Monday, February 28

Charles Muir's Intro Puja in San Diego

Tantra Legend, Charles Muir (The smiling man in the red shirt in the middle, surrounded by goddesses) led a sweet introductory puja to approximately 45 people last night after an hour lecture about being more fully alive in sex and relationship.
"If your practicing Tantra, you have to accept the relation-shit." Admittedly, your Shadow will arise when you start moving deeper into the energetic body. He advises men not to take it personally. If you're going to heal the wounds and the wrongs that have been committed to your lover by your brother, (their fathers, boyfriends, even rapists,) you have to understand that all their fear, anger and pain is about their past. If you stay present, you can guide them back into their Ecstasy.
Charles, is not only wise, but charismatic and down to earth. We are so fortunate to have him in San Diego teaching the Art of Conscious Loving this weekend. Tuesday Night's puja is sold out, but there are still several spaces at the weekend workshop if you want to register go to:
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