Wednesday, December 23

Radical 2009 Review

Happy Holy-Days from Down Under!

I can't decide which was more significant, the birth of Tantra Theater or the public consummation of my open marriage. The entire year has been a string of one amazing event to another! 
     We kicked off New Years with a FreedomCommunity retreat in Josha Tree. During this expiriment in radical community I fell fiercly love with a beautiful man and explored the long distance relationship dance for several months.
     I organized a performance troupe with ten talented healers while Michael built a stage. We went through 90 days of sharing tears, laughter, magic and growth.
  During the rehearsal process Michael and I celebrated our 7th year of extra marital bliss with a sacred commitment ceremony (where Michael sung an original song on his guitar and I performed my first erotic strip tease.)  For our honeymoon, we traveled in Costa Rica with 14 (and a half) lovers and friends (Rayna was pregnant with baby Anjali.)  While there, we learned that two of our beloved troupe members died in a tragic car accident.
     We dedicated our tantra theater show to Kim and Chris and put on a transformative theater show for over 145 people. The affects of our co-creation exceeded all expectations.  Subsequently we've run two more Tantra theater trainings and are in the process of launching our new TV site: www.TantraTheater.TV
     My other exciting creation is my new DVD with Relationship Rockstar, Reid Mihalko.
Check it out!
   This year has been tremendous for media exposure and collaboration with powerful teachers. I was on MTV, CBS and the new Movie: Sex Magic.  I've been collaborating with Freddy Zental, Baba Dez, Shawn Roop, and David Cates.  By far, the  Greatest collaborative effort was Tantra Palooza 9-9-09 with 9 tantra teachers! Can't wait to see what magic we co-create on 10-10-10.

            Kamala Devi

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