Monday, January 24

Tantra Talk: Sex Magic Ritual Jan. 2011

New Years is one of my favoirte holidays (next to Haloween or Witch's New Years!) My favorite rituals are the ones where we die to the past, declare new intentions, forgive ourselves and others and co-creating a new reality. Last week an intimate and sincere group of tantra practitioners gathered to share a sweet evening of sex magic. This was a safe "white" ritual wherein we supported eachother in asking for exactly what we wanted to manifest and then merged our intentions with sensual energy and surrendered it to the universe, in the highest good of all. I look forward to doing a similar all women's ritual in Feb. 18th. Go to calendar for details:
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Saturday, January 22

Confessions of a courtesan...

I confess I find more ecstasy
in passion than in prayer.
I confess...
I pray still... feel the touch
of my lover's lips...
...his hands upon me...
...his arms enfolding me
Such surrender has been mine.
I confess I hunger still
to be filled and inflamed.
To melt into the dream of us...
...beyond this troubled place... where we are not even ourselves.
To know that always.
...always this is mine.
Your Grace...She hopes to bewitch us all.
If this had not been mine,
if I had lived another way...
...a child to a husband's whim... soul hardened from lack of touch
and lack of love...
...I confess such endless days
and nights...
...would be punishment greater
than any you could mete out.

You, all of you...
...who hunger for what I give but cannot
bear to see such power in a woman... call God's greatest gift...
...our yearning, our need to love,
you call it filth...
...and sin and heresy...

I repent there was no other way
open to me. I do not repent my life.

From Dangerous Beauty, a movie based on a true story about Veronica Franco (1546–1591) was an Italian poet and courtesan in 16th century Venice.

Thursday, January 20

Charles Muir is coming to San Diego!

Charles Muir is considered the Pioneer of the Modern Tantra Movement in the US. In 1980, he originated the Sacred Spot Massage, and many other experiential exercises, which have become cornerstones in the curriculum of most Tantra educators. This weekend is a rare opportunity for you to study directly with the "Grandfather of the Tantra Renaissance in America". He'll be teaching with his beloved Leah Alchin, and Advanced Certified Tantra Educator. There will be various other Certified Tantra educators and like-minded participants from all over the country.

In this powerful weekend, you will discern the secrets of sexual intimacy, passion, and spiritual connections! Here's just some of what you may learn to make you a conscious and masterful lover:!

- Breathing in lovemaking ~ key to ecstasy
- The lost art of kissing ~ 5 styles of erotic and esoteric kissing
- 6 kinds of healing and erotic touch
- The keys to increasing intimacy & spiritual union
- Freeing the female orgasm ~ it's easy!
- 1001 methods of exquisite pelvic movement
- Tired of dating? Discover the skills to attract the Beloved
- Sexual healing & awakening for men ~ The secret that can Quadruple the length & power of your orgasm
- Advanced lovemaking techniques you will use forever
- Female sacred spot massage ritual ~ step-by-step instructions to heal, awaken and release unlimited energy
- Internal muscular exercises for increased energy & pleasure
- And so much more

The Art of Conscious Loving® seminars provide the education we never had and always needed in order to have wonderful, real, and lasting love and rediscover the full potential of our sexual energy.
Rather than a touchy-feely course about sex, Tantra: The Art of Conscious Loving is a spiritual yet practical guide to being present and intimate with the most important person in your life. Sure, there is a lot of discussion about sex, but only in the context of celebrating yourself, your partner, your love, and life itself...this should be required learning for all people.

Have you ever felt there must be something more to sexual loving? In just a few days, you will discover the ancient secrets of female and male sexual ecstasy. You will learn to use sexual energy for increased intimacy, spiritual connection, pleasure and harmony, and turn sex into a relationship practice of healing energy, renewal, and transformation.

Are you tired of chasing weak orgasms? Women can experience
longer, deeper, faster, and more powerful, and fulfilling orgasms. Men
can orgasm without tiring ejaculations. You can tap into an endless,
spontaneous flow of creative love energy.

In ancient India, Tantric sex was taught as an art form that every conscious person must master. Now you can learn these ancient and proven skills, translated into a 21st century art form, and experience harmonious and joyful union. No explicit sexual activity or nudity takes place in class; optional home play is assigned.

Weekend Schedule:

Friday, March 4th 6:45 – 10:30 pm,

Saturday, March 5th 10 am – 7:30 pm (with 2 hour lunch, break at
1:30 pm)

Sunday March 6th 10 am – 8 pm (with 2 hour lunch, break at 1:30 pm)

Registration Info:

For Couples and Singles Tuition is $450 per person (does not include
meals or lodging).

Space is limitied. Reserve your space with a $100 deposit Today. Kamala Devi will be hosting this workshop at a private home. Directions will be sent upon registration along with a confirmation of how to prepare, and a list of local hotels if you are staying from out of town. Let us know early if you would like to arrange to be a house guest of a local participant for the weekend.

For questions or to Register please write: or

or Call 858-272-2254 or 888-682-6872, Ext. 114

For more information about Charles and Source School of Tantra go to:

Wednesday, January 19

Tantra Theater is Forming Now!

I'm excited to announce that the GAME is ON!

We'll be starting the next Course on THURSDAYS at 6:30 in February.

Though we haven't confirmed the exact location or dates, we are planning a spectacular performance showcase in May!

You have approx. 2 weeks to prepare for this deep journey into your full expression.

I suggest you put the following dates on your calendar, and LIGHTEN UP your work and social calendar so that you can dive deeply into rehearsals and have time for emotional process and/or homework.

The first rehearsal begins on Feb. 10th.Please wear comfy clothes, bring pen, journal, inspiration and an open mind.

Tuition of $397 is due on the first day. (If necessary it can be broken up into no more than two payments of $200, second payment is due on March 31st.) Repeat performers get $100 off, no payment plan.  Please check your calendar and let me know if you plan to enroll.

February: 10, 17
March: 3, 10, 17, 31
April: 7, 14, 28
May: 5th is Mandatory Dress Rehearsal
other rehearsals during Tech week TBA
Potential Show Dates: May 6,7,8 AND/OR 13,14,15
Wrap party: May 12th or following week if we do a later show. (We may have a partial performance with anyone who is attending the Sedona Confrence on the 29th, and informal performance art at Canyon de Guadalupe in March.)It is required that you miss no more than 3 classes AND dress rehearsal is mandatory.

Can't wait to get Naked onstage with you!
Kamala Devi

Friday, January 14

Come Audition for SD Tantra Theater 2011

Seeking new members for Tantra Theater Troupe!
TO AUDITION: please join us for an open house Monday, Jan. 17, 2011, 6:45-9pm No experience necessary.

Must be available to rehearse weekly on Tuesdays OR Thursdays at 6:45pm, final dates TBA.
San Diego TT has (3) three levels of participation: Personal, Transpersonal & Crew.

1) PERSONAL: We're Seeking open-minded individuals who are interested in radical personal growth, no performance experience necessary. The Tantra Theater training provides a safe, challenging, non-judgmental space for spiritual seekers to experience their full expression. The training is a 90 day course that culminates in a showcase.
2) TRANSPERSONAL: We're also seeking Performance artists with improvisational skills, who are also empathic listeners who love serving the community.The San Diego Tantra Theater Troupe is a collective of spiritual artists who explore and empower sacred sexuality on stage. We collaborate to create performances that promote a greater understanding of sacred sexual issues in conscious communities within and beyond San Diego. Our personal, vulnerable and sometimes controversial presentations inspire learning, open discussion and spiritual awakening. During performance, both artists and audience have an opportunity to realize the creative power within their sex center. Using comedy, drama, and dance, we aim to educate, entertain and enlighten.(Prerequisite: Two or more 90 day courses or equivalent experience are necessary to become a member of the troupe.)

3) CREW: We can always use helping hands with lights, camera, sound, costume, props, concessions, ushering and fluffing. Experience, availability and positive attitude is appreciated! Our budget is limited but experienced Stage Management and video work may be compensated. Most other work is volunteer or trade for free attendance. We currently have a small, overworked team of groupies who are excited to expand the team.
MISSION STATEMENT: SD Tantra Theater Troupe combines ritual and performance to transmute sexual guilt, shame and fear into art, healing and liberation. We celebrate that every aspect of life's drama is sacred.
TANTRA THEATER TROUPE is a collective of artist, healers and teachers that produce performances, workshops and events for personal growth. Created in 2009 under the direction of author and tantra Teacher, Kamala Devi, Tantra Theatre has performed locally as well as at national sacred sex conferences and festivals.

We are looking for creative, open minded, intuitive, vulnerable and honest storytellers with a good sense of humor, and a love for learning. What we look for:

· Empathic listening skills

· Available to rehearse weekly
· Comfortable with personal growth and movement-based work
· Community orientation: personality that plays well with others
· Strong stage presence: both as an ensemble player and as a solo performer

· Optional artistic skills: Music, dance, poetry all other tantric arts welcome!


· Deep heart connections with cast and crew
· Opportunity to grow as a person and performer

· The ability to safely perform to audience of over 100 people

· Commemorative DVD of your performance

· Visibility through video clips on on

· Performing for many different circumstances in a broad range of venues
· Opportunity to affect Social change

· Rehearse 6:30-9:30pm once per week for 9 weeks (Plus longer later hours during tech-week, on the week before the showcase.)

· 1.5 hour Private coaching to develop your personal narrative.

· 10 hours of personal homework, writing, rehearsing and at least 1-2 hours/month of volunteer work.

· Upon first joining, you'll be invited to take part in an 9-week deep personal growth group to get your skills up to performance level. The financial commitment for this course is only $497. Returning students receive $100 discount.


· Read carefully through our website and the audition guidelines.
· see us perform (if you haven't already) and
· Email Kamala Devi, Director, to tell us you are interested in auditioning, and get directions.

· Come to the next scheduled audition. You needn’t prepare anything.

· If we like each other and feel creative synergy, you will either be asked come to a callback audition or be invited to join the next 90 day journey.
Jan. 17 Auditions for 2011. This first free gathering is an open house where to see if you have what it takes and if you resonate with Kamala's directing style. No experience necessary. Theater is a tansformative group process where we delve into personal history and have fun re-scripting the sexual and spiritual stories that have been holding us back. The journey involves at least 9 weekly rehearsals and a private session that culminate in a public performance and/or a video recording of 3-10 minutes of a polished performance which you can show your friends and lovers. Write:

Wednesday, January 5

Log Angeles Premiere of Sex Magic Movie

Join us for the Big LOS ANGELES Premiere Showing of the controversial new Docmumentary:

Sex Magic
this THURSDAY Jan. 6th!
10pm at Sunset 5 Theater
8000 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, California 90046

      Kamala Devi and the directors Eric Liebman and Jon Schell will be meeting first across from the the theater @ 8 @ Sushi Dan restaurant before going into the show, there will also be a Q&A on the the Thursday night screening, if you can't come but have friends in LA please let them know it will be showing: Laemmle Sunset 5 for 3 screenings this week, Jan 6-8. Thursday is at 10 pm, Friday and Saturday at midnight.
Yes, I know it's probably past your bedtime and its a lot easier to order the film ON DEMAND (till mid February), but I must say, of all the films to see with an audience, this is it! So lets make a night of it.
For more details go to:
And tell your friends!