Monday, July 9

Meet the Cast of SD Tantra Theater's Polyamory Show

We are not just actors, we are friends and lovers who are willing to be transparent about practicing polyamory. We are a collective of artists, healers and teachers who are committed to transmuting sexual guilt, fear and shame into art, healing and liberation! For showtimes go to: 
Kamala Devi is the creator and director of San DiegoTantra Theater. Her one woman show is called the "Sacred Slut series." She has been a Performance Artist for over 15 years. She stars in Showtime's reality series: Polyamory: Married and Dating.

Michael McClure AKA "Eco Elf" is co-founder of Tantra Theater. He is an environmentalist, comedian, musician and shaman. He stars in Showtime's new reality series: Polyamory: Married and Dating. In addition to making us laugh onstage, he is the executive producer, set and lighting designer.

Shawn Roop is a founding member of Tantra theater and has been sharing the keys that open the door to a path well lived since 2000. He is a master healer, teacher and tantric guide.

Viraja Prema is an embodiment of unconditional love, singer, musician, mother and healer who is natural joy to behold onstage!
Adam Paulman is a leader in the San Diego Tantra Community he practices non-violent communication, Zegg style forum, Tantsu and he is a Tantra Counselor. 
Roxanne DePalma is a yoga teacher, body worker and pole dancer. She recently appeared in several episodes of Showtime's new reality series Polyamory: Married and Dating.

Cheri Reeder is a natural born muse. She is a Native American Indian/Italian Dragon. She is an author, songwriter and new performer.
Tahl Gruer is a student of Chinese medicine, a tai Chi practitioner, and is also starring  in Showtime's docu-series, Polyamory: Married and Dating.