Tuesday, February 22

Red Hot Love (Our 9th Valentines!)

     After 9 years together, my love for Michael still overflows like lava, spilling over to other lovers and the larger tantric community. We share our marriage with about 9 poly lovers. A reporter recently asked me, with so many other loves, how do we celebrate Valentines Day?"
We don't." I say, "We celebrate Valentines Month."

       We just got back from the Big Island with a pod of our most intimate sweethearts where we visioned and practiced living in a sustainable free-love community. Together we played, processed, cooked, cleaned, slept, dreamed and practiced magic to manifest the possibility of living in a world without competition, ownership, or possessiveness. Sure, Jealousy still came up a few times, but the collective love and support proves greater than our individual insecurities.  After this experience, I am grateful to find that my waking reality is becoming more like my wildest fantasy.
     "So, what exactly does your day to day life look like?" the media interviewer continues.
Well, since our son was born 4 years ago, we've lived in this suburban house by the beach.  We wake up and do yoga, he surfs, I write, while our son is shares daycare with another open minded family down the street. During the work-week Michael runs an energy conservation company, while I see clients. Michael's parents babysit in the evenings so we can host tantra talks, and poly potlucks. We have numerous lunch dates and sexy dinner parties with various lovers through the week. We occasionally bring all our lovers together for play parties or camping trips on the weekends.  In order to maintain the balance within the household and community we also schedule regular times to process and decompress. When challenges arise we never keep them to ourselves. We find that the illusions of separation, competition, insecurity or jealousy tend to dissolve when witnessed by one or more compassionate lovers.
     As a combined Valentine's-anniversary gift, Michael is constructing a studio style guest room for my work and play. (Pictured above, pardon our dust!) We already have several poly lovers that are eager to stay over with more frequency once it's complete. We plan to initiate the new room at the upcoming Charles Muir workshops (2/27 &3/4-6), followed by the Goddess Gathering (3/11) Sacred Snuggle Party (3/26). Hope you can join and add your energy to our new space.
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