Monday, August 3

Tantra Theater II: My Body is My Temple

Emerald Temple Theater filled about 150 seats with conscious community who gathered for entertainment and enlightenment. What a warm and wonderful reception for the San Diego Tantra Theater Troupe second big show.
Kamala Devi Introduced the show by asking the audience: Who are you, behind your mask? And explained that the following performances are true personal narratives from tantra students, many of whom have never told these stories, and/or never been onstage before. And so as they say in the rapper community...peace out.
Sheila Joy is worshipped by three hot goddesses in the opening act: My Body is My Temple.
Meeshi explores transpersonal love as he holds space for the cast to dance. (Easy, Janos, that's Meeshi's wife!)
Michael describes the day his son was born and how he caught the "little bastard" and then realized he had the same body (zyphoid process to be specific.)

Sheila Joy practices her boundaries in the bathtub with sexy Shawn Roop. "His cock felt like a baby elephant trunk winding up my back."

NellyBella ends a lifetime of holding on and fearlessly uses the toilet onstage. This is true tantra: break every taboo and discover the sacred in the mundane. Thanks NellyB!

Adam, Jodi Ember and Janos snuggle onstage at a down tempo rave party...hey that's not acting...that's what they do all the time. ;P
NellyBella dances with Michael who plays Duce the DJ in her flashback. (Dude, are you humping my knee?)

In Jodi Embers's act, Orgasmic Wild Ride, she is sent to the cramped quarters of a shared bathroom in order to self pleasure. Shawn and Meeshi are her nosy brothers..."Hey little sis, what are you doin' in there?"
" Who are you beneith the Mask?" Asks bad ass Michael as he strips down to a scared little boy.
Janos explores what christ consciousness has to say about unconditional love after rebirthing through a 6 foot Yoni. This act, entitled "My Resurection" had the audience rolling in tears, we were laughing and crying at the same time.
We're off to see the Guru of Ahzz! Shawn Roop writes a hilarous parody of four spiritual seekers on a new kind of "Tantra Quest" This scene involves a techno color lingam of light and a closing chant, "There's No place like Ommm. There's no place like Ommm."

Adam, the man behind the curtain Yells: "Lay down and spread your legs!" You don't have to tell BethE twice!
Michael coins the term "Manrita" as he jokingly advocates prostate massage during masterbation.
Adam invokes the prudish voices in his head while re-living a formative sexual experience with the easy daughter of an Episcipol priest, played by Sheila Joy.

I bet you didn't know that adam was a christian charismatic minister? And he nearly converted the whole cast!

In Confessions of a First Year Tantrika, Shawn and BethE tell the true story of how they met for a three day session in Sedona... Life has never been the same since.

Janos's philosophy as an artist is to dive into life...even the thing that scares him most. He looks at the golden lingam that he carved and realized...I don't even like men. Thus he joined a tantric men's group....a STRAIGHT men's his provokative bi-curious peice called "But I'm not gay."
The Show ends with a big BANG! The whole cast hails to Meeshi Anjali who coreographed this Nataraj dance. Here is where we dance like crazy and kill our characters in the name of Shiva the destroyer! Aho!
Afterwards we celebrated in the Tantra tent with lots of cuddles and down tempo conversation.

I love my cast, I love my community, I love my Drama. Truly, there is no place like Om! You are invited to come to the FREE Tantra Theater auditions/open house starting Aug. 25th. For details about the next tantra theater show or class please go to:
Special thanks to my fabulous photographers: Tracey Lontos, Malka Kutner and Electric Rick Raney. Thank you!

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monique said...

The Joy and expression you have helped create in this fabulous community in unbelievable. I am in awe of all that you accomplish and very grateful that there are such warm, open, loving people in this world.
Thanks for giving them an outlet to shine
Namaste goddess