Saturday, June 3


by Kamala Devi
Do you know who you are? Not just who you THINK you are, but who you REALLY are? Enlightened masters ask us to meditate on such things. My Spiritual teacher is on tour from Australia and will be offering an Enlightenment Intensive retreat in San Diego soon. Aside from my current pregnancy, this is perhaps the most life-changing event I've ever engaged in. Having introduced dozens of people to the technique, I understand however, that this retreat is NOT for everyone. Only the most sincere truth seekers who are committed to authenticity, integration, and transformation will find themselves attracted to the ego-confronting process.

Not everyone believes that enlightenment is possible. It has been universally assumed that enlightenment is necessarily preceded by a long, hard struggle, and available only to a dedicated few. But this is a new Era. Consciousness is accelerating, and by combining the ancient meditation on 'Who am I' with potent modern communication tools, the Enlightenment Intensive has a record of leading people to enlightened within one week-end! Since the origination of this process in California over 37 years ago, thousands of sincere truth seekers in over 40 countries around the world, have experienced enlightenment in under 4 days.

An enlightenment Intensive is a deep residential environment that dives into the direct experience of your true nature –not the ego self that people commonly
experience as separate and apart from others, confined within the opinions and attitudes of it's personality. The True Self is essentially free and connected to the way of the universe. The barrier to such a direct experience of reality is our attachment to intellectual conclusions about reality: our judgments, projections, preconceptions, and conditioned beliefs; even our analytical and logical

The following excerpt from my new Tantra novel entitled: Don’t drink the Punch: an Adventure in Tantra, was inspired from my transformative experiences at the Enlightenment Intensives. This scene takes place at an ashram in India where one of the devotees is channeling teachings from a disembodied guru named Das: “There is one question that rises out of awakened consciousness. It is the same question you were born asking yourself. It penetrates beyond words into pure experience. The most direct path toward Self-realization: simply ask yourself, ‘Who am I?’ It’s not like an intellectual question to which there is an intellectual answer. No, it’s much deeper. ‘Who am I?’ “It is the only important question. All other questions are peripheral. Who am I? It has a magical power to it, like a mantra or an incantation. This question opens you directly to the energy of the divine eternal Self, the part of you that is God. In Sanskrit, it’s called Jiva or Atma. It’s the part of you that has always been with you, and will always be with you. "In the West, it’s called the soul, but the concept is not as clear. People have fear-based notions that if they really contemplate this question, they’ll become selfish or self-centered. You see, in the West, there’s a huge emphasis on individuality. People seek be different and stand out. Instead of pursuing oneness, Westerners often pursue unique expression. They over identify with their possessions: the car and house and clothes that make them different. You can get stuck on who you think you are or how others see you, but this is not your eternal nature. “Asking this one question takes you beyond your self-concept and allows all those mental trappings to fall away. Who are you beyond your clothes, name, and ethnicity? Who are you beyond your gender and even beyond your chakras? What is your true nature? Dive whole-heartedly into this question and you will find a doorway, directly to the divine, to the part of you that is absolute and real." If you're interested in more information about the upcoming Enlightenment Intensive, visit:

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