Tuesday, May 19

Worship Shiva Lingam Stones to Save our Planet!

Mainstream America was introduced to the Shiva Lingam when "Indiana Jones" re-claimed the sacred stone in the Temple of Doom. But Shiva's magic is far deeper than Hollywood may ever know...

Shiva Lingam stones are only found one place in the world, high in the mountains of Mandhata in India, at the banks of the Narmada River, one of the seven sacred holy places of pilgrimage in India. The color and patterning of the stone vary a lot, from grey to beige, to brown and a reddish brown. The stones are made of crypto crystalline quartz. Legend has it that these stones were formed when a meteorite fell to earth several million years ago. The currents of the Narmada river are strong and forceful, which is believed to help create the egg or oval shape of the stones.
Shiva Lingams are said to contain the loftiest vibrations of all stones on Earth. They emanate a vibration that will purify your body, temple or home. According to Vedic knowledge, the Lingam represents the inner being, the energy shape of the soul, or the essence of a human being. The upright egg shape represents the divine masculine energy, the power of Shiva, and the dark markings, represent the divine female energy of the yoni. Possessing one of these stones is said to bring harmony and balance because of the mixture of the male/female energy, Yin-Yang, dark/light, the positive/negative energies unified - the wholeness of the soul, which is both/neither male nor female.

The Shiva Lingams are regarded as sacred by both Hindu and Buddhist belief systems.They are handled in accordance with ancient Vedic tradition, and are thus highly blessed. These special stones are only gathered from the rocky river-side on one day each year and are hand polished to give them a smooth surface. According to scriptures, one can simply keep them in pooja and worship and they do not require the normal ritual of invocation of divine presence (avahana), for the divine presence is already there, and will continue to be there quite independently of any rituals. Its worship is said to secure worldly welfare as well as emancipation from worldly involvement. It is therefore claimed that worshiping a Shiva Lingam from Narmada is a thousand times more effective than any other lingam.

Shiva Lingams have been allowed to come out of India at this time because of the desperate state of the planet. The Lingams are energy generators of balance, of Soul consciousness, and healing. They are impregnated with spiritual light which resonates with the Heart Chakra; thus their particular job in healing the planet is to open the heart, healing the pain in the heart which obscures the harmony and knowingness of the soul residing within. They release dark blockages so that self-acceptance , self worth, happiness, contentment, unconditional Love, and compassion can flow.

To use the Shiva Lingam pendant simply wear it all day long, it has the same effect as if you were holding it in your hand, as its quartz heat will generate electricity and the vibrations will release inner tensions. Use it as a aid to restful mediation letting the stresses of the day disappear. If you feel it has absorbed negative energies you can cleanse and recharge regularly.

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