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Tantra Theater Visioning for 2010

Shawn Roop sent this beautiful Logo to me this morning! The Om represents is the seed of all creation, the masks represent the dramatic play of life (leela) and the transparent gold color shows our authentic brilliance. Gold and maroon are also royal colors.

I'm excited about all the new ideas and energy that is pouring through at the end of our FIRST year of Tantra Theater.  Soon...we'll be to launching our New website with streaming videos...(TBA.)

Here is a sneak peek of what we've been visioning.  Thank you Rita Mooney for being our improvisational secretary and taking Minutes.

Thursday, December 3, 2009 Notes from Tantra Theater (TT) Year End Celebration at the Emerald Temple on December 1, 2009.

We each offered a sparkling blueberry juice toast to what we loved most about TT. (We missed you who were not able to attend and we toasted you too!)

Over a delicious Thai feast from Kamala’s favorite restaurant, we shared what didn’t work and what could be improved:
*Want more Improv. training.
*Want more emotional support after it ends.
*Want to celebrate more, not just go for the Pain.
*Want more coaching in the writing process.
*The journey is Expensive, not everyone can afford to take it or repeat it.

*Want more ensamble work, not just monologs.
*The rehersal process is too process oriented and the product comes together too fast at the end.
*Want more shamanic drumming and trance dance.
*There are not enough hours in the day.
*Need clearer directions of where we're going.
*Want to have an outlet for the 'creative miscarriages'

Thank you for your valuable and Constructive imput!  Tantra Theater is a co-creation and you are all pioneers who are helping co-create this experience. This was our first year and it has already exceeded my wild expectations!

Tantra Theater is a collective vision that is greater than any one of us alone.  To make it sustainable and energetically valuable...Who wants to help make San Diego Tantra Theater a professional troupe in 2010?

Kamala offers10 invitations:

1) Be true to your inner guidance. Listen to your inspiration and share it authentically with us. Especially when it comes to what you have energy to do or not do.
2) TT is a relationship. It requires greater communication. Kamala described her relationship with her family as her primary. And her Secondary lover is TT.  The whole community.  No witholds.

3) The next relationship is that to our Audience.  Believe it or not, we now have fans. Our work has changed peoples lives. This audience/actor relationship is a deep service to the audience. Kamala gets letters all the time from people who've been transformed by this work.  The audience also adds another level of healing and magic to what we are doing. Let's not withold our magnificence.
4) Together we can launch an exciting new .TV. We've alreway, outgrown our backyard venue, and beyond looking for a new space to perform in.  Let's use the .TV as a way to reach people in Middle America who can benefit from witnessing this work. How can we get the word out about the site? Launch date (TBA)

5) In 2010, Kamala would like to start paying the core performers by revenue earned through selling shows, DVDs, Classes, Playshops and attendance at monthly improv. shows. We are looking for a new venue and lots of administrative support to make this dream a reality. Need to work at a professional level: communicate, show up, audition, rehearse.

6) Monthly Improvisation with core team. Right now it’s been in conjunction with Sacred Snuggle – which has been a sizable audience (30-60people per month.) However we could reach people outside the tantra community if we went elsewhere. Want to look at taking it to other venues. Researching other spaces. Who wants to scout a new location (Under $200 per night)?
7) Refine/hone a core group of players to do longer performances (4 -5 players with 15 minutes of material each). The goal is to have a show with at least 4 players this summer. Who wants to audition?

8) We invite the troupe to take more ownership and volunteer to help with adminstrative aspects. The natural evolution of doing such deep healing work is service...

9) Ask yourself, “How can I serve TT?” Profound spiritual growth comes from working together with a committed community towards shared goals.

10) Keep performing. Whether or not you choose to continue with TT. . keep performing. We are all talented. Continue your craft.

Kamala Devi,
Author of Don't Drink the Punch, Sacred Sexual Healing, Tantra Teacher and Sacred Sex and Open Relationship Coach

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