Monday, August 10

New Date for video interviews for Poly DVD

NEW DATE: We will be videotaping interviews at4:30 on Thursday the 20th at the Emerald Temple (this is just a few hours before the monthly tantra talk and poly potluck.) We will also be doing a shoot at 10am on Friday the 21st at Crystal Peir and 2pm at Kate Sessions Park in La Jolla. Please write if you're interested in being a part of this exciting project.

Kamala Devi ( and REiD Mihalko ( are co-creating a entertaining educational DVD entitled: Ethics for Nonmonogomous Ninjas! (Subtitle: Earning your BlackBelt in Relationship.) We have shot the main content but would like to inter-cut it with real poly people talking about their love life. We will be conducting interviews with volunteers from San Diego, New York and San Francisco at interesting locations. (Beach, Coffee Shoppe, Sex Shoppe, Park...etc.)

This instructional DVD is intended for nation-wide distribution. Please consider joining us for a 2-4 hour shoot. We will ask interviewees the following questions:
-- How do you define yourself? Do you use labels?
--Why do you practice monogamy or non-monogamy?
-- What is the most challenging part about being in relationship?
-- What is something about yourself that you used to hide?
-- What is your current relationship geometry?
-- What are your boundaries and bottom lines?
-- Do you practice honesty and openness? Why?
-- Do you know your needs in relationship?
-- How do you feel about breaking up?
-- How do you handle strong emotions, like jealousy when it comes up?
-- What have you learned about yourself from practicing nonmonogamy?
-- Do you have a nonmonogomy community, an what does it look like?

If your interested please email me and tell me your name age, where you live and I will be able to notify you of the time and place where we will be holding the interviews. All Interviews will be video taped and you will be notified when the video is in publication. If you are selected to appear in it, we can offer you one copy per person at cost.
Thanks for your support!

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