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QUIZ YOURSELF: Which Color Tantra Path is Best for You?

There is a day and night difference between the three types of tantric. They are totally different in quality, quantity, direction, practices, methods, facets, and use.” –Yogi Bhajan

Yogi Bhajan was referring to the White, Pink and Red paths of Tantra. Now that TantraTantra-Palooza is almost upon us, you will have an opportunity to sample a wide range of teachers and styles. So we were inspired to create a quiz to help you determine which type of tantra is best for you: Multiple Choice. For each question, write down the letter that best answers the question. At the end count up how many answers you got of each letter and we will tell you which color tantra is for you.
What is the purpose of your tantra practice?

A. For spiritual purification and to uplift the being.
B. To experience the sensuality of my spirit.
C. To sustain sexual energy and artistry.
D. To obtain mental control of other people.

The central focus of my practice is characterized by:
A. Breathwork
B. Subtle energetic touch
C. Intoxicating chemistry
D. Total annihilation of the ego

When it comes to tradition I like:
A. A well respected linage
B. Picking and Choosing what works for me.
C. Unorthodox creativity
D. Absolute defiance of social norms

When it comes to quantity, I always say:
A. "Waste not, want not"
B. "Everything in moderation"
C. "Excess is everything"
D."Go to the extremes or die"

When it comes to sex:
A. I sublimate my sensuality to a higher spiritual purpose
B. I play in the sublet and sensual realm
C. Bring it on!
D. Sex is merely a state whereas death is absolute.

What company do you prefer to practice in:
A. The presence of my guru and fellowship
B. With my spiritual community
C. Alone with my lover(s)
D. Ghosts and dead bodies

Now add up all your answers and see which Path is most aligned with yours:

A. White Tantra
White Tantra orients around the subtle practices and philosophies. Physical touch and sexual practices are not necessary in order to advance on this path. Tibetan Tantric Buddhist monks, for example, can engage in profound love making rites with deities through meditation and visualization. Vajrayana Tantra involves many powerful concentration exercises that bring universal awareness down from the crown chakra into the heart, without activating the lower chakras. Yogi Bhajan's Kundalini Yoga also offers partnered exercises that include eye gazing, and breathing and sounding exercises that circulate and build sensual energy without sexual contact. Similar practices are commonly referred to as Solo Practice, Right-Handed Tantra or the path of the Dakhsini Marga or Bramachari.

B. Pink Tantra

Pink Tantra embraces both the spiritual and the sexual aspects of the practice. This is the path where the heart is opened and lovemaking is practiced with honor and reverence. It is a merging of embodied souls, for both pleasure and enlightenment. This path can also encompass transcendental lovemaking, Taoist sexual healing arts and the sweet, sensual exercises in modern Tantra pujas. This path is sometimes referred to as violet, the middle Tantra or the full path.

C. Red Tantra.
Red Tantra consists of many passionate sexual practices. Traditionally the color red connotes femininity, potency, passion and sex. This path can be liberating for the sexually repressed and may also hold interest for the sexually obsessed. The fiery Kundalini practices of Red Tantra use taste and touch to experience the primal sexual impulse that can create intense purifications and awakenings. Practitioners of Red Tantra see the sacred in the profane and instead of bringing the Kundalini energy up to the crown, they draw spiritual energy down into the root, sex and power chakras. These Tantrikas are also known as Vama Marga, Left-Handed Path and sometimes negatively called California Tantra or the Cult of Ecstasy.

D. Black Tantra.
Black Tantra is the lesser talked about branch of Tantra. After years of advanced Tantric practice, many yogis begin to experience siddhis or supernatural powers. These powers can be used for personal gain or for service. This is an aboriginal Shamanic practice, like black magic, which transforms physical energy with or without the consent of all parties involved. Throughout India today, people seek Tantrikas for hire, like wizards or witch doctors. They are paid to cast spells, end legal battles, even burn down someone's farm. Many people who begin to play with these superpowers often get lost on their path. Instead of advancing towards enlightenment, Black Tantra may lead people further away from enlightenment. The Aghori are an example of an extremely secretive Hindu sect of Black Tantra practitioners. Aghori is a Sanskrit word that means non-terrifying. The practitioners have been known to cover themselves with ash from graveyards and use human bones in their rituals.
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