Monday, October 4

Sex Magic the Movie Screening Schedule

Upcoming screening dates for the controversial new Documentary which explores the professional and private life of  Baba Dez.
Chicago Int'l FF -
Oct 8 at 10:30pm
Oct 9 at 10:15pm
Tele Aviv Spiritual FF -
Thur, Oct 14, 23:45
Fri, Oct 15, 23:50
Sat, Oct 16, 15:30
Sat, Oct 16, 22:00
Philadelphia FF -
Oct 22 10:15pm
Oct 23 10:15pm
San Francisco Indie -
Oct 22 9:30pm
Oct 26 9:30pm
Sheffield Doc Fest
Nov. 6 6:45pm
Nov. 7 6:45pm
RIDM Montreal Int'l Doc Fest
Nov. 11 7:30pm
Nov. 12 5pm
As future dates come in we'll be posting them on our site, so please check it out at,
And find us on facebook at Sex Magic.
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