of esteemed sex-ecologists; the movers and shakers of this satisfying new sexual identity and cutting edge pollen-amourous community. Find your e-spot. 3:00- 6pm Panel, presentations and discussion. And Schmooze with the Ecosexuals, Moon Pies and ecosexy treats will be served.
     For Details go to:  If you want to caravan up with San Diego Tantra Theater, please write:

Naked Tantra Theater at Tantra Palooza 10-10-10

One of the unexpected highlights of Tantra-Palooza 10-10-10 is that Tantra Theater spontaneously performed in the BUFF!
 The show started off fully clothed with scripted pieces. Shawn Roop played the Emcee and performed his personal narrative about how he overcame Jealousy at a 3 day love-in! This Beautiful outdoor stage provided a healing atmosphere for our sex-positive message. (The running joke is that it looks like we're performing at Summer Stock.)

Goddess Brande Faris opened the show with her sultry voice and original song, "Hello & Welcome to Tantra." Rita Mooney did her Monogamy monologue. Michael kept us laughing with his Eco-Elf comedy routine about vegetarianism and Keith Davis and Viraja PreMa closed the show with their Tantric Journey Rap.
Then we opened the stage to improvise personal narratives from the audience. And that's when Bodhi challenged Shawn with a story about when he was at a hedonistic nudist retreat. Rita and Kamala Devi are playing Canadian tantra teachers at club hedonism...
 Michael and Shawn are gay lovers while Kamala Devi  is being the temptress...
And of course every one's favorite Naked Oracle..."Oh, Great Oracle tell me why I can't concentrate when people around me are taking off their clothes..."
As usual, we close with an interactive Q & A from the Cast...The director's low light was concern for the safety of her performers as they were performing on a precarious stage, only slightly safer than performing on a picnic table above a pit of snakes. The highlight was having such a fun, open minded audience and performing in the context of a deep three day retreat.

For Hot Streaming video clips go to: 

The End.

P.S. Photos by Julie Kondor.

Monday, October 18

World's first Eco-Sex Symposium

LOS ANGELES, CA.—What’s an ecosexual? Why are skinny-dipping, mysophilia and arboreal frottage so pleasurable? Where is the e-spot? Can the budding ecosexual movement help save the world? These are some of the questions that will be discussed at an Ecosex Symposium; a public forum where art meets theory meets sex education meets practice. The organizers of this first of its kind event are Annie Sprinkle, Ph.D., a feminist-porn-star and artist, turned “sexecologist,” and Elizabeth Stephens, a UCSC art professor and environmental activist. The two women explain, “As a strategy to create a more mutual and sustainable relationship with our abused and exploited planet, we are switching the metaphor from the Earth as mother, to Earth as lover.” The Symposium will be on Sunday afternoon, Oct. 24th, at the cutting-edge art hotbed, Highways Performance Space, in Santa Monica. A diverse panel of artists, academics, sex educators, and environmental activists will take turns presenting, performing, showing and telling.

Ecosex relationship coach, and author of Polyamory in the 20th Century, Debora Taj Anapol, Ph.D. will give an overview of what ecosex is all about-- clinically, spiritually and socio-politically. Eocsexual theorist and author of seminal text, Gaia and the New Politics of Love, Serena Anderlini, Ph.D. is flying in from University of Puerto Rico to present her views about “how the Earth stores and runs the energy of love.” Good Vibration’s resident sexologist, Carol Queen, Ph.D., will be discussing ecorotic issues in the sex toy industry. Kamala Devi and the Tantra Theater will act out the audience’s ecosex fantasies. Dr. Robert Lawrence, Ph.D., will cover ecosex fetishes. The panels will be moderated by TV and film actor, Veronica Hart, who will also offer an animal rights perspective. Award winning porn stars Jiz Lee and April Flores, and porn director Carlos Batts will discuss green porn and present a waterfall scene from their film, Dangerous Curves. Tania Hammidi will do a dance piece about conflict, genocide and olive trees. Comedic relief will come from EcoElf. The editor of the highbrow art magazine, Ms. Use, will attend from Israel to show off her ecosex themed issue. Other artists collaborating are C. Finley, Spyce Spycey, Luna Bella, Joegh Bullock, Lady Monster, Cindy Baker, Megan Morman, HB3, Dylan Bowls, Jayme Waxman and others.

The Symposium is also a “honeymoon” for organizers, Elizabeth Stephens and Annie Sprinkle. The day before the symposium, they will have an ecosexual Purple Wedding to the Moon. Their aim, they say is “to inspire others to make the environmental movement a little more sexy, fun and diverse.”

Event sponsors are Good Vibrations, the Center For Sex and Culture, Femina Potens Gallery, Luna Pads, Monterey Bay’s kinky B+B, 3 Way Kiss, and Aki’s Cup Cakes. The organizers are looking for a few more eco-minded sponsors. They also invite individuals to get involved by contributing as backers through the Kickstarter fundraising platform. In exchange, backers get their names in the program, moon-shaped tit prints, and Beth Stephens’ sculptures of Annie Sprinkle’s bronzed panties!

Ecosex Symposium Honeymoon
October 24th.
Highways Performance Space, 1651 18th Street,
LA, Ca., 90404
Everyone over 18 is invited to attend.
Please wear purple.


Purple Wedding to the Moon

Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stephens are preparing to marry the moon next Saturday on October 23rd, in their purple themed performance art party in Los Angeles. Afterwards there will be an "Eco Sex Symposium" where Tantra Theater and Eco-Elf will make an appearance on Sunday.
     Someone read about the wedding on the Altadena Blog and complained, which resulted in the LAPD declaring that the wedding "posed a threat to public safety." This led the Parks Department to illegally cancel our venue contract at the last minute. Due to the generosity and great connections of Reverend Billy and his partner Savatri D. we were able to enlist a wonderful first amendment lawyer, Terry Gross, who stepped in and heroically helped us get us our venue back.

    Their production costs have increased due to the controversy around the park contact. In addition to the guards we had already hired we have to hire 2 more guards, get extra insurance, possibly buy fire permits (for flaming pasties for christ's sake) and rent more space at the park. Anyhow we are complying with these demands as we love the park and because we are lovers, not fighters-except in cases where injustice and discrimination are clearly present.

     This is why they're asking you to consider become a Kickstarter backer of our Purple Wedding to the Moon and the first ever EcoSex Symposium Honeymoon at Highways Performance space next weekend. You can help make the environmental movement more sexy, fun and diverse with us.

Click this link for details.

    Watch this short (2 min.) film. These weddings are not only about us but about issues that are way bigger than any two people will ever be. We are helping create a new ecosexual revolution which we believe will garner more love for the earth and possibly slow down the destruction of our planet by those who do not respect most forms of life; queer or otherwise, as the last few weeks of depressing news has made clear again and again.

     For more information on the Purple Wedding to the Moon and then in November our Purple Wedding to the Appalachian Mountains see Click the "Now Appearing" button.
Much Love,
Beth and Annie

Sunday, October 17

Longing for the Beloved...

My beloved offers to kiss my yoni goodbye.
We only have a couple hours before he leaves on a trip oversees.
Tenderly, I admit that I can't enjoy the oral sex,
I'm too eager to feel him inside, and beg him to enter me.
Happy to oblige, he fills me with his light and devotion.
His ascending love ignites my raw hunger,
like a feline in heat
I rub against him,
and squeezing
until I lose myself
in a ferocious explosion.
Afterwards, I float back down to the bed sheets,
I burry my face in his chest, hiding my self judgment.
He listens in silence, like Shiva, as I confess:

"I want to love you the way God loves...
But when my body is around your body,
something happens in my chemistry and
I am possessed with this animal desire."

To which he smiles and asks:
"And who, my dear, do you think created animal desire?"

Now I'm missing my oversees lover.
I burn for his body and shameless wisdom.
I am perpetually longing for my beloved,
the way God yearns for her reflection.

Kamala Devi 10. 2010

Friday, October 15

Tantra-Palooza Decompression Party

     This picture shows about a third of the Tantra-Palooza participants who gathered for the Tantra-Palooza decompression talk. We started the evening by sharing our highlights which include: first kisses, energy orgasms, naked yoga, whole body orgasms, meditating, sensual encounters in the woods, tantric tthreesomes, voyeurism/exhibitionism, and permission to be our wild free authentic selves. 
     Afterwards we passed the talking stick and held the same sacred non-judgemental space for each persons low lights which include: Not asking for what we want, not getting enough sleep, not having enough time to connect with everyone. Next year's Tantra-Palooza 11-11-11 will be a week long, Bodhi suggested it be a whole year!  Francoise, Shawn Roop, Guru Kirin showed up to share their love and invite the community to continue to connect by becoming a (free) member of

     We then officially over heated our projector by watching a HOT slide show of photos taken by Goddess Julie Kondor. Julie (pictured Above) is a gifted professional photography who now specializes in tantric images. I'll be posting her (non-nude) photos on the Facebook Group: Tantra-Palooza 12-12-12. If you attended TP and took photos please post them there.

Our next Tantra Talk will be featuring Guest Speaker: Daka TJ Bartel, so mark your calendar for Nov. 4 Tantra Talk at 6:45.  Followed by these exciting events:

Nov. 6 Advanced Training for Sacred Sexual practitioners with TJ Bartel 1-6pm
Nov. 6 Sacred Snuggle and Potluck Party 6:45
Nov. 18 Poly Potluck with Guest Speaker: Deborah Taj Anapol 6:45
Nov. 30th Goddess Puja: Sex Magic for Witches New Years!
Dec. 4 Sacred Snuggle Party 6:45 (Last event of the year)
Jan. 17 Auditions and Open House for Tantra Theater Troupe 2011
March 4-6 Charles Muir's Art of Conscious Loving Weekend Level 1

Wednesday, October 13

Tracking Destiny Audio Recording with Katie Weatherup

Enjoy this Bonus Audio from Shaman Katie Weatherup who recorded this session especially for Tantra Palooza. You will learn about working with your destiny energy, moving it towards the outcome you desire. Take a guide shamanic journey to anchor destiny paths towards the desired outcome in your life and learn how to use this technique any time you want to work with destiny energy.

Katie has studied with Hank Wesselman, Alberto Villoldo, and Maria Yraceburu. I've also received training at the Natural Healing Institute and through Michael Harner’s Foundation for Shamanic Studies. My articles have been published in Vision Magazine and PlanetLightworker and I've been a guest on several radio shows. My books, Practical Shamanism, A Guide for Walking in Both Worlds and Sex, Shamanism and Healing, My Kissing Quest are now available. www.

My Second Skin

I wept through morning yoga. Now I'm sipping hot tea and savoring the rawness of my unexpected menstruation while grieving my beloveds departure. I might have sent him my morning musings, but in his absence, I'm inspired to blog:

What is the truth of this relationship?
Of all relations?
Don't they all start with self and spirit?
(As if there were a difference)
I'm wondering what is the truth
...Of me... in all my relations?

When my grandfather died
his last words were surprisingly
not about real estate or the stock market
but he advised my brother,
on that which he himself missed most:
'take care of your relationships,
That's all we ever have.'

His benediction is my religion.
For I am a relational creature
living in a modern tribe.
My friends and lovers
are my second skin
and connection to spirit
is my first.

I know
I am nothing,
if I am not
in relation
with spirit

My heart is built like a temple
with an altar to everyone I've loved.
It may feel crowded in here, at times
but there is always room
for expansion.

Kamala Devi 10/2010

"Shameless" Lyrics by Ani DiFranco

i cannot name this
i cannot explain this
and i really don't want to
just call me shameless
i can't even slow this down
let alone stop this
and i keep looking around
but i cannot top this

if i had any sense
i guess i'd fear this
i guess i'd keep it down
so no one would hear this
i guess i'd shut my mouth
and rethink a minute
but i can't shut it now
'cuz there's something in it

we're in a room without a door
and i am sure without a doubt
they're gonna wanna know
how we got in here
and they're gonna wanna know
how we plan to get out

we better have a good explanation
for all the fun that we had
'cuz they are coming for us, baby
they are going to be mad
they are going to be mad at us
they're gonna be mad at me and you
and all the things we wanna do

this is my skeleton
this is the skin it's in
that is, according to light
and gravity

i'll take off my disguise
the mask you met me in
'cuz i got something
for you to see

just gimme your skeleton
give me the skin it's in
yeah baby, this is you
according to me
i never avert my eyes
i never compromise
so nevermind
the poetry

i gotta cover my butt 'cuz i covet
another man's wife
i got to divide my emotions
between wrong and right
then i get to see how close i can get to it
without giving in

then i get to rub up against it
till i break the skin
rub up against it
till i break the skin

just please don't name this
please don't explain this
just blame it all on me
say i was shameless
say i couldn't slow it down
let alone stop it
and say you just hung around
'cuz you couldn't top it

Thursday, October 7

How Can I Stay Mad?

Even if I try not to smile,
your innocent inquiries shatter
my shitty morning mood:
"Why does honey drip
in strings, not drops?"

How can I stay mad
at your sticky little hand-prints
on my French window panes,
when your pregnancy was planned?

We prayed love for months
like hungry beasts at
every phase of the moon,
dreaming up names
like Eden and Echo.
Of course, we hadn't a clue
what we were bargaining for.

Neither did God when she created free will.
Only through motherhood, I've been given a glimpse
of how the Creator might feel watching the world spin.
"Silly children are playing their war games again."

You run to me with stories of dinosaurs
and arctic whales with horns.
Now it seems everything
that pre-dates you is
but God's first draft.

I marvel at the worlds
I'll see through your eyes.
Which I reminds me,
I haven't yet prayed today.
Time to speak my gratitude
to my ancestors.

Kamala Devi
8. 10. 2010

Monday, October 4

Sex Magic the Movie Screening Schedule

Upcoming screening dates for the controversial new Documentary which explores the professional and private life of  Baba Dez.
Chicago Int'l FF -
Oct 8 at 10:30pm
Oct 9 at 10:15pm
Tele Aviv Spiritual FF -
Thur, Oct 14, 23:45
Fri, Oct 15, 23:50
Sat, Oct 16, 15:30
Sat, Oct 16, 22:00
Philadelphia FF -
Oct 22 10:15pm
Oct 23 10:15pm
San Francisco Indie -
Oct 22 9:30pm
Oct 26 9:30pm
Sheffield Doc Fest
Nov. 6 6:45pm
Nov. 7 6:45pm
RIDM Montreal Int'l Doc Fest
Nov. 11 7:30pm
Nov. 12 5pm
As future dates come in we'll be posting them on our site, so please check it out at,
And find us on facebook at Sex Magic.
Best Regards,

Saturday, October 2

Dude, You are So Going to Hell by Timothy Fullerton

Jesus came back last night,
midst trumpets blaring,
thunders rolling,
the Heavens splitting wide,
attended by myriads of
heavily armed angels.
I told him he'd
just have to wait, because
I was lying in your arms,
sweaty from our loving.
I told him that I was
not going to
give this away for the
half-time extravaganza
of God's Big Last Judgment
Super Bowl...He'd just have to
One angel said
"Don't you want to enter Paradise,
to come to the Garden?"
I said
'Just where do you think I am
wing-boy, Hoboken.?
Some angels wouldn't recognize
Paradise if it bit them
on their angelic ass.
"Just hold on there Dude.."
the Big Guy said,
"who are you, to tell
ME, your Lord and Savior,
to wait for anything
Let alone
I kissed your cheek,
then standing up,
just like I came forth
into this garden world,
I said;
" That? That?
You mean
love Making?
the Procreative Shimmy?
It is not "THAT"
O Lord and Master.
It IS the gift
wherein we touch what is TRULY Divine
within and without.!"
The angels seemed to be getting
restive, and began shuffling their
Jesus just looked at me,
and shook his head..
"Dude" he said,
"you are so going to hell".
I looked back at Him,
shining armor,
white wooly hair thing going on..
and just laughed.
"Have I been naughty, Lord?
Let's see,
I haven't started a war,
nor sponsored killing in your name,
I haven't hated,
but I do Love,
I haven't tyrannized in
body, heart nor mind
another soul.
I have not belittled someone,
nor lied or stolen,
cussed out my parents,
or banged the neighbors' wife,
and I sure as hell don't covet
my neighbors' ass.
I've helped ease the pain of those
afflicted insofar as I could,
soothed their minds,
quieted their hearts...
I've given them my time,
my money when I had any,
and neither do I slander
or look down on another.
What's the problem?'
"You did not worship Me,
appreciate My sacrifice, You
neglected prayer, and my rituals,
You did not seek Me in everything,
and did not understand your
craven sinfulness and selfishness
in withholding your gratitude that I plucked you
out of sin into the light."
"Selfishness!!" I cried
"Look Jesus, since I could think
I have never done one small thing
with the idea of Eternal reward.
Not one damned thing.
if I poisoned a deed with the simpering
greed of 'this will get me to heaven'
then I would repent of it.
That way of being is selfishness
I never did, once I began to think,
one thing because I was afraid I
would be plunged into that sadists,
wet dream you call Hell,
As that motivation is the ugly twin,
of the reward thing.
If I did that,
O puissant Lord,
then I deserve not heaven,
but the hell of selfish greediness."
It was really,
really silent...
I looked at Him,
Sitting there on his big white
The quiet grew deeper
and deeper..
"Tim honey, are you coming
back to bed, I need to cuddle."
your voice came
as soft as distant thunder.
I said
Jesus looked at me,
As a smile crept onto
His face...
"I'll wait." he said turning
His whateverthehellitwaswithsixwings
back toward the heavens.
"I'll check back in a millennia or two,
just one last thing, Timothy.."
"What Lord"
"You are such a pain in the ass!"
I grinned, and went back to

TF © 8/12/2010

Friday, October 1

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