Tuesday, December 15

My bologna has a first name...

The Sydney Zoo has an astounding collection of marsupials!  And it was equally  interesting to see the little Aussie children run around as it was to watch the native Australian animals. We shared a scenic picnic table with about 15 young boys from summer camp and Devin said, "Mom, they know my name."
I started to listen to their sing-song Aussie accents and after overhearing the word Devin, I leaned over towards the  an older woman making sandwiches, "is one of these boys named Devin?"
"No, I'm making Devon sandwiches.  I have turkey, ham, chicken and Devon meat?" Said the camp Counselor.
"Devin, that's my son's name. What is Devon meat?" I ask.
"I believe it's what you call bologna in the States. would you fancy a taste?"
Devin exclaims "Yes!" and stuffs two slices into his little pie hole. "I like it very much."
"So, I guess Devin is not a common boys name in Australia?" I ask.
"No." She says, "That would be like calling your kid bologna, wouldn't it?" 

Photo Captions:
2. Funky waterbirds.
3. Relaxing Roos.
5&6. Walabys in pouch.
7. Kangaroo behind Devin (look close)
8. Michael feeds a lizard.
9. Laughing Kookaburra.
10. Michael changes Devin.

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