Wednesday, March 2

North County Puja with Charles Muir

Charles Muir is in town for his Art of Conscious Loving weekend where he teaches how to become a master lover in body, heart and spirit. This photo was taken at his north county puja last night where he and his partner Leah Alchin transmitted teachings about how to feel the energy in the body, not just conceptually visualize chakras, but to actually notice the color, texture, temperature of the various energy centers in the crown, third eye, throat, heart, stomach, sex and base chakras. During charles's lecutre he made a distinction between transformative sexual healing and sex magic. Leah Alchin talked about how a shakti can use her energy to build up her man, not subtly cut him down. The evening ended with a heartfelt puja where men and women, touched, healed, adored and embraced each other.
Charles and Leah will be teaching at a beautiful and Large new Venue for this weekend: The Handlery Resort. We can now accept more people since there is more space. Go to or call Kalidas for questions. Hope to see you there!
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