Sunday, August 30

Tantra Theater Video Montages

Tues. Sept. 15th Tantra Theater Auditions/Open House 6:45

Have you ever wanted to be onstage or on camera? Tantra Theater is a tansformative group process where we delve into personal history and have fun re-scripting the sexual and spiritual stories that have been holding us back. The journey involves at least 9 weekly rehearsals and a private session that culminate in a video recording of 5-10 minutes of a polished performance which you can show your friends and lovers. If you're interested we invite you to join our Free Open House. This first gathering is an audition where Kamala Devi will access your willingness and you can see if you resonate with Kamala's directing style.

My son finally let go of his security blanket today (a life long habit!) Now we're celebrating at Dance Church in Encinitas...who's down?

Friday, August 28

Writers Only: Book Proposals

After 8 months of working on a book about Free Love, REiD Mihalko and I've decided to distill our best book ideas into a DVD which we just finished shooting today!! (Thank you to all the fun, beautiful and articulate volunteers who agreed to do interviews in the last couple weeks.)

Like any good poly partnership we processed this transition and with mutual love and respect, we agreed to put our collaborative efforts on the shelf. In time we may even decide to scrap the book idea all together. Of course we will proudly co-parent the forthcoming DVD: "Ethics for Non-monogomous Ninjas," but will otherwise encourage each other's creative autonomy.

So what's next? As a poly-creative person, I think I'm going to take a break from co-authoring.
Instead of committing to one primary writing partner, I am interested in consulting with other experts like secondaries. My new plan is to go solo to pitch a new book to mainstream trade publishers. So, gentle reader, I'll be posting more details from my forthcoming proposal, and you're an author/writer type, I'll be blogging the juicy details on how to pitch a new book to New York publishers.

According to the Complete Idiot's Guide to Writing Book Proposals, here's the basic skeleton for a standard non-fiction book proposal for trade publishers:

Please include the following information:
• Description of the Book. Include background information on the subject, details on the particular approach you intend to take toward the subject, approximate estimated length of the book (in words), and anticipated special features such as photos, illustrations, sidebars, tables, charts, checklists or other elements. Let us know how much time you will require to complete a full manuscript.

• Market Overview. Describe who will buy this book and why. Try to quantify the size of the market and the extent to which it is growing. Include any available demographic information on your target reader. Keep in mind that it is a rare book indeed whose audience is "every American."

• Competition for Your Book. List other available books that the reader for your book might purchase as an alternative. Describe how your book will offer the more appealing alternative. Do not include competitive books that are widely different in scope or format from your proposed book.

• Your Author Credentials. Provide a brief bio or CV, including education or experience in the subject, writing experience, and previous publications. Let us know of your availability and/or willingness to participate in promotion and publicity efforts, and any special media contacts or promotion opportunities you bring to the project. Be sure to include your contact information.

• Outline of Content. At a minimum, include chapter titles and a brief description of each chapter. Include major subheads if you have them. Make sure the subheads are clearly descriptive of the content, and not merely clever.

• Sample Material. Include a sample chapter or chapter segment from the proposed book. The sample should be at least five pages long, but no more than 20 pages. If you will be supplying photos or illustrations with your manuscript, include a sample of such. If you do not have any sample material available for the proposed book, include another sample of your writing that has not been heavily edited by a publisher.

Writers, Please stay tuned for my NEW Pilot writing class: "How to RE-WRITE a book in 90 days." Here's the skinny:

Congratulations! You've written a rough draft! This fall we we will be launching a new 90 course for serious writers and soon to be authors who want to learn all the skills and tools and gain the motivation to FINISH their book projects and see their books in print! Join me for this FREE tele-class to see if you have what it takes to finish your book before the Holidays!" This Course is offered by phone to anywhere in the world! NEW How to FINISH your book in 90 days (REWRITING) Tele-course Tuesdays: 1pm on Sept. 8,15, 22, 29 Oct. 6,13,20 Nov. 3, 10, 24! Just imagine having your book totally complete by Thanksgiving!
If you want to start a brand new book and finish it in just 90 days...make it your NEW Year's Resolution. My NEXT How to Write your book in 90 days Tele-course runs Thursdays: 1pm on Jan. 7,14,21,28 Feb. 4,11,18 March 4,11,18 with optional check-ins on Tuesdays at 1pm. To reserve your spot, write:

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Run away and join the circus with us!

To Register, go to:
Devi is not immune to the charms of a woman in chaos.

Wednesday, August 26

New Videos Just Posted
My Co-Author Baba Dez just launched a wonderful new site that has tremendous resources for tantra teachers to develop their craft. Check it out!

Tuesday, August 25

is wondering why all her friends are talking about time as if it were a location...then realizes it's not supposed to make sense to anyone who chose reality over another mind-bending adventure at black rock. Have a wicked burn you lucky bastards!

Writing Resources

I'll be teaching another writing class soon and so I've been reviewing my notes and decided to post a few writing resources that you may find useful:

Here are my Instructions on Automatic Writing or "Channeling"
1. Free yourself of all distractions such as phone, people, and pets.
2. Sit comfortably in front of your computer. Place both feet flat and firm against the Earth. Lengthen your spine, close your eyes.
3. Drop into your breath. Gently restricting the back of your throat so the breath is long and smooth. (Ujiah breathing.)
4. Relax every muscle, especially your pelvic floor and your jaw. Completely clear your mind.
5. Bring your palms to your heart in prayer to silently invoke protection. Set your intention on the highest vibration. (Allow 1 minute) Know that during this session you are safe and guided.
6. Now place your fingers lightly on the keys before you. Stay open and receptive.
7. You’re computer is simply an instrument to help you talk to your spirit guide or higher self. Crystallize a question in your mind. Anything you yearn to know.
8. Visualize white light coming down from above and entering your crown Chakra. Or allow any other visualization that represents drawing infinite intelligence from source.Know that whatever the answer is to your questions will be written by the spirit.
9. Do not allow time for your mind to listen to this information. Just type. You may even close your eyes or look outside to distract the left brain while the right brain does the channeling. If you hear a voices, or your own voice, don’t question it. Simply record it.
10. Continue this process for at least 15 minutes. If you get stuck, simply focus on a new question, and repeat the process.
12. To conclude, ask your source if they are complete. And when you have finished your last question, close your eyes, take a deep breath.
13. Thank your guides and come back to full consciousness.
14. Stand up and shake out your body before reading over what you’ve written.
15. Practice often.

Other Recommended Writing Resources: site has hundreds of pages of information and free documents plus books (both ours and those from other publishers), reports, disks and tapes. Just click on your area in the menu below. For specific information, use the search feature. An organization dedicated to helping musicians,songwriters, poets, and writers get one step closer to their dreams. Find strength in our numbers. Our professional writers, editors, and designers can get your message across loud and clear. If you can describe your project, you can get someone to help you at any step of the process...all the way to completion. National Novel Writing Month is a fun, seat-of-your-pants approach to novel writing. Participants begin writing November 1. The goal is to write a 175-page (50,000-word) novel by midnight, November 30.
Nanowrimo in a Nutshell:
What: Write a novel (at least 50,000-words) from scratch in 1 month.
Who: You! In November of 2006, over 79,000 people attempted to write a novel in 30 days. (Over 300 people in San Diego) Nearly 13,000 succeeded by the midnight deadline. They started the month as auto mechanics, out-of-work actors, and middle school English teachers. They walked away novelists.
Why: The reasons are endless! To acomplish something memorable, be able to make obscure references to passages from our novels at parties, to further your career, to express yourself, for the hell of it!
When: Sign-ups begin October 1, 2007. Writing begins November 1. To be added to the official list of winners, you must reach the 50,000-word mark by November 30 at midnight. Once your novel has been verified by our web-based team of robotic word counters, the partying begins.
Join me for my next writing course:
NEW How to FINISH your book in 90 days (REWRITING) Telecourse Tuesdays: 1pm on Sept. 8,15, 22, 29 Oct. 6,13,20 Nov. 3, 10, 24! Just imagine having your book totally complete by Thanksgiving!

NEXT How to Write your book in 90 days Telecourse
Thursdays: 1pm on Jan. 7,14,21,28 Feb. 4,11,18 March 4,11,18 with optional check-ins on Tuesdays at 1pm.

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Audio Postcard from Tantra-Palooza Teachers!

Want a taste? Enjoy this 12 minute recording wherin...

Kamala Devi announces the schedule for this ground breaking 5-day event, and each tantra teacher personally names the type of activation they'll be offering. Thank you: Francoise, Mare Simone, Kypris Aster Drake, Ariel White, Michael and Baba Dez!

Sunday, August 23

NIN-heart, determination, perservereance, JUTSU-skill, art, technique. Ninjutsu is a collection of survivalist techniques developed during violent political turmoil in fuedal Japan.

Friday, August 21

Now Auditioning for Tantra Theater

Enjoy this 12 minute excerpt from our 90 minute show. These personal narratives are deep and true, many of these performers are new to the stage. We are looking for a few good players for our next 90 day journey!

San Diego Tantra Theataer Troupe Presents:
My Body is My Temple

Directed By: Kamala Devi
Starring: Janos Novak, BethE, Joy Keller, Shawn Roop, Nelly B. Anjali, Jodi Ember, Meeshi Anjali, Michael McClure, Adam Paulman Special Thanks for Videography by: Ian Delgado, Steve Bickell, Lindsey Ward and Electric Rick Raney.

(The Full show will be available in DVD thisFall.)

Would YOU like to be onstage, or in front of the camera, telling YOUR Story? Tantra Theater is a transformative group process where we have fun re-scripting our sacred sexual stories. The journey involves 9 weekly rehearsals and one private session that culminates in a performance which will be video recorded.
Tues. Aug. 25th 6:45This gathering is an open audition to see if Tantra Theater is for you. No experience necessary!The next Tantra Theater course runs: 6:45pm on Tuesdays: Aug. 25th, Sept. 15, 23, 29. Oct.13,20,27 Nov. 10,17,24. & Decompression Party TBA.The regular tuition for the 90 day Tantra Theater journey (plus six months membership at the masters level) is $497. 858-272-2254

Wednesday, August 19

Some recommended relationship reflections.

When I take on a couples for relationship coaching, I ask them to prepare for our session by journaling and meditating on the following questions:

What do you like about your relationship(s)?

What don’t you like about your relationship(s)?

How is that affecting you ?

What would you like your relationship to look like ideally?

How would your life be different if you realized this ideal?

What challenges you from accomplishing that outcome?

How do you think tantra or coaching could help you?

Finally, one of the deepest coaching questions that I invite you to meditate, journal, and talk about is: What is it about MYSELF, in regards to this other person (or people, or situations) that I am resisting? This inquiry is the beginning of shadow work and can ultimatly stop the unhealthy but common pattern of relationship projection. Just reading these questions will not give you the benifits of actually journaling. Remeber, true transformation starts with self-awareness. Enjoy, KD

Bliss Coach 858-272-2254

Friday, August 14

QUIZ YOURSELF: Which Color Tantra Path is Best for You?

There is a day and night difference between the three types of tantric. They are totally different in quality, quantity, direction, practices, methods, facets, and use.” –Yogi Bhajan

Yogi Bhajan was referring to the White, Pink and Red paths of Tantra. Now that TantraTantra-Palooza is almost upon us, you will have an opportunity to sample a wide range of teachers and styles. So we were inspired to create a quiz to help you determine which type of tantra is best for you: Multiple Choice. For each question, write down the letter that best answers the question. At the end count up how many answers you got of each letter and we will tell you which color tantra is for you.
What is the purpose of your tantra practice?

A. For spiritual purification and to uplift the being.
B. To experience the sensuality of my spirit.
C. To sustain sexual energy and artistry.
D. To obtain mental control of other people.

The central focus of my practice is characterized by:
A. Breathwork
B. Subtle energetic touch
C. Intoxicating chemistry
D. Total annihilation of the ego

When it comes to tradition I like:
A. A well respected linage
B. Picking and Choosing what works for me.
C. Unorthodox creativity
D. Absolute defiance of social norms

When it comes to quantity, I always say:
A. "Waste not, want not"
B. "Everything in moderation"
C. "Excess is everything"
D."Go to the extremes or die"

When it comes to sex:
A. I sublimate my sensuality to a higher spiritual purpose
B. I play in the sublet and sensual realm
C. Bring it on!
D. Sex is merely a state whereas death is absolute.

What company do you prefer to practice in:
A. The presence of my guru and fellowship
B. With my spiritual community
C. Alone with my lover(s)
D. Ghosts and dead bodies

Now add up all your answers and see which Path is most aligned with yours:

A. White Tantra
White Tantra orients around the subtle practices and philosophies. Physical touch and sexual practices are not necessary in order to advance on this path. Tibetan Tantric Buddhist monks, for example, can engage in profound love making rites with deities through meditation and visualization. Vajrayana Tantra involves many powerful concentration exercises that bring universal awareness down from the crown chakra into the heart, without activating the lower chakras. Yogi Bhajan's Kundalini Yoga also offers partnered exercises that include eye gazing, and breathing and sounding exercises that circulate and build sensual energy without sexual contact. Similar practices are commonly referred to as Solo Practice, Right-Handed Tantra or the path of the Dakhsini Marga or Bramachari.

B. Pink Tantra

Pink Tantra embraces both the spiritual and the sexual aspects of the practice. This is the path where the heart is opened and lovemaking is practiced with honor and reverence. It is a merging of embodied souls, for both pleasure and enlightenment. This path can also encompass transcendental lovemaking, Taoist sexual healing arts and the sweet, sensual exercises in modern Tantra pujas. This path is sometimes referred to as violet, the middle Tantra or the full path.

C. Red Tantra.
Red Tantra consists of many passionate sexual practices. Traditionally the color red connotes femininity, potency, passion and sex. This path can be liberating for the sexually repressed and may also hold interest for the sexually obsessed. The fiery Kundalini practices of Red Tantra use taste and touch to experience the primal sexual impulse that can create intense purifications and awakenings. Practitioners of Red Tantra see the sacred in the profane and instead of bringing the Kundalini energy up to the crown, they draw spiritual energy down into the root, sex and power chakras. These Tantrikas are also known as Vama Marga, Left-Handed Path and sometimes negatively called California Tantra or the Cult of Ecstasy.

D. Black Tantra.
Black Tantra is the lesser talked about branch of Tantra. After years of advanced Tantric practice, many yogis begin to experience siddhis or supernatural powers. These powers can be used for personal gain or for service. This is an aboriginal Shamanic practice, like black magic, which transforms physical energy with or without the consent of all parties involved. Throughout India today, people seek Tantrikas for hire, like wizards or witch doctors. They are paid to cast spells, end legal battles, even burn down someone's farm. Many people who begin to play with these superpowers often get lost on their path. Instead of advancing towards enlightenment, Black Tantra may lead people further away from enlightenment. The Aghori are an example of an extremely secretive Hindu sect of Black Tantra practitioners. Aghori is a Sanskrit word that means non-terrifying. The practitioners have been known to cover themselves with ash from graveyards and use human bones in their rituals.
For more details, or to register for Tantra Palooza go to:

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Shawn Roop Says: If 2012 turns out to be to be a Religious Armageddon, I'm going to be PISSED OFF that I've been playing for the wrong team!

Monday, August 10

What's all this madness about year 2012?

What do you think about 2012? Is it the big prophesied doomsday? Is it another episode of mass hysteria like in Y2K, or are we in the midst of the great shift in consciousness?

Many believe that the activation is happening now and that by 2012 the collective consciousness will transcend our fear-based ways of being and we will be able to live together in peace and union. Maybe you're already feeling it: a deeper sense of purpose, time speeding up, and a stronger creative impulse.

Nobody knows the future for sure, but when Spirit started asking me to help anchor a higher vibration for the planet, I thought, "that sounds like fun, sign me up!"
On 7-7-07 I had a vision of a San Diego based festival with playshops, performance art and a wide range of tantra teachings.

You may be wondering what sacred sex has to do with saving the world? Everything. Sex is how we all got here. It is the most powerful creative force on the planet, but too few people learn to harness its potential.

The ancient hindu texts write about this era (the Kali Yuga) as the dark ages during which there will be a resurgence of tantric practices to test the human spirit. If society is grounded enough to embrace their shadow and sensual nature, it is believed that we will succeed in a sacred sexual revolution.

Admittedly, awakening the planet is no easy task, and perhaps a little utopic, but we only need a small but powerful percentage to ground a loving and non-violent field to help people around the world overcome the illusion of suffering and separation.

Thus, you are invited to the 2nd annual Tantra-Palooza! It's is an annual nationwide festival which will lead to 10 tantra teachers on 10-10-2010 and 11 teachers on 11-11-11 and yep, you guessed it, 12 teachers on 12-12-2012... We invite YOU to help anchor in a global activation of love, passion, and bliss!

With Love,
Kamala Devi

Tantra-Palooza tickets now available at Adept Level... This is our premium packages for members who are sincere about making sacred sexuality a part of their daily life, while still saving money and balancing their busy schedules. Last years tuition was $397.
Beta Members get $100 off, PLUS 6 months tuition for Only $297.If you Enroll in the Adepts Level, you will be invited to:

  1. TANTRA-PALOOZA A five day festival with 9 tantra teachers 9/4-9/9/09
  2. Private access to a members only page with hours of past recorded classes
  3. Unlimited Playshops on various Tantric Topics for three to five hours monthly
  4. Monthly Sacred Snuggle Parties, first Saturday of the month
  5. Tantra Talk and Poly potlucks on the last Wednesday of the month
  6. Tantra Theater Performance Art and Comedy Improvisation Shows
  7. A live monthly tele- class on a variety of tantric topics by a variety of teacher
    Already a Member? In gratitude for your ongoing support we are offering a Deep discount for initate level members to upgrade to the Adept level which also renews your six month membership, time is limited so act fast. Your new membership will be good until March 2010! For a Limited time, you can upgrade for Only $169.

To Enroll go to:

See you there!

New Date for video interviews for Poly DVD

NEW DATE: We will be videotaping interviews at4:30 on Thursday the 20th at the Emerald Temple (this is just a few hours before the monthly tantra talk and poly potluck.) We will also be doing a shoot at 10am on Friday the 21st at Crystal Peir and 2pm at Kate Sessions Park in La Jolla. Please write if you're interested in being a part of this exciting project.

Kamala Devi ( and REiD Mihalko ( are co-creating a entertaining educational DVD entitled: Ethics for Nonmonogomous Ninjas! (Subtitle: Earning your BlackBelt in Relationship.) We have shot the main content but would like to inter-cut it with real poly people talking about their love life. We will be conducting interviews with volunteers from San Diego, New York and San Francisco at interesting locations. (Beach, Coffee Shoppe, Sex Shoppe, Park...etc.)

This instructional DVD is intended for nation-wide distribution. Please consider joining us for a 2-4 hour shoot. We will ask interviewees the following questions:
-- How do you define yourself? Do you use labels?
--Why do you practice monogamy or non-monogamy?
-- What is the most challenging part about being in relationship?
-- What is something about yourself that you used to hide?
-- What is your current relationship geometry?
-- What are your boundaries and bottom lines?
-- Do you practice honesty and openness? Why?
-- Do you know your needs in relationship?
-- How do you feel about breaking up?
-- How do you handle strong emotions, like jealousy when it comes up?
-- What have you learned about yourself from practicing nonmonogamy?
-- Do you have a nonmonogomy community, an what does it look like?

If your interested please email me and tell me your name age, where you live and I will be able to notify you of the time and place where we will be holding the interviews. All Interviews will be video taped and you will be notified when the video is in publication. If you are selected to appear in it, we can offer you one copy per person at cost.
Thanks for your support!

Saturday, August 8

New Tanatra Palooza Poster!

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2009 Tantra-Palooza Schedule:

(Subject to Change)

**** 9/4/09 FRIDAY****
6pm Registration
7pm- Icebreakers and Orientation
8pm- Sensual Puja with Francoise

**** 9/5/09 SATURDAY****
10am-Opening invocation Kamala Devi
11am-1pm Tantra activation with Kypris Aster Drake
1pm- 2:00pm Potluck Lunch
2pm-4pm Tantra activation with Shawn Roop
6pm-8pm Dinner Break
8pm Tantra Theater Performance Art and Sacred Sensual Play Party 'till Midnight
Ariel White, Baba Dez, Michael, Shawn Roop, Viraja Prema, Sheila Joy, Kypris Aster Drake & others TBA

*****9/6/09 SUNDAY****
10am-Opening Circle
11am-1pm Tantra activation with Kirin Khalsa
1pm- 2:00pm Potluck Lunch
2pm-4pm Tantra activation with Ariel White
5pm-6pm Shamanic Journey with Damien Rose
**** 9/7/09 MONDAY****
6:45pm - 9pm Puja with Mare Simone
**** 9/8/09 TUESDAY****
6:45pm - 9pm Tantra Talk with Baba Dez Nichols
**** 9/9/09 WEDNESDAY****
6:45pm - 9pm Closing Ceremony Michael & Kamala Devi!

Friday, August 7

Mission Statement for Tantra Theater

(Yikes! Our new logo is kinda creepy, The Om looks like a worm going through the eye sockets...stay tunned for the next version.)

SD Tantra Theater Troupe uses theater technologies to transmute sexual guilt, shame and/or fear into art, healing and liberation; we celebrate the presence of spirit in every aspect of life's drama.

The San Diego Tantra Theater Troupe is a collective of spiritual artists who've undergone a 90 day tantric journey to explore and empower their sacred sexual history. The Tantra Theater training provides a, safe, challenging, non-judgmental space for spiritual seekers to experience their full expression. After training we collaborate on performance art in order to promote a greater understanding of sacred sexual issues in conscious communities within and beyond San Diego. Our personal, theatrical, and creative presentations inspire learning, open discussion and spiritual awakening. The troupe provokes continual re-examination of self in relationship to all things sacred and spiritual. During performance, both artists and audience have an opportunity to realize the creative power within their sex center. We aim to educate, entertain and enlighten.

GOALS:In order to achieve this mission and vision, SD Tantra Theater Troupe will:

1) Perform at least two masterful public performances annually with provocative original and adapted scenes, monologues, music, movement, and improvisation for the San Diego conscious communities.

2) Organize periodic outreach performances at conferences, festivals and tantric temples.

3) Promote video or dvd documentation of the show as an ancillary product for other communities that are not able to attend.

4) Reduce the barriers between the audience and the presentation by using minimal props, lighting, or staging, and involve the audience in discussions in order to increase the impact on participants.

5) Retain a diverse team of sacred sexual activists who care about one another and the community and who support and help promote the troupe’s work.

San Diego Tantra Theater was conceived and directed by Kamala Devi and is produced by BlissCoach university.
I've been invited to enter a women's jello wrestling event...Hmmm...I'm seriously considering, but it would be more fun if I knew my opponent. Anyone up for the challenge?

Thursday, August 6

Certificate of Completion:

At the end of every performance, a masterful actor must kill his/her character. Imagine how powerful this is when the character you've been playing is YOU!

When the last Tantra Theater show closed we gathered to burry the production.
In the spirit of art therapy or psycho -drama we used the following incantation:
You are not my mother, you are not my father, rapist, ex-lover, brother or director. Thank youfor playing that role so that I can better know myself. I am the writer of my own drama. I

am the director of my own life. Aho!

The tantra theater troupe will be performing next at Tantra-Palooza, Saturday Sept. 5th as a part of the Tantra-Palooza five day festival. Get your discounted tickets now. We are offering $100 OFF of last year's tuition and including SIX months enrollment to Bliss Coach University!
Afterwards we'll be performing at the Whole Being Weekend, The Daka-Dakini Conference in New York, and we are open for invitations to play for conscious community everywhere!
Thank you for supporting our school.

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Express yourself completely, then become quiet.
Open yourself to heaven and earth,
and be like the forces of nature.

When the wind blows, there is only the wind;
when it rains, there is only rain;
when the clouds pass, the sun promises to shine.

If you open yourself to insight,
you are at one with insight
and you can use it completely.

Open yourself to heaven and earth,
then trust your natural responses;
and everything will fall into place

by Lao Tzu

Monday, August 3

There's no place like om! There's no place like...

Thanks and Happy Birthday to Photographer Rick Raney!

Tantra Theater II: My Body is My Temple

Emerald Temple Theater filled about 150 seats with conscious community who gathered for entertainment and enlightenment. What a warm and wonderful reception for the San Diego Tantra Theater Troupe second big show.
Kamala Devi Introduced the show by asking the audience: Who are you, behind your mask? And explained that the following performances are true personal narratives from tantra students, many of whom have never told these stories, and/or never been onstage before. And so as they say in the rapper community...peace out.
Sheila Joy is worshipped by three hot goddesses in the opening act: My Body is My Temple.
Meeshi explores transpersonal love as he holds space for the cast to dance. (Easy, Janos, that's Meeshi's wife!)
Michael describes the day his son was born and how he caught the "little bastard" and then realized he had the same body (zyphoid process to be specific.)

Sheila Joy practices her boundaries in the bathtub with sexy Shawn Roop. "His cock felt like a baby elephant trunk winding up my back."

NellyBella ends a lifetime of holding on and fearlessly uses the toilet onstage. This is true tantra: break every taboo and discover the sacred in the mundane. Thanks NellyB!

Adam, Jodi Ember and Janos snuggle onstage at a down tempo rave party...hey that's not acting...that's what they do all the time. ;P
NellyBella dances with Michael who plays Duce the DJ in her flashback. (Dude, are you humping my knee?)

In Jodi Embers's act, Orgasmic Wild Ride, she is sent to the cramped quarters of a shared bathroom in order to self pleasure. Shawn and Meeshi are her nosy brothers..."Hey little sis, what are you doin' in there?"
" Who are you beneith the Mask?" Asks bad ass Michael as he strips down to a scared little boy.
Janos explores what christ consciousness has to say about unconditional love after rebirthing through a 6 foot Yoni. This act, entitled "My Resurection" had the audience rolling in tears, we were laughing and crying at the same time.
We're off to see the Guru of Ahzz! Shawn Roop writes a hilarous parody of four spiritual seekers on a new kind of "Tantra Quest" This scene involves a techno color lingam of light and a closing chant, "There's No place like Ommm. There's no place like Ommm."

Adam, the man behind the curtain Yells: "Lay down and spread your legs!" You don't have to tell BethE twice!
Michael coins the term "Manrita" as he jokingly advocates prostate massage during masterbation.
Adam invokes the prudish voices in his head while re-living a formative sexual experience with the easy daughter of an Episcipol priest, played by Sheila Joy.

I bet you didn't know that adam was a christian charismatic minister? And he nearly converted the whole cast!

In Confessions of a First Year Tantrika, Shawn and BethE tell the true story of how they met for a three day session in Sedona... Life has never been the same since.

Janos's philosophy as an artist is to dive into life...even the thing that scares him most. He looks at the golden lingam that he carved and realized...I don't even like men. Thus he joined a tantric men's group....a STRAIGHT men's his provokative bi-curious peice called "But I'm not gay."
The Show ends with a big BANG! The whole cast hails to Meeshi Anjali who coreographed this Nataraj dance. Here is where we dance like crazy and kill our characters in the name of Shiva the destroyer! Aho!
Afterwards we celebrated in the Tantra tent with lots of cuddles and down tempo conversation.

I love my cast, I love my community, I love my Drama. Truly, there is no place like Om! You are invited to come to the FREE Tantra Theater auditions/open house starting Aug. 25th. For details about the next tantra theater show or class please go to:
Special thanks to my fabulous photographers: Tracey Lontos, Malka Kutner and Electric Rick Raney. Thank you!