Tuesday, March 22

Introducing the Tantra Sutras

     I'm inspired to write a whimsical little book of pithy but pointed thoughts on trantric living. I've gathered my recent FB ruminations, and will be weaving other inspiring threads into a collection called: The Tantra Sutras. Enjoy this sample of status updates (all new since 2011.) and let me know how it touches you!?  

  • If I am to surrender fully to the totality LOVE, then I must also embrace the part of me that wants to run screaming in the opposite direction.
  • You have ruined me for others; ever since we started making love, I can't help but see YOU in the eyes of everyone I behold.
  • True love is a act of grace that occurs out of time giving lovers a taste of the eternal which we feebly grasp at with poetry that points to always, forever and until death do us part.
  • They say the pull of love is like gravity, and often feels like falling, but with you, I'm flying.
  • The divine light that is activated by our relational dance is so bright and intoxicating that I sometimes mistake it for yours or mine.
  • In order to love more, I told my Love I had to expand my container, to which he asked...why do you need to be contained!?
  • Loving you is like being sentenced to liberation.
  • You have touched my being so thoroughly that I no longer recognize myself as seperate from you.
  • I am no longer afraid of losing myself, for there is no part of me, that doesn't become more, by giving it to you.
  • Only the fool gives her heart away, then has nothing left with which to love.
  • A slow seduction is underway; regardless of who started it, the imperative is to surrender.
  • I used to hold a special place in my heart for you, but my love is more holographic than that, now all my feelings contain the essence of you.
  • Somedays I wake up wearing an anti-gravity suit. I float around so high, like the world can't touch me, until someone I love starts to cry, and strips me back down to earth. This is one of those days.
  • Love is like losing your virginity, it only hurts if you don't relax into it, and it can never be undone.
  • We are bigger than the fluctuations of mood, mind or the balance of your bank account. Love exists beyond your current breakdown, boundaries, and beliefs. When this cloud passes, my heart will still be ablaze for you.
  • He said he has no interest in either liberating or jailing me. He is not my prison keeper. I'm free.  I didn't even have to sleep with him to get my keys back. (But I did anyway, just for fun.)
  • Longing to be back in the honeymoon phase of a relationship is like wanting your maturing child to be nursing in your arms again. Unconditional love is cherished without grasping.
  • I finally met a man who loves me the way God loves--without conditions or demands-- but somehow it's easier to forgive God for not calling me more often.
  • Cogito ertic sum: I fuck therefore I am.
  • Your sex may be physically bigger and stronger than mine, but my sex takes great pleasure in containing yours.
  • I wish to love as god loves. But when I fall short, I blame it on having internal genitalia.
  • Some might call me sacrilegious, but the way I see it, I'm just religious in the sack
  • My pussy may not say much...but she sure appreciates your listening.
  • Chop wood. Carry water.... And condoms, just in case.
  • Yoni. Pussy. Vagina. Cunt : A rose is a rose is a rose is a rose.
  • Having a realization is like having an orgasm--a thrilling and transcendent experience of reality. And my favorite realizations are the ones that come through orgasm!
  • Massaging your body with my eyes closed is like feeling my way around an art museum with a blindfold.
  • Perhaps I was too self conscious, too young, too eager. Perhaps I was afraid of peeing on my partners. Or sleeping in a wet spot. Whatever the reason was... it's gone now.
  • Orgasm is a transcendant experience that plugs us into the force that animates all life. We need not wait for specific genital stimulation, just breathe into your connection with the hundreds of thousands of people orgasming right now, throughout the world, and enjoy the ride. 
  • In beholding your naked body, I see that God's greatest masterpiece is the human form, and clearly, your gentials are her signature.

  • If you meet the Buddha on the road, fuck him.
  • On this day, I die to the past, forgive everything, and pray for the Goddess to be re-born in my body. Damn, I always forget to specify, 'gently, please Goddess, take me gently.'
  • From the gods perspective, on Mount Olympus, all mountains are molehills.
  • When the mind reaches for something that's missing, I'm pretty good at giving it gratitude for what's there instead... but how the hell do you trick it into releasing something you cherish, when it's time to detach??? 
  • There's a benevolent arsonist running around my psyche setting fire to old storybooks that don't inspire my creative potential; it's getting pretty HOT in here.
  • Everytime he's invoked, Shiva comes down from his mountain to serve the Goddess. When we're done, he dissolves. I'm starting to suspect the whereabouts of this mystical mountain.
  • As an infinite being expressing herself in finite form, I understand your frustration: There's not enough time. There's not enough space. But how does the mind get off thinking: I'm not enough!?
  • My freedom expands beyond my past programing, current circumstances and all the meanings I've made up. Still I am bound by the beloved, and I am a servant to His rapture.
  • As an infinite being expressing in finite form, I get frustrated: There's not enough time. There's not enough space. But I'm cautious not to distortion: I'm not enough!?
  • In the throws of devotion, Shiva shakes his head and sees me as silly for believing he is anywhere but inside of me.
  • In your full presence I experience myself as I am. In your absence, I am not.
  • My beloved is the one, but not the only.
  • Relationship is my religion. ...and I'm polytheistic. 
  • To gracefully maintain many loves, the first obstacle one must overcome is the notion of a jealous god.
  • There is no win, no accomplishment, no pleasure--when we are in right relationship-- that could add to your life, but take away from mine.
  • Inherently in loving me you become poly, not because you end up loving all my other lovers, but all my personalities.
  • You say I wear my lovers out like clothing, and I agree, they all make me look and feel differently, but my love, you are my favorite pair of blue jeans.
  • I used to want you all to myself, but since expanding my definition of Self, I want all for you.
  • There is enough of you to go around.
  • That you belong to the universe is undeniable, still I'm grateful to borrow you from time to time.
  • Sharing tantric love with multiple partners is easy. Scheduling is a bitch.
  • On days when I don't listen to my dreams, they make themselves known in my waking life. This occurs so often that I've become more of a doer than a dreamer, but the source is the same.
  • My nature is to find a perfect rose bud and push it's petals inside out with my eager little fingers-- forcing it to blossom. 
  • If I weren't concerned with impressing you, who would I be?
  • No matter how seductive the drama of life may be, I resolve to raise my vibration to co-create with the writer/director of this grand production.
  • I used to run away from you, for fear that your depression would activate mine, but running from darkness is exhausting and ineffective compared to turning on the lights. 
  • I'm a 'Hell Yes!' or a 'Hell No!' kinda gal. 'Hell Maybe' just doesn't have the right ring to it.
  • Life is messy like art in progress, sometimes we throw paint on the walls and permanently stain our overalls. Sometimes we have to scrap our inspiration and start over from scratch. Other times it's perfect without any revision. I'm personally more interested in a creation that is expressive rather than impressive....but Darlin, your art is both.
  • Thanks for not attaching to anything I say because when I'm truly inspired, my deepest beliefs become outdated upon utterance.
  • I'm of more than two minds, in any given moment. There's an entire committee in my head, presided over by a fair and deomocratic chairwoman. Only recenty I've discovered her weakness for sexual favors and gotten nervous about her term ending.
  • There is an art to making meaning where there is none-- AKA-- the human experience.
  • I may know him better, care for him more, and share my whole world with him, but that doesn't make him mine. My son belongs to life itself. As do all my lovers.
  • Devin and I were painting the sidewalk in front of our house. He drew a snake and I wrote "HAPPY NEW YEAR," when finished he says..Mom, why don't you write SAD NEW YEAR too? 
  • Devin Echo will be 4 years old, tomorrow! I asked the obligatory question of what he wanted to do when he grows up, to which he says, "Someday, we will sit by the fire together and sip tea."
  • Last night I told Devin the story of how Ganesha got his elephants head and Devin asks, Mamma, did shiva put Ganesha's head on the elepnant's body?
  • Sunday's are my day with Devin (4). We're going to Dance Church to worship the body in motion. He's as reluctant as I was during my Mexi-Jewish childhood indoctrination. Strange that there are no role models for Tantric parenting.
  • For the first time since my postpartum period, I'm entertaining the possiblity of having another child. The more fully alive I become, the more entertaining I find all possiblities.
  • When I was pregnant I'd wake up every morning and look at my swelling bump and think, I can't believe it's possible to feel more bliss than I did the day before, but as the baby grew so did the ecstasy.
  • Instead of dreaming, I must slip out of my body...like a sleepwalker...and dance the visions of my beloveds. By day I get reports of my wherabouts: I'm swimming in the ocean with one lover, while midwifing another's book. Sometimes it's sexual, sometimes mundane, but for some reason I always have long hair or am pregnant?!?!
  • It's not my doing. I may say 'You're welcome,' but I can't accept your praise, or your blame. This is just what happens when life recognizes itself in my presence. No really...Thank YOU.
  • You know your doing provocative work in the world when your fan mail is more disturbing than your hate mail.
  • I Love my work: I make women cum, and grown men cry.


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