Monday, February 28

Charles Muir's Intro Puja in San Diego

Tantra Legend, Charles Muir (The smiling man in the red shirt in the middle, surrounded by goddesses) led a sweet introductory puja to approximately 45 people last night after an hour lecture about being more fully alive in sex and relationship.
"If your practicing Tantra, you have to accept the relation-shit." Admittedly, your Shadow will arise when you start moving deeper into the energetic body. He advises men not to take it personally. If you're going to heal the wounds and the wrongs that have been committed to your lover by your brother, (their fathers, boyfriends, even rapists,) you have to understand that all their fear, anger and pain is about their past. If you stay present, you can guide them back into their Ecstasy.
Charles, is not only wise, but charismatic and down to earth. We are so fortunate to have him in San Diego teaching the Art of Conscious Loving this weekend. Tuesday Night's puja is sold out, but there are still several spaces at the weekend workshop if you want to register go to:
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Saturday, February 26

Important Location Change for Charles Muir Event(s)


We've had a recent flood of registrations for this exciting event, and have decided to host Sunday's Puja at a larger location. It's a beautiful new Tantric Temple in La Mesa, (still in San Diego county). Directions will be sent if you RSVP.

This weekend: We are still making final arrangements and will confirm the venue with everyone who is registered no later than Wednesday. We will also forward new hotel options at that time. Thank you for your flexibility and patience. Please contact Kali Das at if you have any questions or concerns.

The schedule and prices have remained the same:
Feb. 27th Intro. & Puja with Charles Muir at NEW LOCATION: YabYummy (Only $20 and there's Still Space!!!)
March 1st ntro & Puja with Charles Muir at private home in NORTH County (sold out)
March 4-6 Art of Conscious Loving with Leah Alchin & Charles Muir Weekend Schedule:

> Friday, March 4th 6:45 – 10:30 pm,
> Saturday, March 5th 10 am – 7:30 pm (with 2 hour lunch, break at 1:30 pm)
> Sunday March 6th 10 am – 8 pm (with 2 hour lunch, break at 1:30 pm

 Registration Info: Tuition is $450 per person (does not include meals or lodging). Because space is limited, we ask you reserve your spot here with a $100 non-refundable deposit here:

Blessings of Bliss,
Kali Das ॐ
Personal Assistant to Kamala Devi
Tues. March 8th Tantra Talk 6:45pm $10
 Fri. March 11th Goddess Gathering 6:45pm $15
Sat. March 26th Naked Yoga 4:30-6pm $10
Sat. March 26th Sacred Snuggle Party 6:45pm-11pm
11/11/11 Tantra Palooza!

Friday, February 25

Naked Yoga is Back

"Nude and naked don't really mean exactly the same thing. Nude means you ain't got no clothes on. Naked means you ain't got no clothes on, and you up to somethin'!"
     Naked yoga is simply practice of stretching, balancing, meditation and breathing without clothes.
     Kamala learned from Isis Phoenix of Naked Yoga NYC, "It is a yoga practice that holds an intention of a holy body free from shame, guilt and suffering."
      Kamala is developing a safe and fun series to help you reconnect with the natural state of your body and feel comfortable being naked in community. Ultimately, removing your clothes in public can be liberating.
Kamala will guide you through a sacred disrobing ritual that cultivates confidence, acceptance, and healing.
God created us naked. It’s OK to be nude. Let's celebrate our natural glory.
Saturday March 26th Intermediate level 4:30pm-6pm. Suggested Donation $10  RSVP required to (Potluck and Snuggle Party starts at 6:45pm)

Wednesday, February 23

The abode of the Beloved by Kabir

Oh Companion That Abode Is Unmatched,
Where My Complete Beloved Is.

In that Place There Is No Happiness or Unhappiness,
No Truth or Untruth
Neither Sin Nor Virtue.
There Is No Day or Night, No Moon or Sun,
There Is Radiance Without Light.

There Is No Knowledge or Meditation
No Repetition of Mantra or Austerities,
Neither Speech Coming From Vedas or Books.
Doing, Not-Doing, Holding, Leaving
All These Are All Lost Too In This Place.

No Home, No Homeless, Neither Outside or Inside,
Micro and Macrocosm Are Non-Existent.
Five Elemental Constituents and the Trinity Are Both Not There Witnessing Un-struck Shabad Sound is Also Not There.

No Root or Flower, Neither Branch or Seed,
Without a Tree Fruits are Adorning,
Primordial Om Sound, Breath-Synchronized Soham,
This and That - All Are Absent, The Breath Too Unknown

Where the Beloved Is There is Utterly Nothing
Says Kabir I Have Come To Realize.
Whoever Sees My Indicative Sign
Will Accomplish the Goal of Liberation.


Tuesday, February 22

Red Hot Love (Our 9th Valentines!)

     After 9 years together, my love for Michael still overflows like lava, spilling over to other lovers and the larger tantric community. We share our marriage with about 9 poly lovers. A reporter recently asked me, with so many other loves, how do we celebrate Valentines Day?"
We don't." I say, "We celebrate Valentines Month."

       We just got back from the Big Island with a pod of our most intimate sweethearts where we visioned and practiced living in a sustainable free-love community. Together we played, processed, cooked, cleaned, slept, dreamed and practiced magic to manifest the possibility of living in a world without competition, ownership, or possessiveness. Sure, Jealousy still came up a few times, but the collective love and support proves greater than our individual insecurities.  After this experience, I am grateful to find that my waking reality is becoming more like my wildest fantasy.
     "So, what exactly does your day to day life look like?" the media interviewer continues.
Well, since our son was born 4 years ago, we've lived in this suburban house by the beach.  We wake up and do yoga, he surfs, I write, while our son is shares daycare with another open minded family down the street. During the work-week Michael runs an energy conservation company, while I see clients. Michael's parents babysit in the evenings so we can host tantra talks, and poly potlucks. We have numerous lunch dates and sexy dinner parties with various lovers through the week. We occasionally bring all our lovers together for play parties or camping trips on the weekends.  In order to maintain the balance within the household and community we also schedule regular times to process and decompress. When challenges arise we never keep them to ourselves. We find that the illusions of separation, competition, insecurity or jealousy tend to dissolve when witnessed by one or more compassionate lovers.
     As a combined Valentine's-anniversary gift, Michael is constructing a studio style guest room for my work and play. (Pictured above, pardon our dust!) We already have several poly lovers that are eager to stay over with more frequency once it's complete. We plan to initiate the new room at the upcoming Charles Muir workshops (2/27 &3/4-6), followed by the Goddess Gathering (3/11) Sacred Snuggle Party (3/26). Hope you can join and add your energy to our new space.
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Saturday, February 19

Casting Call for BDSM scene in LA

Casting Call:
I've been working with a Hollywood producer who is looking for a Los Angeles based sex educator who is attractive and comfortable on camera and willing to shoot a scene teaching light BDSM for a few hours between Feb 22-March 8th.  Volunteer work only. Please respond to my assistant:
Thanks in advance.

Friday, February 4

Fun in Feb: New Event Announcement

Dear One,
Even though it's the dead of winter,
Valentines is the hottest time for us Tantrikas.
We have a number of exciting events coming up.

Tomorrow (Sat. 5th) we are having our FIRST official "Advanced Sacred Sensual Play Party, which is by invitation only.  It is our intention to create a safe and harmonious field of experienced friends and lovers. Our prerequisit is having attended at least two sacred snuggle parties and have had a conversation with Kamala to determine that you're an "energetic match". Nobody will be admitted unless they've been confirmed on the evite list. If you've met the pre-requisit and are interested in attending the next one, nd tell to get on the wait list.

Now get out your 2011 calendar and color it in with these fun events in Feb:

Tues. Feb. 8th Tantra Talk: Dynamic Dyad Meditation 6:45
Thurs. Feb. 10th Tantra Theater 90 day journey begins!
Thurs. Feb. 24th Poly Potluck 6:45p
Sun. Feb. 27th AND Tues. March 1st Introduction Puja with Charles Muir 6:45pm
March 4-6 Art of Conscious Loving with Leah Alchin & Charles
NEW DATE: March 26th Sacred Snuggle Party 6:45pm
11/11/11 Tantra Palooza! or call 858-272-2254