Friday, November 3


Unless you put the big rocks in first, you won't fit everything in. In other words: Plan time-slots to work on your goals before anything else, or the inevitable sand and water (busy work) will fill up your days and you won't fit the big tasks in. Big Rocks can be anything from writing a book, working out, meditating, date night, or whatever tasks help you achieve your goals.

With the holiday season fast approaching, we could all use a few reminders on how to make the most of our time. Here are some essential tips:

*First, get clear on why you want to save time: What ultimately do you want to accomplish? More time for self, romance, family, rest, creativity, to make more money? Having a juicy reason to master your time will ensure your success.

*Commit yourself to change. Be prepared to make drastic changes. Challenge your old habits, detach from routines, and be willing to defend your time when others try to dictate how you use it.

*Make a list of what needs doing daily. Time is your most precious resource, take the time each night to strategize how you want to use your next twenty-four hours. Time management is impossible without a plan, you're too easily distracted or seduced off-task.

*Prioritize your list. Without prioritizing you may waste time with busy-work. Learn to work smart not hard.Tackle the items in order of their importance that
way, if you do not get to everything on your list, you will at least get to the most important things first.

*Allocate time for the Big Rocks. Be firm and protective of the time you've allocated for projects, meetings, paperwork, telephone, and visitors.

*Keep a clean desk, file all paperwork unless your working on it.

*Handle each piece of paper only once. Do not under any circumstances pick up a job, do a bit of it, then put it back on the pile. Consider yourself a stamp, stick to the work until it get's where it's going.

*Learn to say 'No', politely, and constructively, giving people reasons to justify your position, eg., "I understand this is urgent for you, but I'm committed to
taking care of this goal right now."

*Set specific times to handle phone calls and emails. If you can't stop the interruptions then go somewhere else to work.

*If you can, get a good assistant, secretary or VA then delegate as much as possible.

*Never try to eat an elephant all in one go. Break big projects down into digestible chunks.

*Resist silly emails and text messages, reading irrelevant materials, unecessary tidying and google searching, passive TV watching, aimless shopping or
traveling. These activities are habitual comforters which are counter productive.

*Reading these tips will not help you unless you put them into effect. Choose at least three new behaviors and take action--otherwise your time will be gobbled up like turkey on thanksgiving. ;)

Kamala Devi is an author, coach, public speaker and soon-to-be mother. If you found this article helpful, she invites you to join her at the Personal Power Playshop which is her last public event before going into maternity
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