Saturday, August 2

Why is Equinox so Special?

On Summer Solstices Kamala and Dez hosted a sizzling HOT book release party, complete with erotic strip tease and sensual story telling... Now, the Autumnal equinox is upon us, and we plan to out-do ourselves. What's so special about the Autumnal equinox? It's one of two times a year when the sun crosses the equator, and the day and night are of equal length--approximately 12 hours in duration. During the Fall equinox (Sept. 22, 2007 3:44pmPST) the sun enters the sign of Libra -- the house of balanced scales. This is nature's portal to nondualistic integration. In Tantra, we celebrate the masculine (day) and feminine (night) coming together and creating an opening for divine energy to flow into the human form.
Equinox is a sacred throughout history, across many cultures. In the Pagan practice it is called "Mabon" and is crucial to ensure a hearty final harvest to survive the winter months ahead. The ancient Celts conducted a mock sacrifice of a large wicker figure which represented the spirit of vegetation. This ritual sacrifice has been reborn in the Burning Man Project. Every Fall tens of thousands of people come together to set up a little city on the dried lake bed of Black Rock Desert, Nevada to celebrate life with fire, art and free expression.
One of the central themes in our Book "Sacred Sexual Healing" is bringing heaven to Earth. We feel this fall is the most auspicious time to introduce this book to the broadest possible audience, giving them tools to strike a fulfilling balance between spirituality and sexuality. Thus, we plan to celebrate the equinox it with a massive virtual book launch party. We are putting together a wonderful bundle of free bonus products, including a live tele-seminar where Dez and Kamala reveal secrets that were too controversial to write in the book. If you want details write to and Stay tuned, I'll be sending more juicy details as the date gets closer!

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