Monday, May 25

Cramming for my self imposed deadline

O Sweet Memorial Day.
Can you believe Summer is already here?!
Time flies…especially when you’re supposed to be writing a book.
I know, I know, It’s been a while since I’ve submitted any new pages on the topic of "FreeLove." Forgive me…
It was my birthday, I went away to NYC, then to Sedona for the Daka Dakini Conference, then I ran the weeklong post-conference intensive, and when I came home I had to deal with a breakup, a chat with the Sheriff and an inspection by city officials…Nothing to worry about…the city simply requested that I comply with neighborhood zoning regulations... I’m actually excited about restructuring my business. And so that is the long list of excuses I have for why I haven’t worked on my new book.

When one of my writing students shows up with a list of excuses…I kindly remind them: resistance takes all forms. Am I resistant to writing this book? Hell Yeah. I’m terrified. This material is turning out to be much deeper and more personal than I expected. Basically I’m co-authoring a handbook on how I do open relationship. Yikes! Who am I to write about Relationship!?!?…(the ego screams.) Especially when I just got dumped…and as a new mom, I barely have enough time to give to my lovers (let alone write the book!) But the call to create is greater than the ego. And I have one week left before my self-imposed deadline…so buckle your seat belt.

WARNING TO THE READER: My fifty pages in fifty days goal didn’t say anything about the Quality. Infact, by following the inspiration (not my outline) I wrote about ten pages on Poly in the Media, and even though my co-author may not agree with the content, there’s nothing stopping me from posting it on my blog.
(I’m relieved that when REiD returned from his radical fairy Beltaine celebration he was not shocked to discover our book had been hijacked by ninjas.) Yet the upcomming pages are more personal excerpts from my travel journal which I intended to shape into an orphan chapter entitled: "Living out Loud."

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