Monday, September 1

Green Room for the Tyra Banks show

Here we are in the waiting room of the Tyra Banks Show.
After walking through security and giving up our cameras and cell phones, we asked the 6'4 black security guard to take this picture.
You'll notice that this is BEFORE they air-brushed our faces with make up and made the women wear fake eye-lashes. (scroll down for the AFTER picture)

I tried to tell the make up artist to go easy on me, because I usually don't wear make up, but he said,
"What? You don't like no one messing with your eyes?"
To which Cain quipped:
"What mammal does?"
Afterwards, we were presented with a 5 page contract in which we agree to experience multiple surprises while on stage.
Again, Cain joked, "I signed that one when I came to planet Earth."

Cain is my ex boyfriend. He was the first man that ever introduced me to Tantra and open relationships when we lived together in a drumming commune in Hawaii 12 years ago! I'm so grateful that he agreed to appear on TV with me, my husband, and Sarasvati, my girlfriend of 8 years.

None of us had seen the Tyra Banks show prior to being asked to appear on it. We're not the TV watching type. When I googled Tyra, I saw several "youtube" clips of her nearly naked modeling a diamond studded bra and disrobing onstage! She's an ex-fashion model who's now an Emmy award winning talk show host. Her producers describe her as the next Oprah, but after meeting her, I'm positive day time tv success depends largly on who you know and how you look .

As expected, the wardrobe department prepared us like runway models. Cain's shirt was too "spiritual" so they gave him more of a butterfly collar hipster "swinger" look (even though we were forbidden from using the word 'swinger' onstage.) Sara was given a busty new bra. Michael's undershirt was swapped out for "pit guards" which are cotten sticky pads designed to catch under-arm sweat. Finally, my leopard skin scarf was traded for a more colorful choker.
After the aesthetic transformation, they sent us down to the wings where we listened to a top notch comedian warm up the audience.

We were then ushered front and center stage to sit on a couch so Tyra could grill us from her safe little spot in the audience. Some of the questions she asked:

1. Why do you feel the need to bring other lovers into your relationship?

2. How do you handle jealousy?

3. Why get married, why not just sleep around?

4. Do you ever have sex with your girlfriend, while your husband is home?

5. How are you going to explain this to you son?

We all stayed pretty relaxed, confident and spoke from our hearts. There was a fair amount of dramatic opposition, but by the end of the show we feel people were impressed with our authenticity. We're proud to have done our best and trust that our message will be received only by those who are ready for it.

Ultimately, It will be interesting to see what the crack team of film editors does with all our footage...stay tuned!

From Left to Right: Brigeeta, Michael, Sarasvati, Kamala Devi, Cain and Joanna one of Tyra's Producers.

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