Monday, December 21

Nesting on the Hilltops of Byron Bay

This week in Byron Bay is proof that utopia is possible.  Michael, Devin and I are living, working and playing with Dez, Natasha and Maya in a tropical retreat center with a 360 degree view of ocean and tropical trees.

The magic started when we landed in the humble Balina airport. Michael went off to make a phone call, Natasha sat down to watch all our carry on bags, and I went to the "over-sized baggage" window, leaving little Devin standing hyptnotized by the baggage carousel.  While retrieving the oversized stroller, I looked over my shoulder to see Devin identifying one of our roller bags to a business  man who took it off the carousel for him. He then swiftly released the handle and dragged it across the room to where auntie Natasha was sitting. "I got it all by myself" he said to me when I returned. At age 3 he's only been to 3 airports in his life, but you'd think he was a world traveler!

Dez drove us to a huge gorgeous retreat center on a hill-top called "The Nest"  We spent the first day resting and hiking on the many gorgeous trails leading from the house. In the evening we held a intention circle; using an aboriginal slap stick we called in truth, abundance and communion for the upcoming week of sacred sex workshops and sessions. It is so beautiful to know that the owner, caterer and coordinator are all totally aligned with our Tantric practices.  Byron Bay is a very spiritually advanced center which is more sexually liberated than most of America. For example, prostitution is legal in most states.

The ultimate measure of utopia is the quality of the heart felt HUGS I've recieved.  I've never experienced such warmth and presence in greeting strangers! Yet, each of these seemingly strangers have proven to be doorways to the divine!   Also, Dez's talks and workshops have all  totally ON!  Traveling is good for Dez and his transmission.  The two weeks that we'll be spending with him is only one leg of his World tour. It is clear to me that he is a sacred sex missionary here to touch and transform consciousness around sex on the planet!  It's such an honor and pleasure to be collaborating with him while abroad.  I didn't expect to be offering private sessions during this vacation, but the quality of connections are deep, there is demand, and I'm honored to be of service.

While I'm at work, Devin has been enjoying father son time. Many of my recent photos are taken by Michael at the local playgrounds, swimming pools and amusement parks. Today the whole household is off to see the Crystal Castle, famous for huge Hindu deities and natural crystal boulders. More pictures to come.


Steven W said...

Wow, sounds like a wonderful trip. I am in Portland diving deep into mysore ashtanga yoga, raw vegan food, vipassana meditation, Qi Gong, and laughter circles. Keep spreading the good word.

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