Friday, August 7

Mission Statement for Tantra Theater

(Yikes! Our new logo is kinda creepy, The Om looks like a worm going through the eye sockets...stay tunned for the next version.)

SD Tantra Theater Troupe uses theater technologies to transmute sexual guilt, shame and/or fear into art, healing and liberation; we celebrate the presence of spirit in every aspect of life's drama.

The San Diego Tantra Theater Troupe is a collective of spiritual artists who've undergone a 90 day tantric journey to explore and empower their sacred sexual history. The Tantra Theater training provides a, safe, challenging, non-judgmental space for spiritual seekers to experience their full expression. After training we collaborate on performance art in order to promote a greater understanding of sacred sexual issues in conscious communities within and beyond San Diego. Our personal, theatrical, and creative presentations inspire learning, open discussion and spiritual awakening. The troupe provokes continual re-examination of self in relationship to all things sacred and spiritual. During performance, both artists and audience have an opportunity to realize the creative power within their sex center. We aim to educate, entertain and enlighten.

GOALS:In order to achieve this mission and vision, SD Tantra Theater Troupe will:

1) Perform at least two masterful public performances annually with provocative original and adapted scenes, monologues, music, movement, and improvisation for the San Diego conscious communities.

2) Organize periodic outreach performances at conferences, festivals and tantric temples.

3) Promote video or dvd documentation of the show as an ancillary product for other communities that are not able to attend.

4) Reduce the barriers between the audience and the presentation by using minimal props, lighting, or staging, and involve the audience in discussions in order to increase the impact on participants.

5) Retain a diverse team of sacred sexual activists who care about one another and the community and who support and help promote the troupe’s work.

San Diego Tantra Theater was conceived and directed by Kamala Devi and is produced by BlissCoach university.

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