Friday, December 11

Traveling with a toddler

After over two years of suffocating from fierce episodes of postpartum depression, I can finally say that I no longer regret becoming a mother. This trip to Australia represents a celebration of my recovery.

Though, I have to admit, traveling with a two year old is definitely a game changer.  We're packed to the teeth with creature comforts such as cameras, videos, toys, Disney movies... did you know that strollers  are called "Prams" in Australianese.

Even though I'm free from all drugs and medications, my adrenaline still shoots through my eye balls every time Devin trips or climbs too close to the cliffs or wonders off in crowded area. And I want to cry everytime he says: "I want to go home."

But the bright side of this adventure is that he finally has my undivided attention. He's been trying to teach me how to be present for years, but I've been too busy.  This week I'm learning to marvel in the details and to listen to my inner child. Thus I'm grateful to my 35 pound guru.

And I'm even more grateful to his amazing father. I married a man with the patience of a saint and the sense of humor of a god.  It's because of Michael's support that I can write my morning pages, do my meditation and even check facebook and keep a blog. I hope you enjoy my virtual postcards.

Here we are with Goddess Lassie Ng. She just set us up with wi-fi in her sweet space on the North Shore of Sydney. She's been driving us around to all the touristy sites.  Today we went to the famous "Luna Park" and watched all the fun rides which Devin was too small to experience. And tomorrow we're taking a hike (AKA bushwalk) through the blue mountains. be continued. 

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