Saturday, December 26

Christmas in the Summertime

In Australia, Santa's sled is pulled by kangaroos and here are some lyrics to a classic Christmas carol:                                            On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love sent to me Twelve goanna goin, Eleven snakes a-sliding, Ten dingoes dashing, Nine wombats waddling, Eight koalas clinging, Seven emus running, Six 'roos a-jumping, Five opals black,
Four great galahs, Three parakeets, Two cockatoos, And a kookaburra up a gum tree.
Photo Captions:
1. A typical Christmas party at Byron Bay.
2. Family Photo
3. Christmas Eve we went to a parade and fair with Peter James and his beautiful family.
4. Devin got a magic wand for christmas eve and became all powerful shooting people with vitimin C and marrying them.
5-7. We hung out at Peter's beautiful hotel. Devin fell asleep on the Bali day bed (which was helicoptered onto the treehouse.)
6. Our Tantra family spends christmas at the Nudist beach
7. Dez risks his life with a giant jelly fish
7. We celebrate the Holy Day with a huge Indian Feast
8. On Boxing Day (Dec.26th) Auntie Fiona spoils Devin with a Kookabura teddy.

Sex Magic: Manifesting Maya

     We recently screened the Australian premiere of Baba Dez's new documentary: "Sex Magic; Manifesting Maya." This was the third version that I had seen and it has come a loooong way since the controversial first cut. It was warmly received and celebrated by the 30 person audience in Byron Bay.

     I first saw the rough cut when it was screened at a Sacred Sex conference in Virginia Beach. The audience was so shocked, it nearly provoked an energetic riot.  Many teachers and practioners are  sensitive about the hollywood portrayal of deep issues such as tantra, sexual healing, polyamory and sex magic.  Directors Jonathan Schell and Eric Liebman were completely new to tantra when they began working on this project over three years ago.   Initially, they were looking for the "dramatic" angle but eventually were affected by the more spiritual dimensions of this story. They started by attending conferences and interviewing tantra teachers but ultimatly followed Dez's personal love story with Maya.

Here are a couple of excerpts from the treatment:

      It's a “Boy meets Girl, Boy looses Girl, Boy tries to get Girl back” story with a twist. The Boy is BABA DEZ, a renowned sacred sexual healer, whose polyamorous (multiple relationships). The Girl, MAYA, is a sacred prostitute with a history of sexual abuse. To get her back, Dez must embark on a challenging journey, one that pitches him into a cult of his own creation. Sex Magic takes an irreverent look at very serious people, where devotees and practitioners of the ancient Tantric Arts travel down risky emotional paths, attempting to channel their sexual energy toward spiritual growth and the manifestation of their greatest desires.
     But his desire to change for her comes into conflict with his commitment to his lifestyle and philosophy and Dez goes to Hawaii with two lovers to explore Sex Magic; the process of creating a god connection through love making to manifest dreams and desires. He starts writing a book about Sex Magic with one of the lovers, Kamala, whose married with a young child, and claims that by making love with Dez, she's able to “download” all his wisdom given to him by his teachers. And for Dez, she “holds space” for Maya's return. Trouble, however, seems brewing in paradise as the more pleasure is pursued the more Dez pines for Maya, pitching him into an existential crisis and he confronts the very real notion that the tools he’s employed for liberation are in actuality the prison bars of his unhappiness.

     Despite not having a happy ending, most of the objections evoked by the first several versions of the movie have been answered.  The film still bites off more than it can chew, adn I  still have my personal reservations about the way that sex magic is mis-represented, but at the end of the day, I feel the positive impact of showing a powerful sacred sex teacher in his vulnerable daily practices outweighs the negative impact of showing Dez and his attachment to personal love.

Wednesday, December 23

Radical 2009 Review

Happy Holy-Days from Down Under!

I can't decide which was more significant, the birth of Tantra Theater or the public consummation of my open marriage. The entire year has been a string of one amazing event to another! 
     We kicked off New Years with a FreedomCommunity retreat in Josha Tree. During this expiriment in radical community I fell fiercly love with a beautiful man and explored the long distance relationship dance for several months.
     I organized a performance troupe with ten talented healers while Michael built a stage. We went through 90 days of sharing tears, laughter, magic and growth.
  During the rehearsal process Michael and I celebrated our 7th year of extra marital bliss with a sacred commitment ceremony (where Michael sung an original song on his guitar and I performed my first erotic strip tease.)  For our honeymoon, we traveled in Costa Rica with 14 (and a half) lovers and friends (Rayna was pregnant with baby Anjali.)  While there, we learned that two of our beloved troupe members died in a tragic car accident.
     We dedicated our tantra theater show to Kim and Chris and put on a transformative theater show for over 145 people. The affects of our co-creation exceeded all expectations.  Subsequently we've run two more Tantra theater trainings and are in the process of launching our new TV site: www.TantraTheater.TV
     My other exciting creation is my new DVD with Relationship Rockstar, Reid Mihalko.
Check it out!
   This year has been tremendous for media exposure and collaboration with powerful teachers. I was on MTV, CBS and the new Movie: Sex Magic.  I've been collaborating with Freddy Zental, Baba Dez, Shawn Roop, and David Cates.  By far, the  Greatest collaborative effort was Tantra Palooza 9-9-09 with 9 tantra teachers! Can't wait to see what magic we co-create on 10-10-10.

            Kamala Devi

Tuesday, December 22

Photos from around Byron Bay

Photo Captions:
1) The Nest is an ideal reatreat in the hills above Byron Bay  where we've been teaching and offering sessions. Michael meditates on the front lawn.
2)  Devin & Natasha at the Sydney Airport
3) Watch out for Kuala's on the road (Tourists be warned: They are NOT Bears!)
4 & 5) Devin play's with Eve's daughter at the Macadamia Castle.
6) Devin points to an anthill
7) Our Tantra Family is out and about
8) Devin meditates
9) Rainbow at the Nest

Monday, December 21

Nesting on the Hilltops of Byron Bay

This week in Byron Bay is proof that utopia is possible.  Michael, Devin and I are living, working and playing with Dez, Natasha and Maya in a tropical retreat center with a 360 degree view of ocean and tropical trees.

The magic started when we landed in the humble Balina airport. Michael went off to make a phone call, Natasha sat down to watch all our carry on bags, and I went to the "over-sized baggage" window, leaving little Devin standing hyptnotized by the baggage carousel.  While retrieving the oversized stroller, I looked over my shoulder to see Devin identifying one of our roller bags to a business  man who took it off the carousel for him. He then swiftly released the handle and dragged it across the room to where auntie Natasha was sitting. "I got it all by myself" he said to me when I returned. At age 3 he's only been to 3 airports in his life, but you'd think he was a world traveler!

Dez drove us to a huge gorgeous retreat center on a hill-top called "The Nest"  We spent the first day resting and hiking on the many gorgeous trails leading from the house. In the evening we held a intention circle; using an aboriginal slap stick we called in truth, abundance and communion for the upcoming week of sacred sex workshops and sessions. It is so beautiful to know that the owner, caterer and coordinator are all totally aligned with our Tantric practices.  Byron Bay is a very spiritually advanced center which is more sexually liberated than most of America. For example, prostitution is legal in most states.

The ultimate measure of utopia is the quality of the heart felt HUGS I've recieved.  I've never experienced such warmth and presence in greeting strangers! Yet, each of these seemingly strangers have proven to be doorways to the divine!   Also, Dez's talks and workshops have all  totally ON!  Traveling is good for Dez and his transmission.  The two weeks that we'll be spending with him is only one leg of his World tour. It is clear to me that he is a sacred sex missionary here to touch and transform consciousness around sex on the planet!  It's such an honor and pleasure to be collaborating with him while abroad.  I didn't expect to be offering private sessions during this vacation, but the quality of connections are deep, there is demand, and I'm honored to be of service.

While I'm at work, Devin has been enjoying father son time. Many of my recent photos are taken by Michael at the local playgrounds, swimming pools and amusement parks. Today the whole household is off to see the Crystal Castle, famous for huge Hindu deities and natural crystal boulders. More pictures to come.

Tuesday, December 15

My bologna has a first name...

The Sydney Zoo has an astounding collection of marsupials!  And it was equally  interesting to see the little Aussie children run around as it was to watch the native Australian animals. We shared a scenic picnic table with about 15 young boys from summer camp and Devin said, "Mom, they know my name."
I started to listen to their sing-song Aussie accents and after overhearing the word Devin, I leaned over towards the  an older woman making sandwiches, "is one of these boys named Devin?"
"No, I'm making Devon sandwiches.  I have turkey, ham, chicken and Devon meat?" Said the camp Counselor.
"Devin, that's my son's name. What is Devon meat?" I ask.
"I believe it's what you call bologna in the States. would you fancy a taste?"
Devin exclaims "Yes!" and stuffs two slices into his little pie hole. "I like it very much."
"So, I guess Devin is not a common boys name in Australia?" I ask.
"No." She says, "That would be like calling your kid bologna, wouldn't it?" 

Photo Captions:
2. Funky waterbirds.
3. Relaxing Roos.
5&6. Walabys in pouch.
7. Kangaroo behind Devin (look close)
8. Michael feeds a lizard.
9. Laughing Kookaburra.
10. Michael changes Devin.

Tree House full of Tantrikas

Goddess Fiona Louise is not only the organizer of the Australian Conference of Sacred Sexual Educators this year, but she has been our host for the past three nights as she's warmly welcomed us into her rustic old tree-home near Manly Beach.  (This picture is of the top deck of her home.) There's a natural hot pool out her back door and a big indoor bath as well. The wooden walls are covered with mirrors, our bed is in front of her Tantric altar.  Little Devin is bunking with her 7 year old son. While Natasha, (the raw chef from Siberia) sleeps outside with the snakes and water dragons. Each night we've had a community feast with local food and desserts.  We've tried everything from Kangaroo, Tazmanian cheese, chips & sweet chili, homegrown sprouts, homemade sour kraut, raw chocolate, cheesecake and chai. Devin has taken to leading the prayers which usually sounds something like this, "Thanks for the healthies and up and down the water, Amen." 

Photo Captions:
2. Michael, Devin & Fiona stopping to take photos of the water dragon.
3. Water Dragon on Fiona's front porch.
4. Devin feeds "Penny Henny" the chicken that lives down stairs.
5. Devin builds a sandcastle at the local bay.
6. Kids table.
7. Nathanial does Devin's hair.
8. Michael uses Devin as weght for his sit ups.
9. During our morning jog/walks we discovered that flies like dark colors. 

To Be continued...