Thursday, May 28

The Tantra Matrix

Here is a 75 minute recording of a talk that I recently gave in Sedona at the Daka Dakini Conference. It is one of the teachings from my 9 week Erotic Way course!

TANTRA MATRIX: a tool Box for sacred sex professionals
I stalk success. I’ve studied erotic entrepreneurs who struggle as well as those who succeeded. I pay attention to my students feedback and decompress with countless other tantra teachers. Most importantly, I listen to the voice of my own spiritual guides. In synthesizing all these experiences, both personal and vicarious, I seek the answer to one question: "What wisdom will open channels for the most direct transmission of Tantra?" This is how I discovered the TANTRA MATRIX. In essence, the TANTRA MATRIX is a powerful toolbox to help you generate and organize your sacred sexual curriculum. It is a taxonomy of tantric practices. In this interactive presentation, I will offer a paradigm shift that will help you access infinite source of curriculum. I will introduce the ten major categories and teach you how to use the TANTRA MATRIX to better understand, appreciate and prepare your own curriculum for privates or for groups.

For a Free Audio introduction to this 9 week course go to:

The 90 day tele- course will meet from at 1pm PST on Wed. July 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd, Aug. 5th 19th, 26th, Sept. 2nd, 9th, 16th Wed. 1-2:15pm Number and access code will be sent upon enrollment. Schedule is subject to change.The tuition for the 90 day course is $497. To register or for more info: 858-272-2254