Wednesday, December 9

First Day in Sydney with Flying Foxes

Devin Slept through most of the 14 hours of trip.  He looked like a little Kuala Bear so we couldn't resist taking this photo.
Amy Basha gave us a warm welcome into her suburban home and took us to the Sydney Botanical Garden so Devin could run around. After playing with wild cacatoos and tasting mouthwatering wild herbs such as verbena, blue basil, curry and lemongrass, we were astonished to discover these HUGE fruit bats that were as big as chiwawa dogs!  (Thanks for the tip Diana.) They were so eerie, soulful and hyptnotizing. What a magical first day.  The final picture is of the whole family hanging out in front of the Sydney Opera House. Now we're getting ready for a wild night on the town with a pro Burlesque troupe.

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