Tuesday, December 15

Tree House full of Tantrikas

Goddess Fiona Louise is not only the organizer of the Australian Conference of Sacred Sexual Educators this year, but she has been our host for the past three nights as she's warmly welcomed us into her rustic old tree-home near Manly Beach.  (This picture is of the top deck of her home.) There's a natural hot pool out her back door and a big indoor bath as well. The wooden walls are covered with mirrors, our bed is in front of her Tantric altar.  Little Devin is bunking with her 7 year old son. While Natasha, (the raw chef from Siberia) sleeps outside with the snakes and water dragons. Each night we've had a community feast with local food and desserts.  We've tried everything from Kangaroo, Tazmanian cheese, chips & sweet chili, homegrown sprouts, homemade sour kraut, raw chocolate, cheesecake and chai. Devin has taken to leading the prayers which usually sounds something like this, "Thanks for the healthies and up and down the water, Amen." 

Photo Captions:
2. Michael, Devin & Fiona stopping to take photos of the water dragon.
3. Water Dragon on Fiona's front porch.
4. Devin feeds "Penny Henny" the chicken that lives down stairs.
5. Devin builds a sandcastle at the local bay.
6. Kids table.
7. Nathanial does Devin's hair.
8. Michael uses Devin as weght for his sit ups.
9. During our morning jog/walks we discovered that flies like dark colors. 

To Be continued...

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