Friday, March 25

Poly Potlulck and Zegg Forum

**Let's raise funds for Earth Quake relief in Japan at tomorrow's Sacred Snuggle Party in Pacific Beach. All procedes go to charity! **

     The theme of our poly potluck this month was gathering of the tribe. It was a spontaneous decompression from the annual tantric trip to Canyon de Guadalupe. Adam, who started the community event over 13 years ago, assisted me in leading a Zegg stlye forum. 
      The forum is a communication and personal growth process that can assist an intentional community in clearing issues. It is especially powerful to shed light on issues surrounding sex, power and money. I personally feel it is relevant to the poly lifestyle because rather than having redundant dyadic processes, it can be, easier and more profound to get all your lovers in one room and clear the air. 
      Perhaps the two greatest side-effects of doing this work over time is 1) Authentic vulnerability 2) Transpersonal connection. As we deeply share and witness each others unique personal journeys it becomes impossible to ignore how at core we are all so similar and connected. 
    When it was my turn to take the stage, My body wanted to express it's physical discomfort, as I've been wrestling with a painful urinary track infection. Then I felt deeper into my emotional body and found I had some ego tenderness around how I was being seen while camping with my new lover.  During our trip to the Mexican hotsprings, I shared a tent with my husband, son, new lover, a friend, and even girlfriend.  These are all deep relationships that are special to me, each in their own way. Yet I admit to putting precedence and sometimes playing favorites with my new lover. I wonder how this felt to others in the community, especially after hearing a dear friend say that "the queen of poly becomes suddenly monogamous" when my new lover walks into the room. Another concern I have is that people are uncomfortable when I express my affection to a man that is not my husband. But after sharing, by and large the feedback was that my lovers loved seeing me in love. Janos even gave me the reflection: Who wants a fucking cake if you aren't going to eat it too?  Thank you all for witnessing and supporting.
      I am so grateful to be co-creating a conscious community that supports my full expression. I look forward to playing more!
Love, KD
P.S. Here are some forum related events that Adam wants to invite you to:
The first Sunday of the month I have been hosting New Culture Awareness / community potluck gatherings at my house. The next is April 3. Please plan to attend if you can. We are building community and energy for our own camp weekend in the future.
The first weekend in May...we will be hosting a community building / forum weekend with Teryani. Please hold those dates and details will follow.
Don't forget Spring Camp with Kelly next month in Santa Cruz and smmer camp in Oregon in August. For details write
Our next Tantra talk is scheduled for April 12th and Poly Potluck is tentatively scheduled for Thurs. the 28th! Hope you can join us. contact to register.  
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Wildchildcara said...

hmmm... this is the second time in one week when i am hearing the words "Zegg Forum." Yes, dear Universe, i will respond. and, yes, dear Kamala Devi i LOVE you and i LOVE witnessing you - however you manifest in the moment.

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