Thursday, August 6

Certificate of Completion:

At the end of every performance, a masterful actor must kill his/her character. Imagine how powerful this is when the character you've been playing is YOU!

When the last Tantra Theater show closed we gathered to burry the production.
In the spirit of art therapy or psycho -drama we used the following incantation:
You are not my mother, you are not my father, rapist, ex-lover, brother or director. Thank youfor playing that role so that I can better know myself. I am the writer of my own drama. I

am the director of my own life. Aho!

The tantra theater troupe will be performing next at Tantra-Palooza, Saturday Sept. 5th as a part of the Tantra-Palooza five day festival. Get your discounted tickets now. We are offering $100 OFF of last year's tuition and including SIX months enrollment to Bliss Coach University!
Afterwards we'll be performing at the Whole Being Weekend, The Daka-Dakini Conference in New York, and we are open for invitations to play for conscious community everywhere!
Thank you for supporting our school.

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