Wednesday, September 24


Today is the Autumnal Equinox.
A special window when the forces of Light and Dark are equal.
We've chosen this time, 3:44 PST to Launch our new site!


Today also marks the 100 day countdown until the new year.
We can work together to heal the wounds of the world,
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Extreme Wife with Dawn Porter

See us in a British TV Documentary Series. Channel 4 Tuesday 30 September 10pm

In episode one, Dawn immerses herself in the world of polyamory – or free love. Not quite ready to settle down with one man, Dawn is curious to find out what it is like to live in a relationship but share partners freely. Her journey begins in San Diego, California where a husband and wife run a kind of free love school to open people up to the idea of polyamory.

"They're going to open me up and cleanse my chakras and introduce me to the idea of multiple lovers," explains Dawn. "I've got no idea what to expect but I think there's going to be quite a lot of groping".

Trying to discover if there's more to the free love world than just sex, Dawn experiments with role playing and physical group exercises, before finishing off with a frank, fact-finding session in the school hot tub.

Next it's off to Germany were Dawn visits Zegg, a 1960's style commune isolated in former East Germany, where members live a polyamorous, utopian lifestyle. Idyllic on the surface, Dawn digs deeper to discover the cost of free love – fear of abandonment, jealousy, competition – and meets some of its victims. And, before she leaves, Dawn has a chance to experience one of the most extreme and controversial practices of this unusual community.
"It's intoxicating to feel that the normal rules and limits of society don't apply to you," muses Dawn. "I can imagine a life where I didn't have to choose one man but I also witnessed the downside. I think free love sounds great on paper but the price is too high for me".

Monday, September 15

Sacred Snuggle Party at WBW

Every Year hundreds of like minded spiritual beings flock to the 3-day Love Fest in the hills of Idylwild, known as the Whole Being Weekend. The natural retreat boasts of over 60 personal growth workshops, organic vegetarian meals and Concerts and meditations. It's also a unique opportunity to practice with tantra pioneers such as the late Robert Frey, Francoise, Kelly Bryson and Mare Asha Simone.
This year, I was overwhelmed with honor when Francoise invited me to host the first annual Sacred Snuggle Party! I also have to admit, I was a scared stiff. The Sacred Snuggle Party can be an ego-confronting labratory for even the most experienced tantra practitioners, how would it be received by this large and mixed crowd of novices, healers and teachers alike. And how the hell was I going to make the concrete floors of the dancing lodge soft enough to snuggle?
During the Karl Anthony Concert I snuck into the lodge, plopped down in the middle of the floor and prayed to Ganesha. I asked God, my guides, and my gurus for help on this intimidating task. Within a half hour, dozens of helping hands showed up willing to set up mood lights, lay down carpets, even steal mattresses out of unused cabins so that we could create a huge community playground. Brad Buffet (AKA one of the Parking Gods) stepped in to work my sound system and shoot a few video clips of me teaching...check out this you tube video of the opening invocation.
So after about ha half hour of social agreements (aka Rules) we turned down the lights and up the music: Buddha Bar sensual snuggle sounds and indulged in a sweet and sensuous snuggle session! I hope you had as much fun as I did.

Tuesday, September 9

Tuesday, September 2

Open Relationships on the Tyra Banks Show

Imagine a day time talk show had a gay or lesbian couple sitting on the 'hot seat' describing how they met, fell in love, decided to buy a house and have a baby together; and various members of the audience said:
1. "I think it's disgusting!"
2. "It undermines the sacred institution of marriage!"
3. "I don't care what you do in bed, but it's not right to bring a child into it."
This might be expected 30 years ago, or if it was recorded anonymously in middle America, but if it aired today on prime time TV, it would be considered old news, reflecting outdated morals.
AND YET--My husband and I were flown out to the Tyra Banks show in NYC this weekend to talk about our OPEN MARI GAGE in front of a live studio audience. My first open relationship from 12 years ago and my current girlfriend of 8 years were sitting beside us, holding our hands as we described how we own a house and have a baby--and the audience responded with the three verbatim judgments from above.
The point I'm trying to make is that I find myself among a handful of pioneers who are on the forefront of educating people about responsible non-monogamous options. The Gay and Lesbian movement has made leaps and bounds progress beyond the Polyamorous movement by proving to the public that it is not only an alternative lifestyle, but a viable sexual orientation. Similarly, It is my experience that every individual is not only oriented towards the same, opposite, or both sexes, their orientation is either single (monogamous) or Plural (polyamorous) and in some cases none (Celibate.) This orientation is subject to change at different stages in ones life. This is an important political point because bisexual people in multiple relationships (like me) are easily discriminated against because of their "lifestyle," but if our disposition is seen as an "orientation" we may be granted some of the same compassion, rights and privileges as the gay and lesbian community.
To simplify my argument, why should a bisexual woman like myself be legally forced to chose between her husband and her girlfriend? Personally, I don't care what the government has to say about marriage, as they have no business in matters of the heart, but I don't like being called disgusting and have my parental decisions be judged just because I love more than one person.
The Tyra Banks Show will be airing in Sept. If you'd like to be on our mailing list to get details, please write: and if you're interested in reading more about the polyamours option read chapter 11 in Kamala Devi and Baba Dez Nichol's new book: Sacred Sexual Healing.

Monday, September 1

Green Room for the Tyra Banks show

Here we are in the waiting room of the Tyra Banks Show.
After walking through security and giving up our cameras and cell phones, we asked the 6'4 black security guard to take this picture.
You'll notice that this is BEFORE they air-brushed our faces with make up and made the women wear fake eye-lashes. (scroll down for the AFTER picture)

I tried to tell the make up artist to go easy on me, because I usually don't wear make up, but he said,
"What? You don't like no one messing with your eyes?"
To which Cain quipped:
"What mammal does?"
Afterwards, we were presented with a 5 page contract in which we agree to experience multiple surprises while on stage.
Again, Cain joked, "I signed that one when I came to planet Earth."

Cain is my ex boyfriend. He was the first man that ever introduced me to Tantra and open relationships when we lived together in a drumming commune in Hawaii 12 years ago! I'm so grateful that he agreed to appear on TV with me, my husband, and Sarasvati, my girlfriend of 8 years.

None of us had seen the Tyra Banks show prior to being asked to appear on it. We're not the TV watching type. When I googled Tyra, I saw several "youtube" clips of her nearly naked modeling a diamond studded bra and disrobing onstage! She's an ex-fashion model who's now an Emmy award winning talk show host. Her producers describe her as the next Oprah, but after meeting her, I'm positive day time tv success depends largly on who you know and how you look .

As expected, the wardrobe department prepared us like runway models. Cain's shirt was too "spiritual" so they gave him more of a butterfly collar hipster "swinger" look (even though we were forbidden from using the word 'swinger' onstage.) Sara was given a busty new bra. Michael's undershirt was swapped out for "pit guards" which are cotten sticky pads designed to catch under-arm sweat. Finally, my leopard skin scarf was traded for a more colorful choker.
After the aesthetic transformation, they sent us down to the wings where we listened to a top notch comedian warm up the audience.

We were then ushered front and center stage to sit on a couch so Tyra could grill us from her safe little spot in the audience. Some of the questions she asked:

1. Why do you feel the need to bring other lovers into your relationship?

2. How do you handle jealousy?

3. Why get married, why not just sleep around?

4. Do you ever have sex with your girlfriend, while your husband is home?

5. How are you going to explain this to you son?

We all stayed pretty relaxed, confident and spoke from our hearts. There was a fair amount of dramatic opposition, but by the end of the show we feel people were impressed with our authenticity. We're proud to have done our best and trust that our message will be received only by those who are ready for it.

Ultimately, It will be interesting to see what the crack team of film editors does with all our footage...stay tuned!

From Left to Right: Brigeeta, Michael, Sarasvati, Kamala Devi, Cain and Joanna one of Tyra's Producers.

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