Friday, October 29

Radical Transparency

This group Shot is from October's Poly Potluck, the topic was: Radical Transparency.We had approximately 25 people, including 6 first newbies and after we shared delicious spread of vegetarian food, we created a sacred circle to explore and experience the topic of Transparency. It's interesting to find that definitions of transparency vary depending on the field in which it is applied. We had fun stretching the relevance of these definitions to polyamory. Here are some quick definitions we harvested from Google:
***In economics a market is transparent if much is known by many.
***In politics, transparency allows citizens have accessibility,usability,understandability and audibility of information.
***In telecommunications, transparency can refer to the property of an entity that allows another entity to pass thorough it without altering either of the entities.
***In data compression, if a lossily compressed result is perceptually indistinguishable from the uncompressed input, then the compression can be declared to be transparent.
***In the field of optics, transparency is the physical property of light to pass through.
In my 15 years of practicing spiritual poly, I've come to believe the most simple and direct route to enlightened relationship is to speak the truth as it arises. I'm grateful to have so many friends and lovers on the same path who keep showing up and letting their light shine through!
Our next Tantra Talk will be Nov. 4th with Guest Speaker Daka TJ Bartel, Certified Tantric Educator.
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