Tuesday, February 1

What's The Red Dot

Beloved One,
Since we’ve returned from South India, many people have asked about the significance of the ornamental mark which often adorns the space between my eyebrows. So I thought you might like to hear a few reflections on the subject: In Southern states, I noticed that both girls and women wear these bindis, but I’ve been told that in many Northern parts of India, only married woman wear them to demonstrate their marital status. It’s believed that the beautiful bindi will usher prosperity into a newlywed’s home. It’s also known as a caste mark and the decorations of the bindi can indicate the bearer’s class. In traditional Hindu temples, the priest often doles out a pinch of kumkum powder to every participant (men and women) after each puja. During worship, my tantra teacher would apply the bindi for me while chanting a mantra to invoke the Shakti within me. Traditional bindi’s are red or maroon made from a pinch of vermilion, kumkum or red tumeric powder applied skillfully with the ring finger of the right hand.
The advent of the sticker bindi is an easy-to-use alternative to the powder which offers a wide range colors, shapes and sizes. Today, the bindi is more of a fashion statement , it’s becoming as popular in the states to wear these beautiful and intriguing jewels, as as if they were earrings or eye make-up. Many Hollywood performers wear them, including Madonna and Barbra Striesand. Please join me at any of these fabulous upcoming events, and if you ask me, I’ll be happy to bindi-ize you on that you can feel it’s power for yourself.
In service of the divine,
Kamala Devi
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