Monday, August 8


“If you would learn the secret of right relations look only for the divine in people and things, and leave all the rest to God. “ J. Allen Boone

Darshan is a Sanskrit term for being in the presence of the divine. In India, people travel hundreds of kilometers to be in the audience of a saint or a sage in order to receive their blessings.

During my pilgrimage, I experienced many forms of Darshan. For devotees of the divine mother Amma Chi, darshan means a warm healing hug. If you follow Sai Baba, darshan might include standing at his feet, amongst thousands of other truth seekers. In some temples, darshan is sitting in silent meditation before a guru. Darshan may also be the act of viewing statues, sculptures, or pictures of deities after they’ve been bathed and dressed in fresh costumes. Frequently, Darshan is a private Question and Answer session with a master teacher.

Receiving audience with a realized being, is a unique, personal and powerful experience. It is not easily intellectualized, and affects everyone differently. Energetic transmission from a divine being has the potential to transform one's consciousness.

My experience of life Coaching is a lot like Darshan. Instead of having clients come to me for blessings and transmission, I often experience the divine in them. Using a constellation of personal growth techniques, I assist people in recognizing their own eternal, blissful and all-powerful Self, which launches them towards their glorious full expression.

I invite you to join me in a a 9-week Manifestation course this fall, in which you’ll explore the power of conscious creation. I expect you’ll awaken your divine potential and align yourself with success and self-realization.

Enjoy the Dance?
Kamala Devi