Monday, September 15

Sacred Snuggle Party at WBW

Every Year hundreds of like minded spiritual beings flock to the 3-day Love Fest in the hills of Idylwild, known as the Whole Being Weekend. The natural retreat boasts of over 60 personal growth workshops, organic vegetarian meals and Concerts and meditations. It's also a unique opportunity to practice with tantra pioneers such as the late Robert Frey, Francoise, Kelly Bryson and Mare Asha Simone.
This year, I was overwhelmed with honor when Francoise invited me to host the first annual Sacred Snuggle Party! I also have to admit, I was a scared stiff. The Sacred Snuggle Party can be an ego-confronting labratory for even the most experienced tantra practitioners, how would it be received by this large and mixed crowd of novices, healers and teachers alike. And how the hell was I going to make the concrete floors of the dancing lodge soft enough to snuggle?
During the Karl Anthony Concert I snuck into the lodge, plopped down in the middle of the floor and prayed to Ganesha. I asked God, my guides, and my gurus for help on this intimidating task. Within a half hour, dozens of helping hands showed up willing to set up mood lights, lay down carpets, even steal mattresses out of unused cabins so that we could create a huge community playground. Brad Buffet (AKA one of the Parking Gods) stepped in to work my sound system and shoot a few video clips of me teaching...check out this you tube video of the opening invocation.
So after about ha half hour of social agreements (aka Rules) we turned down the lights and up the music: Buddha Bar sensual snuggle sounds and indulged in a sweet and sensuous snuggle session! I hope you had as much fun as I did.

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