Wednesday, March 30

The Whore and the Holy one...

(Gnostic poetry found in Egypt dated 380 a.d.)

I was sent forth from the power,

and I have come to those who reflect upon me,
...and I have been found among those who seek after me.
Look upon me, you who reflect upon me,
and you hearers, hear me.
...Do not be ignorant of me anywhere or any time.
Be on your guard!
Do not be ignorant of me.

For I am the first and the last.
I am the honored one and the scorned one.
I am the whore and the holy one.
I am the wife and the virgin.
I am and the daughter.
I am the members of my mother.
I am the barren one
and many are her sons.
I am she whose wedding is great,
and I have not taken a husband.
I am the bride and the bridegroom,
and it was my husband who begot me.
...I am the mother of my father
and the sister of my husband
and he is my offspring...

I am the silence that is incomprehensible
and the idea whose remembrance is frequent.
I am the voice whose sound is manifold
and the word whose appearance is multiple.
I am the utterance of my name.

...You who deny me, confess me,
and you who confess me, deny me. 
...You who know me, be ignorant of me,
and those who have not known me, let them know me.
For I am knowledge and ignorance.
I am shame and boldness.
I am shameless; I am ashamed.
...Give heed to me
...Give heed to my poverty and my wealth.
...and you will find me in the kingdoms.
And do not look upon me when I am cast out among those who
are disgraced and in the least places,
nor laugh at me.
...I, I am compassionate and I am cruel.

Be on your guard! 
...I am she who exists in all fears
and strength in trembling.
...For I am the judgement of the Greeks and the barbarians. 
....I am the one whose image is great in Egypt
and the one who has no image...
I am the one who has been hated everywhere
and who has been loved everywhere.
I am the one whom they call Life,
and you have called Death.
I am the one whom they call Law,
and you have called Lawlessness.
I am the one whom you have pursued,
and I am the one whom you have seized.
I am the one whom you have scattered,
and you have gathered me together.
I am the one before whom you have been ashamed,
and you have been shameless to me.
...I, I am godless,
and I am the one whose God is great.
...I am unlearned,
and they learn from me.
I am the knowledge of my inquiry,
...and of women who dwell within me.
I am peace,
and war has come because of me.
I am the substance and the one who has no substance.
...I am control and the uncontrollable.
...I am the one below,
and they come up to me.
I am the judgment and the acquittal.
I, I am sinless,
and the root of sin derives from me.
I am lust in (outward) appearance,
and interior self-control exists within me.
I am the hearing which is attainable to everyone
and the speech which cannot be grasped.
I am a mute who does not speak,
and great is my multitude of words.
Hear me in gentleness, and learn of me in roughness.
I am she who cries out, ...and I listen.
...I am the one who is called Truth
...For I am the one who alone exists,
and I have no one who will judge me.

For many are the pleasant forms which exist in numerous sins,
...and disgraceful passions,
and fleeting pleasures,
which (men) embrace until they become sober
and go up to their resting place.
And they will find me there,
and they will live,
and they will not die again.

...I was sent forth from the power.

Exerpts From"The Thunder, Perfect Mind." Part of the Nag Hammadi Library, a collection of mostly Gnostic writings from the third century CE, discovered in Egypt in 1945.Translated by George W. MacRae

I have made this special selection for a dance performance with spoken word in my Tantra Theater Production of Sacred Slut Series. For details go to

Monday, March 28

Cuddle for the Cause!

    We threw a wild party, everyone got love drunk and fired prayer rockets into the midnight sky. Satuday's Monthly Sacred Snuggle Party was a Fundraiser for Japan. We did Naked Yoga, Cuddled for the cause, and even offered lap dances to raise almost $1K for EQ and Tsunami relief.  To donate, we have selected Doctors without Borders and invite you to do the same by clicking:
     At the closing circle we held hands and sent our prayers oversees. We also acknowledged that human sexuality is one of the most powerful forces on the planet, we intend to raise this vibration and use it for the good of all.  It is important that we continue to do our personal growth and on behalf of the entire Earth, for there is no spirituality that is separate from any other sentient being.
Here is a beautiful prayer posted by Pablo Cohelo (Ttranslated by Ken Crane below.)










Lord, protect our planet, because we live here, and here we dwell with our daily tragedies.
May our daily reconstruction be the result of the very best that we carry within us.
Give us the courage
to be able to reconstruct what was destroyed
to be able to recover what was lost
to be able to accept what was gone forever.
May you give us courage to look ahead,
may we never look back nor allow our soul to be discouraged.
Lord, give us enthusiasm, because Enthusiasm reaffirms to us that everything is possible, as long as we are totally committed to what we are doing.
Lord, may the Earth continue to transform seeds into wheat, may we continue to transmute wheat into bread. Do not leave us in solitude.
Have compassion on us, Lord. For we often think we are dressed when we are naked.
Do not forget, in your mercy, our friends in Japan, who are now teaching us the meaning of Courage, Reconstruction, Solidarity and Enthusiasm.

Friday, March 25

Poly Potlulck and Zegg Forum

**Let's raise funds for Earth Quake relief in Japan at tomorrow's Sacred Snuggle Party in Pacific Beach. All procedes go to charity! **

     The theme of our poly potluck this month was gathering of the tribe. It was a spontaneous decompression from the annual tantric trip to Canyon de Guadalupe. Adam, who started the community event over 13 years ago, assisted me in leading a Zegg stlye forum. 
      The forum is a communication and personal growth process that can assist an intentional community in clearing issues. It is especially powerful to shed light on issues surrounding sex, power and money. I personally feel it is relevant to the poly lifestyle because rather than having redundant dyadic processes, it can be, easier and more profound to get all your lovers in one room and clear the air. 
      Perhaps the two greatest side-effects of doing this work over time is 1) Authentic vulnerability 2) Transpersonal connection. As we deeply share and witness each others unique personal journeys it becomes impossible to ignore how at core we are all so similar and connected. 
    When it was my turn to take the stage, My body wanted to express it's physical discomfort, as I've been wrestling with a painful urinary track infection. Then I felt deeper into my emotional body and found I had some ego tenderness around how I was being seen while camping with my new lover.  During our trip to the Mexican hotsprings, I shared a tent with my husband, son, new lover, a friend, and even girlfriend.  These are all deep relationships that are special to me, each in their own way. Yet I admit to putting precedence and sometimes playing favorites with my new lover. I wonder how this felt to others in the community, especially after hearing a dear friend say that "the queen of poly becomes suddenly monogamous" when my new lover walks into the room. Another concern I have is that people are uncomfortable when I express my affection to a man that is not my husband. But after sharing, by and large the feedback was that my lovers loved seeing me in love. Janos even gave me the reflection: Who wants a fucking cake if you aren't going to eat it too?  Thank you all for witnessing and supporting.
      I am so grateful to be co-creating a conscious community that supports my full expression. I look forward to playing more!
Love, KD
P.S. Here are some forum related events that Adam wants to invite you to:
The first Sunday of the month I have been hosting New Culture Awareness / community potluck gatherings at my house. The next is April 3. Please plan to attend if you can. We are building community and energy for our own camp weekend in the future.
The first weekend in May...we will be hosting a community building / forum weekend with Teryani. Please hold those dates and details will follow.
Don't forget Spring Camp with Kelly next month in Santa Cruz and smmer camp in Oregon in August. For details write
Our next Tantra talk is scheduled for April 12th and Poly Potluck is tentatively scheduled for Thurs. the 28th! Hope you can join us. contact to register.  
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Tuesday, March 22

Introducing the Tantra Sutras

     I'm inspired to write a whimsical little book of pithy but pointed thoughts on trantric living. I've gathered my recent FB ruminations, and will be weaving other inspiring threads into a collection called: The Tantra Sutras. Enjoy this sample of status updates (all new since 2011.) and let me know how it touches you!?  

  • If I am to surrender fully to the totality LOVE, then I must also embrace the part of me that wants to run screaming in the opposite direction.
  • You have ruined me for others; ever since we started making love, I can't help but see YOU in the eyes of everyone I behold.
  • True love is a act of grace that occurs out of time giving lovers a taste of the eternal which we feebly grasp at with poetry that points to always, forever and until death do us part.
  • They say the pull of love is like gravity, and often feels like falling, but with you, I'm flying.
  • The divine light that is activated by our relational dance is so bright and intoxicating that I sometimes mistake it for yours or mine.
  • In order to love more, I told my Love I had to expand my container, to which he asked...why do you need to be contained!?
  • Loving you is like being sentenced to liberation.
  • You have touched my being so thoroughly that I no longer recognize myself as seperate from you.
  • I am no longer afraid of losing myself, for there is no part of me, that doesn't become more, by giving it to you.
  • Only the fool gives her heart away, then has nothing left with which to love.
  • A slow seduction is underway; regardless of who started it, the imperative is to surrender.
  • I used to hold a special place in my heart for you, but my love is more holographic than that, now all my feelings contain the essence of you.
  • Somedays I wake up wearing an anti-gravity suit. I float around so high, like the world can't touch me, until someone I love starts to cry, and strips me back down to earth. This is one of those days.
  • Love is like losing your virginity, it only hurts if you don't relax into it, and it can never be undone.
  • We are bigger than the fluctuations of mood, mind or the balance of your bank account. Love exists beyond your current breakdown, boundaries, and beliefs. When this cloud passes, my heart will still be ablaze for you.
  • He said he has no interest in either liberating or jailing me. He is not my prison keeper. I'm free.  I didn't even have to sleep with him to get my keys back. (But I did anyway, just for fun.)
  • Longing to be back in the honeymoon phase of a relationship is like wanting your maturing child to be nursing in your arms again. Unconditional love is cherished without grasping.
  • I finally met a man who loves me the way God loves--without conditions or demands-- but somehow it's easier to forgive God for not calling me more often.
  • Cogito ertic sum: I fuck therefore I am.
  • Your sex may be physically bigger and stronger than mine, but my sex takes great pleasure in containing yours.
  • I wish to love as god loves. But when I fall short, I blame it on having internal genitalia.
  • Some might call me sacrilegious, but the way I see it, I'm just religious in the sack
  • My pussy may not say much...but she sure appreciates your listening.
  • Chop wood. Carry water.... And condoms, just in case.
  • Yoni. Pussy. Vagina. Cunt : A rose is a rose is a rose is a rose.
  • Having a realization is like having an orgasm--a thrilling and transcendent experience of reality. And my favorite realizations are the ones that come through orgasm!
  • Massaging your body with my eyes closed is like feeling my way around an art museum with a blindfold.
  • Perhaps I was too self conscious, too young, too eager. Perhaps I was afraid of peeing on my partners. Or sleeping in a wet spot. Whatever the reason was... it's gone now.
  • Orgasm is a transcendant experience that plugs us into the force that animates all life. We need not wait for specific genital stimulation, just breathe into your connection with the hundreds of thousands of people orgasming right now, throughout the world, and enjoy the ride. 
  • In beholding your naked body, I see that God's greatest masterpiece is the human form, and clearly, your gentials are her signature.

  • If you meet the Buddha on the road, fuck him.
  • On this day, I die to the past, forgive everything, and pray for the Goddess to be re-born in my body. Damn, I always forget to specify, 'gently, please Goddess, take me gently.'
  • From the gods perspective, on Mount Olympus, all mountains are molehills.
  • When the mind reaches for something that's missing, I'm pretty good at giving it gratitude for what's there instead... but how the hell do you trick it into releasing something you cherish, when it's time to detach??? 
  • There's a benevolent arsonist running around my psyche setting fire to old storybooks that don't inspire my creative potential; it's getting pretty HOT in here.
  • Everytime he's invoked, Shiva comes down from his mountain to serve the Goddess. When we're done, he dissolves. I'm starting to suspect the whereabouts of this mystical mountain.
  • As an infinite being expressing herself in finite form, I understand your frustration: There's not enough time. There's not enough space. But how does the mind get off thinking: I'm not enough!?
  • My freedom expands beyond my past programing, current circumstances and all the meanings I've made up. Still I am bound by the beloved, and I am a servant to His rapture.
  • As an infinite being expressing in finite form, I get frustrated: There's not enough time. There's not enough space. But I'm cautious not to distortion: I'm not enough!?
  • In the throws of devotion, Shiva shakes his head and sees me as silly for believing he is anywhere but inside of me.
  • In your full presence I experience myself as I am. In your absence, I am not.
  • My beloved is the one, but not the only.
  • Relationship is my religion. ...and I'm polytheistic. 
  • To gracefully maintain many loves, the first obstacle one must overcome is the notion of a jealous god.
  • There is no win, no accomplishment, no pleasure--when we are in right relationship-- that could add to your life, but take away from mine.
  • Inherently in loving me you become poly, not because you end up loving all my other lovers, but all my personalities.
  • You say I wear my lovers out like clothing, and I agree, they all make me look and feel differently, but my love, you are my favorite pair of blue jeans.
  • I used to want you all to myself, but since expanding my definition of Self, I want all for you.
  • There is enough of you to go around.
  • That you belong to the universe is undeniable, still I'm grateful to borrow you from time to time.
  • Sharing tantric love with multiple partners is easy. Scheduling is a bitch.
  • On days when I don't listen to my dreams, they make themselves known in my waking life. This occurs so often that I've become more of a doer than a dreamer, but the source is the same.
  • My nature is to find a perfect rose bud and push it's petals inside out with my eager little fingers-- forcing it to blossom. 
  • If I weren't concerned with impressing you, who would I be?
  • No matter how seductive the drama of life may be, I resolve to raise my vibration to co-create with the writer/director of this grand production.
  • I used to run away from you, for fear that your depression would activate mine, but running from darkness is exhausting and ineffective compared to turning on the lights. 
  • I'm a 'Hell Yes!' or a 'Hell No!' kinda gal. 'Hell Maybe' just doesn't have the right ring to it.
  • Life is messy like art in progress, sometimes we throw paint on the walls and permanently stain our overalls. Sometimes we have to scrap our inspiration and start over from scratch. Other times it's perfect without any revision. I'm personally more interested in a creation that is expressive rather than impressive....but Darlin, your art is both.
  • Thanks for not attaching to anything I say because when I'm truly inspired, my deepest beliefs become outdated upon utterance.
  • I'm of more than two minds, in any given moment. There's an entire committee in my head, presided over by a fair and deomocratic chairwoman. Only recenty I've discovered her weakness for sexual favors and gotten nervous about her term ending.
  • There is an art to making meaning where there is none-- AKA-- the human experience.
  • I may know him better, care for him more, and share my whole world with him, but that doesn't make him mine. My son belongs to life itself. As do all my lovers.
  • Devin and I were painting the sidewalk in front of our house. He drew a snake and I wrote "HAPPY NEW YEAR," when finished he says..Mom, why don't you write SAD NEW YEAR too? 
  • Devin Echo will be 4 years old, tomorrow! I asked the obligatory question of what he wanted to do when he grows up, to which he says, "Someday, we will sit by the fire together and sip tea."
  • Last night I told Devin the story of how Ganesha got his elephants head and Devin asks, Mamma, did shiva put Ganesha's head on the elepnant's body?
  • Sunday's are my day with Devin (4). We're going to Dance Church to worship the body in motion. He's as reluctant as I was during my Mexi-Jewish childhood indoctrination. Strange that there are no role models for Tantric parenting.
  • For the first time since my postpartum period, I'm entertaining the possiblity of having another child. The more fully alive I become, the more entertaining I find all possiblities.
  • When I was pregnant I'd wake up every morning and look at my swelling bump and think, I can't believe it's possible to feel more bliss than I did the day before, but as the baby grew so did the ecstasy.
  • Instead of dreaming, I must slip out of my a sleepwalker...and dance the visions of my beloveds. By day I get reports of my wherabouts: I'm swimming in the ocean with one lover, while midwifing another's book. Sometimes it's sexual, sometimes mundane, but for some reason I always have long hair or am pregnant?!?!
  • It's not my doing. I may say 'You're welcome,' but I can't accept your praise, or your blame. This is just what happens when life recognizes itself in my presence. No really...Thank YOU.
  • You know your doing provocative work in the world when your fan mail is more disturbing than your hate mail.
  • I Love my work: I make women cum, and grown men cry.

Tuesday, March 15

My Amrita Initation with Charles Muir

      In Sanskrit, Amrita translates to the nectar of the gods which is believed to bring about healing and immortality. Amrita is also a favored term for female ejaculate or "squirting" in the tantra community.
     In tantric lovemaking, the goal-- if there is one-- is to have no goals. The practice is to surrender into each wave of sexual energy without trying to force or hold back truth as it unfolds, in each breath.
     Initially, when men learn that orgasm and ejaculation are separate events, they often get so focused on non-ejaculation, they are taken out of the moment.
     Conversely, tantric women often pressure themselves to experience multiple, whole body or copious orgasms. Admittedly, practicing presence while learning, stretching, and becoming, is a delicate edge. The following tale illustrates my personal dance between evolving my sexual potential and authentically accepting my current capacity.
      In my 15 years of tantric exploration, I have loved many female ejaculators. I had the privileged of empowering and supporting women through their first squirts and have written, taught and even performed on the subject --yet never experienced it myself. 
     When I first learned about Amrita, I accepted that my orgasmic response had it's own wisdom, in it's own time. Then I watched as workshops, videos and sessions for women to learn to Amrita were becoming increasingly popular, as if it were some new craze or a tantric party trick. I struggled to remain patient with my body. And then the scale tipped and I could no longer ignore the impulse to experience more...
      Tantra theater is a collective of artists, healers and teachers who do performance art to transmute sexual guilt, shame and fear into healing and liberation. During our first show, I challenged the troupe to explore their orgasmic experiences onstage, then I watched as SEVEN of my closest sisters wrote intimate poetry about their initiation into their sacred waters. I was the only woman, out of the entire group who had never ejaculated.
    Thus began a phase of looking at my orgasmic response as if there was a problem. Perhaps I was too self conscious, too young, too eager, I thought. Perhaps I'm afraid of peeing on my partners, sleeping in the wet spot or just not built that way. After numerous sessions with experienced sexual healers, who showed me how my sacred spot would swell and tent with fluids, but instead of coming out, they were suspected to be reabsorbed into my bladder after sex. (This may also explain why I have the most delicious sensations while urinating immediately after sex.) To no avail. I decided to accept I was a "soaker" not a "squirter."
     The next cosmic coincidence occurred when Tantra Master Charles Muir recently came to San Diego for his The Art of Conscious Loving weekend which features a profound initiation into sacred spot massage. (The workshop is titled after his his book co-authored by Carolyn Muir.) Charles is a legend in tantra history. He is lovingly known as the god father of western Tantra, and in effect, has been practicing Tantra Yoga for about as long as I've been alive.
      I was excited to be hosting his weekend workshop, but I had never directly experienced his teachings.  Of course I was familiar with Charles's work through his students who are my friends and mentors: Baba Dez, Francoise, TJ Bartell, Shawn Roop, Mare Simone to name a few. So, I decided to schedule a private session to test his medicine. I had NO idea what BIG medicine I was about to get.
     We started our session outside by the pool on a sunny afternoon. Charles reminded me that as a leader who takes such good care of my son, my lovers and my clients, it is paramount that I let myself be taken care of.  He also offered to share teachings that would be just for me to practice, not to be given to my students (or written about in this blog.)
      After laying his magic hands on my back and shoulders, he stroked my body, facilitated my stretching and tracked my energy patterns. His touch was adept and his movement confident as we practiced eye gazing, breathing and massage.  His expert diagnostic is that I am a "control freak." This is not news to me, but it is certainly not something people usually say to my face.  He went on to say "You would experience more surrender if you learned to love the world from your root." Which I understood to mean: I would be less controlling if I had more anal sex.
      He then proceeded to relax, open and re-assemble my energetic body, from the inside out. Meanwhile, he asked me to surrender, breath, retain, sound, and scream, until I completely let go of control. My arms were tingling, my body was shaking, my heart was flooded with everything I was afraid to feel. "I gotcha" He says, as he supported me into a standing position.  With my shaking body leaning on his sturdy shoulder, I felt totally safe. This is what trust feels like. And in that moment, like a flash, I realize I do not trust enough.
      "I have been underestimating everyone around me," I said. Charles assured me that I may have had my reasons for trying to control myself and others in the past, but it was time to upgrade my nervous system so that I can love people for who they are, now.
     As he called me into the present moment, and gave me permission to express everything I felt, a sudden and strange primal energy overtook my body.  Out of the corner of my eye, I caught a glimpse of my own reflection in a mirror: I was squatting and growling like the fierce Deity Kali.  I felt like I did when I was giving birth. I felt free, fully alive and totally natural, like a wild animal. I felt half goddess, half animal and all woman.
     And then it happened...Like raindrops falling from a clear sky.
     I marveled and laughed while Charles anointed my heart and forehead with my sweet feminine nectar.
     Amrita is an act of grace, like a kundalini awakening, it cannot be expected or forced. But in Charles' presence I witnessed over a dozen women have similar openings in the course of the week. I believe Charles has the capacity to transmitt, and initiate with a mystical power of shakti-pat. And in his absence, the experience has only continued to deepen within my body and in my community.
     Perhaps the most profound transformation occurred among the men who Charles initated into the sacred spot, yoni massage ritual. While Leah Alchin masterfully lead a sacred circle amongst all the sisters, Charles took the men aside and managed to turn a room full of eager strangers into loving healers who wanted to make up for all the wrongs that had ever been committed against women.
     Such sexual awakenings offer multi-dimensional benefits. Beyond the pleasure, freedom and confidence that comes from ejaculating, I have been experiencing new levels of creative energy. My juices have been channeled into poetry, dance, and performance art.  Friends and lovers who received similar transmissions are reporting increased inspiration towards their love life, work, and even math!?   My prayer for the tantra community is that we support each other in raising our collective sexual vibration and direct it towards the service and healing of the planet.    
      Charles Muir is currently in town for a few more days and available for private sessions. He works primarily with students and teachers who've already done his level 1 training, but if you live here in San Diego and have tantra experience through me, I would be happy to recommend you. Also, mark your calendar for these upcoming events with Charles and Leah Alchin in San Diego:
Nov. 18-20th Conscious Loving Weekend
1st weekend of Feb. 2012, Intermediate weekend
March 3-4 of 2012 for a Conscious Loving Weekend
Also note Charles will be the keynote at TantraPalooza on 12/12/12!!
If you feel called to join us for any of the above, please write or go to

Monday, March 14

Dad's drawings

My father was an artist.
He would never call himself a tantrika,
but much of his work reflects an identity melting, soul merging quality that 
I suspect it influenced me. What do you see?

Thursday, March 10

Who are your heros?

   I stayed up late making this collage of some of my greats muses. Do you you recognize these faces? Who are your inspirations? I am using this poster not only to inspire my forthcoming show: "The sacred slut series" but to launch psychic experiment inspired by Napoleon Hill.
     In the classic text, "Think and Grow Rich" Hill says: "No two minds ever come together without, thereby, creating a third invisible, intangible force which may be likened to a third mind."
     And in the next excerpt he goes on to describe a mystical and controversial psychological experiment in which he creates a "psychic" mastermind in order to rebirth his own mind. Enjoy this passage. I hope it inspires you to call on your heroes. Please comment and let me know how it inspired you.
     "My experience has taught me that the next best thing to being truly great, is to emulate the great, by feeling and action, as nearly as possible.

    Long before I had ever written a line for publication, or endeavored to deliver a speech in public, I followed the habit of reshaping my own character, by trying to imitate the nine men whose lives and life-works had been most impressive to me. These nine men were, Emerson, Paine, Edison, Darwin,Lincoln, Burbank, Napoleon, Ford, and Carnegie. Every night, over a long period of years, I held an imaginary Council meeting with this group whom I called my "Invisible Counselors."
      The procedure was this. Just before going to sleep at night, I would shut my eyes, and see, in my imagination, this group of men seated with me around my Council Table. Here I had not only an opportunity to sit among those whom I considered to be great, but I actually dominated the group, by serving as the Chairman.
     I had a very DEFINITE PURPOSE in indulging my imagination through these nightly meetings. My purpose was to rebuild my own character so it would represent a composite of the characters of my imaginary counselors. Realizing, as I did, early in life, that I had to overcome the handicap of birth in an environment of ignorance and superstition, I deliberately assigned myself the task of voluntary rebirth through the method here described."

Wednesday, March 9

Take Me

By Kamala Devi
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Tuesday, March 8

Seeking professional Theater Director in San Diego

San Diego Tantra Theater Company is looking to hire a skilled director to collaborate on new material with edgy sexual and spiritual content. We’re offering a modest compensation for a spiritually minded stage director to co-create a one-woman show. The company publicizes its productions well, will guarantee an audience, and has a volunteer crew and other resources. The production is Scheduled for July 7,8,9 2011.

About me: I’m an experienced writer/performer and the founder of San Diego Tantra Theater ( and. my latest work contains material that is often compared to the Vagina Monologues. I’ve written and produced over a dozen plays in Phoenix, Honolulu and San Diego.

About you: I’m currently looking for someone to offer outside creative direction as well as manage all technical production such as costume, props, lighting and sound for a full length, one-woman show. Your commitment will require at least 1-2 rehearsals per week for the next 4 weeks, but the Director is not necessary to attend every show... just the tech rehearsal. The pay and rehearsal schedule are negotiable. This is also great showcase for your work and name in San Diego. If you are experienced and SERIOUSLY interested, please send your resume, photo and a short message why you'd like to direct this play.

Working Title: "The Sacred Slut Show"

SYNOPSIS: The show is an embodied exploration of sacred prostitution told through a tapestry of personal narrative, dance, prayer, poetry and interviews. The language and tone will span the full spectrum from sacred to the profane. It will juxtapose modern session-work with ancient myths and sufi poetry. I intend to represent a variety of faces of the Eternal Goddess as she was, will be and is now. The performance will be conducted in the context of interactive ritual with the audience, opening and closing with an invocation and benediction to the Goddess.

Larger GOAL: Once the show is mounted I plan to perform it at sacred sex conferences across the country, and have it video recorded and available on www.TantraTheater.TV.

Monday, March 7

Conscious Loving Weekend with Charles Muir and Leah Alchin

Studying Tantra with Charles Muir and Leah Alchin felt like traveling to the source of the Nile to get a pure and potent initiation into the fundamentals of Tantra. This is my 10th year of teaching tantra, and though most the "secrets" to a longer, deeper and higher love making experience were review for me personally, they were taught with the direct transmission of a man who's been practicing them for as long as I've been alive, so I experienced profound new levels of energetic understanding. Also, this workshop was profoundly relevant to my love life because I got to share it with a handful of new lovers. Of course, the experience of taking a workshop as a single is different than participating as a couple, but this time, I had the experience of participating as a pod. One of the highlights was on Saturday night, there is an optional home play assignment where singles may chose strangers to share an intimate ritual with. I had the rare and unique opportunity to practice in an intimate group of 8. The experience felt exponentially powerful. I am grateful to all 50 divine lovers who gathered to co-create this magical initiation. Together we learned, we laughed, we cried, we laughed, we healed our daddy wounds and danced with Mamma Kundalini! Another highlight is Charles's undying humor. He begs the 'loaded' question: Do you want to be capable of infinite multiple orgasms or do you just want to be a 'squirter' the rest of your life? "When most men are about to cum, they are all penis, and about as conscious as the average cranberry." He goes on to teach men to use slow rocking breath and movement to savor the waves of orgasm, without rushing past the point of no return.
Charles will be returning to San Diego in a couple of weeks and he will be available for private sessions (I HIGHLY recommend you take advantage of this potentially life changing opportunity.) We will also be coordinating a Level II training soon, and another beginners weekend next year. Look forward to seeing you there.

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Wednesday, March 2

North County Puja with Charles Muir

Charles Muir is in town for his Art of Conscious Loving weekend where he teaches how to become a master lover in body, heart and spirit. This photo was taken at his north county puja last night where he and his partner Leah Alchin transmitted teachings about how to feel the energy in the body, not just conceptually visualize chakras, but to actually notice the color, texture, temperature of the various energy centers in the crown, third eye, throat, heart, stomach, sex and base chakras. During charles's lecutre he made a distinction between transformative sexual healing and sex magic. Leah Alchin talked about how a shakti can use her energy to build up her man, not subtly cut him down. The evening ended with a heartfelt puja where men and women, touched, healed, adored and embraced each other.
Charles and Leah will be teaching at a beautiful and Large new Venue for this weekend: The Handlery Resort. We can now accept more people since there is more space. Go to or call Kalidas for questions. Hope to see you there!
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