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The Tantra Matrix

Here is a 75 minute recording of a talk that I recently gave in Sedona at the Daka Dakini Conference. It is one of the teachings from my 9 week Erotic Way course!

TANTRA MATRIX: a tool Box for sacred sex professionals
I stalk success. I’ve studied erotic entrepreneurs who struggle as well as those who succeeded. I pay attention to my students feedback and decompress with countless other tantra teachers. Most importantly, I listen to the voice of my own spiritual guides. In synthesizing all these experiences, both personal and vicarious, I seek the answer to one question: "What wisdom will open channels for the most direct transmission of Tantra?" This is how I discovered the TANTRA MATRIX. In essence, the TANTRA MATRIX is a powerful toolbox to help you generate and organize your sacred sexual curriculum. It is a taxonomy of tantric practices. In this interactive presentation, I will offer a paradigm shift that will help you access infinite source of curriculum. I will introduce the ten major categories and teach you how to use the TANTRA MATRIX to better understand, appreciate and prepare your own curriculum for privates or for groups.

For a Free Audio introduction to this 9 week course go to:

The 90 day tele- course will meet from at 1pm PST on Wed. July 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd, Aug. 5th 19th, 26th, Sept. 2nd, 9th, 16th Wed. 1-2:15pm Number and access code will be sent upon enrollment. Schedule is subject to change.The tuition for the 90 day course is $497. To register or for more info: 858-272-2254

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Poly Themed Flicks

Here are some of my favorite Free Love Movies and shows... (the brief descriptions are compliments of Netflix.) I welcome your feedback and ofcourse let me know about any ones I left out, this list is a work in progress!

  1. Bandits (2001) PG-13 --Bank robbers Bruce Willis and Billy Bob Thornton battle over the affections of a woman (Cate Blanchett) they kidnap before one of their big heists. Adding insult to injury, they then force a TV show host to cover their 15 minutes of fame while they go on a bank-robbing spree -- Blanchett in tow -- and gain notoriety as "The Sleepover Bandits."
  2. Big Love(2009) TV-MA--Meet Bill Henrickson (Bill Paxton), a Salt Lake City business owner struggling to balance the usual demands of work and family life. But with three wives (Jeanne Tripplehorn, Chloe Sevigny and Ginnifer Goodwin), seven kids and three new houses, Bill's burdened with a juggling act that requires more finesse than most. Can our polygamous hero survive his addiction to love? Find out in Season 1 of this decidedly offbeat HBO series.
  3. Carrington(1995) R-- Talented young painter Dora Carrington (Emma Thompson) forges a deep, complex bond with shy homosexual writer Lytton Strachey (Jonathan Pryce) across the vibrant backdrop of the trendy, bohemian scene of London's famed Bloomsbury group. Pryce won the Best Actor Award at the 1995 Cannes Film Festival for his work in this absorbingly nuanced character study written and directed by esteemed playwright Christopher Hampton.
  4. Cafe au Lait(1994) NR--Three's a crowd, especially when it comes to love. Actor-director Mathieu Kassovitz's bold film epitomizes this mystery as it tells the story of Lola (Julie Mauduech), a West Indian woman who's torn between two very different lovers: witty Jewish messenger Felix (Kassovitz) and the rich and reserved Jamal (Hubert Kounde). But there's an additional wrinkle: Lola's pregnant, and she has no idea which of the men is the father.
  5. Design for Living / Peter Ibbetson(1933) NR--Packing double entendres and boudoir innuendos galore, director Ernst Lubitsch's racy comedy Design for Living stars Gary Cooper, Frederic March and Miriam Hopkins as an inseparable threesome living in a Parisian garret and immersed in a ménage à trois. In Henry Hathaway's ethereal film Peter Ibbetson, Gary Cooper and Ann Harding portray paramours who refuse to let prison walls divide them, continuing their illicit romance in their dreams.
  6. French Twist (1995) R-- Laurent (Alain Chabat) thought he knew his wife, Loli (Victoria Abril), quite well. Chronically unfaithful, Laurent believes Loli is happy and will be hurt by news of his infidelities. But when a truck breaks down in front of their home and its owner, a female plumber (Josiane Balasko, who also directed this French film), asks to use the phone, Laurent discovers he and his wife have something in common: a sexual attraction to women.
  7. FarinelliFarinelli: il castrato(1994) R--Gérard Corbiau directs this lush, Golden Globe-winning drama, based on the life of 18th-century castrato Farinelli (Stefano Dionisi) -- born Carlo Broschi -- and his tumultuous relationship with his brother and manager, Riccardo (Enrico Lo Verso), a composer of average abilities. The two share everything, but when Farinelli sets his sites on new artistic terrain, Riccardo is left behind. Jeroen Krabbé co-stars as composer George Frideric Handel.
  8. Henry & June(1990) NC-17-- A sensual masterwork based on real events, this rich evocation of wild expatriate nights in 1930s Paris begins when writer Anaïs Nin embarks on a professional relationship with famed American author Henry Miller (Fred Ward). But their studious union deepens into something else. And when Nin falls under the spell of the alluring Mrs. Miller (Uma Thurman), fiction, fact and fantasy blur.
  9. Jules and Jim AKA Jules et Jim(1962) UR --Writers Jules (Oskar Werner) and Jim (Henri Serre) are close friends who fall in love with the same woman, the unpredictable Catherine (Jeanne Moreau), amid the turbulence of World War I Paris. What results is a decades-long love triangle that both tests and strengthens the bond between the two men. One of director François Truffaut's best-loved films, Jules and Jim is adapted from the French novel by Henri-Pierre Roché.
  10. Kinsey (2004) R --Liam Neeson provides a fascinating portrait of theorist and zoologist Dr. Alfred Kinsey, whose name has been associated with human sexuality ever since he interviewed thousands of people about their sex lives and released his findings in a groundbreaking 1948 book, Sexual Behavior in the Human Male. The book caused ripples in the scientific community and paved the way for further inquiry into the subject. Laura Linney and Peter Sarsgaard co-star.
  11. Lovin' Molly (1974) R-- Over the course of 40 years, two Texas farm boys -- straight-arrow Gid (Anthony Perkins) and laid-back Johnny (Beau Bridges) -- fight over the affections of the beautiful and headstrong Molly Taylor (Blythe Danner), who consistently refuses to marry either of them. Directed by the legendary Sidney Lumet and based on the Larry McMurtry novel Leaving Cheyenne, this sleeper love story features first-rate performances by three fantastic actors.
  12. Nathalie (2003) NR--Anne Fontaine's erotic drama explores the ramifications of betrayal in a marriage. When Catherine (Fanny Ardant) discovers her husband (Gerard Depardieu) is having an affair she hires a stripper to seduce him and report back to her about his sexual escapades. After a time the two women form an unlikely friendship that changes the three of them forever.
  13. Paint Your Wagon (1969) PG-13--In this adaptation of the 1951 musical by the same name, California prospectors Ben Rumson (Lee Marvin) and Sylvester "Pardner" Newell (Clint Eastwood) try to tame their gold fever by sharing Ben's wife (Jean Seberg). To help the rest of the male-dominated town keep their hands off his property, Ben kidnaps a stagecoach full of working girls on their way to a nearby town and sets up a brothel. As business booms, so does the competition for gold.
  14. Shortbus (2006) UR--Director John Cameron Mitchell delivers an unbridled look at the New York City underground, focusing on a group of hipsters who frequent a downtown club renowned for its lascivious ways. Through graphic polymorphous sexual couplings -- and using an ensemble cast composed largely of first-time actors -- the film chronicles each character's erotic journey of self-discovery in a raw and riveting fashion.
  15. A Small Circle of Friends (1980) R --Three friends develop a tight bond during the turbulent 1960s in this drama. Harvard students Jessica (Karen Allen), Leo (Brad Davis) and Nick (Jameson Parker) grow close as they undergo personal metamorphoses, but the friendship is jeopardized when both men fall in love with Jessica. After Leo is drafted, Jessica makes the surprising decision that the threesome should move in together. The film also features Shelley Long.
  16. Splendor (1999) R-- Veronica (Kathleen Robertson), an average 20-something eager to get her stalled social life back on track, begins dating two very different men: failed rock critic Abel (Johnathon Schaech) and punk rock drummer Zed (Matt Keeslar). At first, she dates them both without the other finding out, but once the men meet, the three decide to move in together. Soon, the boys become great friends -- and Veronica finds herself growing disinterested in both.
  17. Summer Lovers (1982) R--Michael and Cathy (Peter Gallagher and Daryl Hannah), a young American couple, travel to the Greek Isles for what they hope will be a quiet and isolated summer vacation. But when they meet a lovely French archaeologist named Lina (Valerie Quennessen), their plans are pleasantly altered. Lina arouses Michael's interest immediately, and before they know it, both Michael and Cathy find themselves seduced by Lina's sensuous charms. …
  18. Swingtown: Season 1(2008) NR--It's 1976, and Susan and Bruce Miller (Molly Parker and Jack Davenport, respectively) are the newest couple in a wealthy Chicago 'burb where the neighbors are reaping the benefits -- and consequences -- of the social and sexual revolution. Leading the charge are airline pilot Tom (Grant Show) and his wife, Trina (Lana Parrilla), who lure Susan and Bruce into the wild world of swinging in this groovy drama featuring meticulous "Me Decade" detail.
  19. Three of Hearts (1993) R-- Filmmaker Susan Kaplan captures the story of a nontraditional family consisting of three consenting adults, two of whom are bisexual. Shot over an eight-year span, the film follows the domestic struggles between bisexuals Sam and Steven and their live-in straight partner, Samantha, whom they found through a creaky "audition" process. Everything's fine until the threesome decides to conceive a child; and then things really get complicated.
  20. Threesome (1994) R--One girl. Two guys. Three possibilities. When a computer error lands Stuart (Stephen Baldwin), Eddy (Josh Charles) and a lovely young woman named Alex (Lara Flynn Boyle) in the same dorm room for the semester, things heat up in a hurry. Soon, Alex wants the shy, sensitive Eddy, who thinks he's gay and has, in turn, feelings for Stuart, who just might have feelings for Alex. …
  21. Two Girls and a Guy (1998) R-- Writer and director James Toback (Black and White) explores a contemporary love triangle in this comedy-drama. When two girls (Heather Graham and Natasha Gregson Wagner) find themselves waiting outside an apartment building, they come to realize they're there to meet the same guy (Robert Downey Jr.) -- who's been sleeping with them both! Armed with this knowledge, the girls break into the guy's apartment and prepare for the ambush.
  22. Unbearable lightness of being (1988) R-- Milan Kundera's acclaimed novel about a womanizing Czech doctor in the 1960s gets fine treatment from director Philip Kaufman. Although Tomas (Daniel Day-Lewis) is adept at juggling girlfriends Juliette Binoche and Lena Olin, he has a tougher time following the dictates (or lack thereof) of his political conscience. But when Soviet tanks rumble through Prague in 1968, all their lives are changed forever.
  23. Vicky Cristina Barcelona (2008) PG-13 --Javier Bardem stars in the latest effort from legendary filmmaker Woody Allen as a flamboyant painter who finds himself in the middle of a unique relationship with Vicky (Rebecca Hall) and Christina (Scarlett Johansson), a pair of American tourists. Penélope Cruz (with her first Oscar win) also stars as Bardem's insanely jealous ex-wife, Maria Elena, in this quirky romantic dramedy (winner of a Best Comedy Golden Globe) set in Barcelona.

Fifteen Minutes of Fame...Uh, make that Ten.

I remember the day fox news called me to do the Morning show in NYC, I was both excited and terrified. Excited because it is a nationally syndicated show with an enormous viewership, but terrified because I didn't want my open marriage to be made into a farce in front of millions of people. After a brief phone interview, they gave us 2 days notice to pack and arrange daycare. My baby was only 7 months old and still nursing, so I had to pump milk in the airport. There was a limo waiting when we arrived at JFK and it brought us to a glorious historic hotel in the middle of time square. The way they gave us a meal stipend at the front desk made feel like a star or something.

After a beautiful night on the town with some friends in the big city, the limo took us into the studio where we were fed a continental breakfast and ushered into a room with a professional hair stylist who simultaneously curled and straighten my hair. And then there was a seperate room for make-up; where they airbrushed my face and neck. While I was being groomed and quaffed, Michael wandered around the studio doing recognisance to find the counter-point for the show. We were supposed to be the "pros" of open marriage and the "con" would come from a psychologist who felt that in all her years of work, she had never seen it actually work. She felt poly was a precursor to divorce.

During our preparation, we established a fast friendship with a tall and charming woman named Brigita Philippedes, who is one of the founding leaders of Poly NYC (Which is probably the largest Poly organization in the world.) We all hung out together and told jokes while waiting in the green room before being called onto set. When asked what my intention was for the show, I wanted to be clear and confident and wanted spirit to be gentle with me as this was my first experience on National TV.

Throughout the studio there were several live television sets where we could watch the dramatic in depth segment on an eating disorder called "diabolemia." This is a relatively new condition where people with type 1 diabetes deliberately give themselves less insulin than they need, so that they don't get fat. It was a pretty heavy segment, and one of the producers suggested that we remember to have fun and keep things light while on set. When our time arrived, another producers with a head set and a walky-talky ushered us into the wings of the live set and introduced us to our celebrity hosts. "You're on in 2 minutes, One, thirty seconds...

And then the doors flew open and there was a big scream... "Call the medic. Diabetic fit in the second row." A woman fell out of her seat in the live studio audience. "Does anyone have any juice?" The director calls..."Run the emergency roll…" And then we are asked to sit down on the set as they play a 10 minute celebrity interview that was previously recorded to be used on such occasion. During the taping the producers scrambled to cut our 15 minute segment down to five minutes and announced that the counter-point sit would not have time to speak. So Michael and I shared a love seat with Brigita and everyone had just enough time to introduce ourselves and make the point that yes, jealousy comes up, but so do many opportunities for more love. We were cut off and it was announced that we were going to be interviewed in their video blog, but after the show, they were too busy taking care of the diabolemic woman...

As we wrapped up, I got a strong sense that it all unfolded in divine order. There was the relief of having finished, and there was the Revelation that a shortened time slot means there was no counter point and less controversy. Big Sigh and gratitude. Spirit had answered my prayers.

Immediately after the show, we decided to go out to eat with Brigita and her friends. When we all jumped into the same limo,The producers raised an eyebrow and asked is it always that easy to make friends when your open? Ultimately, she wasn't nearly as surprised as the limo driver who eavesdropped on our conversation on how to take over the world with free love. When crossing the street to a busy NY restaurant, several random people called out: "Hey we saw you on TV this morning...Good Job!" And they cheered and clapped. Over lunch we discovered that Brigita and I have a lot of friends and lovers in common, including REiD and other community leaders. That afternoon we met up for coffee with REiD and de-briefed the experience. He gave us a few tips from his experience of dealing with the Media, and reminded us that no matter what happens, all press is good press.

When I got home, I got mixed reviews from my peers. Many people congratulated me for looking beautiful, but felt I didn't say anything new. Several strangers sent mean and scathing words which I've since learned to recognize as "Hate mail." I didn't mind so much about the Christian fundamentalists who feel my lifestyle is an abomination, it's the poly activists I didn't want to let down. Apparently, many poly folk were offended by the subtitled labels under our name, which read,"Michael McClure & Kamala Devi in a polyamorous relationship: the New Swingers." Many of our friends felt that marginalized our relationship. I was crushed. Now some of my friends, and people who don't even know me feel I'm making things worse for the movement. Crushed, I took my heavy heart into my bedroom, pulled the covers over my head and cried. After allowing a reasonable pity party, Michael, bless his soul, pulled the covers off my head and said: "Kamala, you say you want to stop playing small, well, this is what it's like to play big in the world. If you don’t piss a few people off, you're probably not taking big enough risks." And that's exactly what I needed to hear. I got down on my knees and took a vow:

"Great Spirit, you know my desire is to be a voice for freedom and love in the world. I'm no longer attached to what that looks like, I ask that you use me as your instrument. Whatever it takes, I'm willing to be mis-understood; I'm willing to be mis-represented. If you're willing to use me on your behalf, I'm willing to show up."

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Cramming for my self imposed deadline

O Sweet Memorial Day.
Can you believe Summer is already here?!
Time flies…especially when you’re supposed to be writing a book.
I know, I know, It’s been a while since I’ve submitted any new pages on the topic of "FreeLove." Forgive me…
It was my birthday, I went away to NYC, then to Sedona for the Daka Dakini Conference, then I ran the weeklong post-conference intensive, and when I came home I had to deal with a breakup, a chat with the Sheriff and an inspection by city officials…Nothing to worry about…the city simply requested that I comply with neighborhood zoning regulations... I’m actually excited about restructuring my business. And so that is the long list of excuses I have for why I haven’t worked on my new book.

When one of my writing students shows up with a list of excuses…I kindly remind them: resistance takes all forms. Am I resistant to writing this book? Hell Yeah. I’m terrified. This material is turning out to be much deeper and more personal than I expected. Basically I’m co-authoring a handbook on how I do open relationship. Yikes! Who am I to write about Relationship!?!?…(the ego screams.) Especially when I just got dumped…and as a new mom, I barely have enough time to give to my lovers (let alone write the book!) But the call to create is greater than the ego. And I have one week left before my self-imposed deadline…so buckle your seat belt.

WARNING TO THE READER: My fifty pages in fifty days goal didn’t say anything about the Quality. Infact, by following the inspiration (not my outline) I wrote about ten pages on Poly in the Media, and even though my co-author may not agree with the content, there’s nothing stopping me from posting it on my blog.
(I’m relieved that when REiD returned from his radical fairy Beltaine celebration he was not shocked to discover our book had been hijacked by ninjas.) Yet the upcomming pages are more personal excerpts from my travel journal which I intended to shape into an orphan chapter entitled: "Living out Loud."

Accidental Activism for Free Love

I never set out to be a Free Love activist. Granted, in college I was a radical feminist writer and marched in every lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender demonstration I could find. But I didn’t know about any multi-partner family agenda until after the Honolulu State constitution had been amended to take away the rights for Gays to marry and I swore off politics altogether. At the time I lived in a artist commune, of free thinkers that didn’t use labels. Actually, the first time I heard the term "polyamory," it was really uncomfortable for me. I wasn’t ready for it, and yet I had a boyfriend and a new girlfriend, and he had two other lovers, and I was living with one of his other lovers. We had this whole constellation of lovers, and yet we didn’t have labels. Meanwhile I was working really intensely on Gay pride and political movements, and really trying to further my Bisexual identity. I identified as Bisexual and I didn’t understand polyamory, other than knowing that as a Bisexual woman, to be fully expressed, I wasn’t going to limit myself to one gender. I had come to a place where I was clearly Bisexual, and at that point everyone in my life accepted me as I was, and then there was this other thing where I had him and two other women lovers. So I understood that I’m not just Bisexual but I’m capable of, and I thrive in, multiple loves.

Meanwhile, I was teaching yoga and tantra and even coaching couples in relationship, but I honestly thought that the way that I was living, and this thing that I felt was somewhat un-teachable. Still, people were attracted to the way I lived — "Wow, you have a girlfriend and a boyfriend and a few lovers, and everybody seems happy" — and they started asking me how I do it.
At first I didn’t have much political energy around polyamory, but then I was really looking around at my friends and lovers who were polyamorous, who were being discriminated against: only one partner is being invited to Thanksgiving dinner at the family, or there is no legal three-way marriage. I know long-term triads that are going very well, but we have to settle for one person being our primary because that’s what the law will recognize, and the other person not. There were different political issues that came up, and I just observed that injustice and then in my teaching, in my life coaching, more and more people who were attracted to me, who were people who said, "You seem to be working this out in your life. Can you help us? How do I initiate a threesome?" Anything from the very beginning level to, "I want to divorce my husband, because I don’t believe in the convention of marriage, and I want to re-establish a relationship with him and multiple lovers. How do I open that conversation, or save my marriage by doing that?" Thus, my career path took a whole new direction. I began to speak freely and frankly about what Michael and I have learned in the many years of trial and error. These talks eventually evolved into the spiritual poly group with over 100 people going 3 years strong and regular poly playshops this work put me on the radar for media attention. I kept getting calls from national media sources like the Tyra Banks Show and The Morning Show in New York. Then there was a British program that did an hour-long documentary on my lifestyle and the coaching that I do. All of this international attention was fun. They flew me to Germany to look at what a polyamorous community looks like in ZEGG, which is close to Berlin, so I got this broader perspective on the state of polyamory around the world, and understood that there really aren’t spokespeople and role models.
Ironically, when I was invited to polyamory at NYC. They have a "Poly Pride" in New York, and that’s a big new movement that models itself to some degree after Gay Pride, but also has been influenced by other movments. I remember thinking, "No thanks, I don’t really want to wave a flag around. This is me and who I am as polyamorous, because I just have much acceptance, but that’s just how I am." I really felt like a lot of my early Gay activism had come from a place of non-acceptance. People didn’t accept me, so I had to be "out and proud" until they totally accepted me.
A lot of polyamorous individuals are struggling with trying to chart their own course. They’re blazing their own trails, but they’re re-inventing wheels and they’re making a lot of the same mistakes that, if there really, truly was more leadership and more resources, they wouldn’t have to go through a lot of that. So I feel like I basically stepped into — or I got pulled into — teaching polyamory, which is something I never set out to do. And right now, I’d say a good 50 percent or more, maybe 50 to 70 percent of the work I’m doing, is coaching polyamorous individuals and writing or teaching workshops in that realm.
To Be Continued...

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For Writers Only...

If you'd like to hear a kick ass teleclass for writers only click on:

The following recording is on intended only for the Spring class '09 of "How to Write a Book in 90 days" Please honor the ethical distribution of this material.


The current class Roster: Val, Michelle, Terri, Ceslie, Kaliani, Jeff Sanchez, Jim, Akasha, Michelle, Michael, Eti, Diane, Grace, Jeff Spahn.

I'll see you next week for our last Call. In the meantime... Write On!

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Birthday Celebration in New York

I'm back from my adventure in the big City. It turns out I got to film a Tantra Puja for MTV on my actual birthday. Here's a picture of Diana Adams and her 21 year old Bisexual Girlfiend Kerry. Kerry is the star of the MTV Documentary series entitled "I am Polyamorous." Details to come.

May Sacred Snuggle Party

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Worship Shiva Lingam Stones to Save our Planet!

Mainstream America was introduced to the Shiva Lingam when "Indiana Jones" re-claimed the sacred stone in the Temple of Doom. But Shiva's magic is far deeper than Hollywood may ever know...

Shiva Lingam stones are only found one place in the world, high in the mountains of Mandhata in India, at the banks of the Narmada River, one of the seven sacred holy places of pilgrimage in India. The color and patterning of the stone vary a lot, from grey to beige, to brown and a reddish brown. The stones are made of crypto crystalline quartz. Legend has it that these stones were formed when a meteorite fell to earth several million years ago. The currents of the Narmada river are strong and forceful, which is believed to help create the egg or oval shape of the stones.
Shiva Lingams are said to contain the loftiest vibrations of all stones on Earth. They emanate a vibration that will purify your body, temple or home. According to Vedic knowledge, the Lingam represents the inner being, the energy shape of the soul, or the essence of a human being. The upright egg shape represents the divine masculine energy, the power of Shiva, and the dark markings, represent the divine female energy of the yoni. Possessing one of these stones is said to bring harmony and balance because of the mixture of the male/female energy, Yin-Yang, dark/light, the positive/negative energies unified - the wholeness of the soul, which is both/neither male nor female.

The Shiva Lingams are regarded as sacred by both Hindu and Buddhist belief systems.They are handled in accordance with ancient Vedic tradition, and are thus highly blessed. These special stones are only gathered from the rocky river-side on one day each year and are hand polished to give them a smooth surface. According to scriptures, one can simply keep them in pooja and worship and they do not require the normal ritual of invocation of divine presence (avahana), for the divine presence is already there, and will continue to be there quite independently of any rituals. Its worship is said to secure worldly welfare as well as emancipation from worldly involvement. It is therefore claimed that worshiping a Shiva Lingam from Narmada is a thousand times more effective than any other lingam.

Shiva Lingams have been allowed to come out of India at this time because of the desperate state of the planet. The Lingams are energy generators of balance, of Soul consciousness, and healing. They are impregnated with spiritual light which resonates with the Heart Chakra; thus their particular job in healing the planet is to open the heart, healing the pain in the heart which obscures the harmony and knowingness of the soul residing within. They release dark blockages so that self-acceptance , self worth, happiness, contentment, unconditional Love, and compassion can flow.

To use the Shiva Lingam pendant simply wear it all day long, it has the same effect as if you were holding it in your hand, as its quartz heat will generate electricity and the vibrations will release inner tensions. Use it as a aid to restful mediation letting the stresses of the day disappear. If you feel it has absorbed negative energies you can cleanse and recharge regularly.

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0. What Do Ninjas Have to Do with Free Love?

Free Love: Can you Really Afford it?
A Humorous Handbook for Non-Monogamous Ninjas
By Kamala Devi and REiD Mihalko

Dressed from head to toe in solid black with only a slit for their eyes, Ninjas move purposfully but silently through the night. They are mostly hidden, but are known to come out on Haloween, at comic book conventions, in video arcades and in certain James Bond movies. As such, there are gross misunderstandings and sterotypes about Ninjas. In Japanese history, Ninjas were devoted warriors highly trained in the unorthodox arts of self defense, illusion, espianage and of course assasination. So, what do Ninjas have to do with FREE LOVE?

Lets see, we’re often feared and misunderstood. Some of us are secretive and go undercover. We’re misrepresented by the media. Both Ninjas and non-monogomists need a lot of unorthodox training but beyond that…not much.

Come to think of it, the philosophy of Free Love is the antithesis of ninjitzu. Love not war, Instead of the art of illusion and deception we practice openess and honesty. Instead of covering up from head to toe, we’re often busy trying to take it off. But we figured if Ann Rice got famous by drawing a paralell between Vampires and Homosexuals we could come up with a cool mascott too.
Just for fun, here are some of our favorite ninja myths:
  • Ninja can breathe underwater anytime they want.
  • Ninja can crush billiard balls into dust with 2 fingers, any two fingers.
  • Ninja can change complete wardrobes in less than 1 second.
  • Ninja always land on their feet. If they don't have feet they will land on their nubs.
  • Ninja never wear headbands with the word "ninja" printed on them.
  • Ninja always move to America when making a new start as a non-assassin.
  • Ninja don't sweat. Not even during ninja sex. Ever.
  • Whenever a ninja masturbates people get hurt.

Above all, the most important thing that we share with Ninjas is that we are renegades…we’re not living our lives by mainstream rules. As such there may be a lot of unlearning to do. The intention of this handbook is an unorthodox indoctrination to a new world view on love, sex and freeom. We hope to empower you with all the skills, tools and resources you need to step into your full sexual expression.

If you want to continue reading exceprts from our upcoming book FREE LOVE, notice they are not printed in order...scroll down and look at the dates or numbers of each post: